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A Twist in a Love Story

its a one shot i wrote for my english exam. i had to extend it a bit for it to be here. it was base on the line " she held her son close by her side as she walked quickly along the narrow road." its something that you may never expect to read but please let me know.


1. Chapter 1

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As a young girl, Bella loved to walk around in the dark, on the roads, at late night. The road was narrow and empty at the time she usually walk through it. However, at the age of fifteen, she decided to walk along the road an hour earlier than usual.

As she entered the streets, it still seemed dark but was a bit lighter. She walked slowly along the narrow r0ad thinking of her day and how wonderful it was. With her long white dress, she began swaying it around and dancing to a beautiful tune in her head. Very soon she began humming it.

She suddenly stopped when she heard a heavy voice coughed behind her. She spun around quickly as she saw a dark shadow, crouched down behind a garbage can. She became curious and wanted to know who it was but her mind told her ‘no’ yet her curiosity overcame her. She began to walk, slowly, taking one step at a time till she reached the can. At first she hesitated but then moved one foot to her left as saw Edward, a boy from her class, bleeding from his head and looking faint.

She didn’t ask any questions but quickly helped him to stand up so that she could carry him to her home which was not far away from the street. She arrived home and called out to her parents, who came rushing out as they heard fear in their child’s voice. Bella and her parents took care of him for the night and soon carried him to his house. As the years passed by, Edward and Bella became closer until they finally married each other.

Two years after marring each other and moving to a new place to live, they had a son, a beautiful black haired boy with brown eyes from his mother. As the child grew older, he became curious as to know how his father met his mother. They narrated the story to him until he was eight years old and was back in the town that they both lived and fell in love.

Remembering her childhood days, Bella carried Edward and their son for a walk on the street where Bella and Edward met. As they reached to the same, exact spot where Bella found Edward, they heard voices calling out words that were mumbled most of the time. As they all turn to leave, they were confronted by the group of men with alcohol bottles in their hands. Edward began talking to them and told them to go home and don’t cause any trouble, but of the drunken men took the bottle he held in his hand and broke it on Edward’s head. As they all began to crowd around Edward, he pleaded with Bella to leave him and take their child away. Bella did as she was told and didn’t look back to see that the men were kicking and beating him.

She held her son close by her side as she walked quickly along the narrow road. Tears began flowing down her cheeks as she walked to her parents house feeling the guilt in her heart for leaving. A few minutes later, Bella left her son with her parents and came back to find Edward lying on the ground with bruises all over his body and breathing slowly. He opened his eyes with all the might he had to see his love face once before he died and muttered the words ‘I Love You’. She begun to cry more than she did before for she knew that this was the moment that she lost the love of her life and did nothing to stop it.