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Purple Eyes

(read story notes, they are very importent!)
When a young new born vampire girl is found by the pack, new things and problems come undone. The only reason they did not kill her is because her vampire eyes are not red like the ones that fest on humans and they are not gold like the Cullen’s. They are purple, and they wanted to know why, and that one simple answer is why the pack and the Cullen’s are in so much trouble.

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Okay, so I had to re-post this story! becsue whe I post chapter 2-4 all at once, are they did not get vaildated, and wehn the second chapter did get vaildated, it deldted my whole story, so I am going to re-post this story. ANd I will update every week or every three days. What ever one works best. But again I am so sory! and thank you to the three that reviwed the first time. And I am not giving up on this story! And I hope you all still like it! and sorry again!

1. Husky Smells and Purple Gazes

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Zyphyr’ Profile

The forest moved around me, the wind in my hair and my feet almost flying off the muddy grown. I come to a stop. I smelled a husky, musky earth smell that I never smelt before, but somehow it really bugged me. Then I smelled a sweet sent way to sweet.

“Vampires.” I said softly.

I was a new born vampire, only 8 months really. I killed the bitch that turned me.

“My. My. I never have seen one like you before.” I tuned to the deep voice behind me. His red eyes made me sick. He was the vampire I just smelled. “You have to most beautiful violet eyes.” He said coming to me. “How did you get them?” He asked running a hand threw his dirty blond hair.

I showed my fangs to him. I may be a new born, but I am not going to run. I am going to stay and fight. I took a fighting stance like a boxer. “I will be more than happy to show.” I said with ice in my voice.

The male vampire in front of me chuckled. “Ooh you are a brave new born.” He said.

He was about to lunge at me and I was going to try to stop him. When that husky small from early got a lot stronger. Then these huge wolves come out and attacked us. Three went after him and then the next thing I knew I was pinned down on the grown. I let out a cry of pain. Closing my eyes awaiting the strake of death, but it never come and nor did the pain. The wolf got off me and I opened my eyes. There were about six hugs wolves surrounding me like prey. ‘Werewolves?’ I thought. Then a shot of pain went there my body. I grabbed my side and my lower part of my stomach was bleeding.

“Damn.” I said and went down to my knees, because of my diet I was always weak, to weak, and now because of this sandy colored wolf, I was bleeding. Soon everything was black.

Pack’s Profile

As the girl hit the grown her black bob cut hair went in the mud and leaves. Making her even more covered in dirt and mud. Embry slowing went over to her and began to smell her.

“Embry what the hell are you doing!?” Paul yelled at him inside his head.

“There is something about her, this leech is different somehow.” He yelled back.

“Like what?” Seth asked.

“Her smell it is not like others.” Jacob said walking over to the girl.

“Come on let’s go.” Sam sad as he began to walk away.

“We can’t just leave her here!” Leah yelled. She would say anything to go against Sam.

“Leah she is a fucking leech!” Seth yelled at his older sister.

The whole pack was going nuts, yelling at each other, their minds filled with about three different thoughts at a time.

“Okay! If it will shut up all of you! We can bring her back, she looks like she in pain. And she was going to fight and it did look like she was going to kill the other leech, so we will bring her back. But only to question her.” Sam said every sternly Sam yelled.

“Fine.” The pack said all at once, but none where to happy about, will may Leah because it made Sam mad.

Sam told Paul to phase back, and bring the girl back with him and that he will meet them at Emily’s.

Paul although very unhappy and pissed off at the idea about having to carry let alone help a leech, but he did as he was told. The rest of the pack run off and Paul now back to his tall dark skinned self. He walked over to the girl.

Paul’s profile

I put my jeans back on and with a look of degusted I tried picked her up. I was holding my breath so I would not have to smell her that much. She may have a different sent but I still did not like it. Once I touched her, she let out a cry of pain or some like from a nightmare in her sleep. Growing I picked her. She somewhat moved but still not waking up. I ran to Emily’s once there she told me to put the leech in the guest room.

I laid her on the bed and she made another sound of pain.

“For a leech you sure are weak.” I said getting ready to leave but I took one last look at her.

The sun light coming through the window made her shine.

“Wow.” I thought but then got that thought out of my mind. She was a stupid leech and that is it.

Zyphyr’ Profile

I woke up in a strange room. I was not wearing my usual black so called goth/emo clothes. I was wearing some yellow basketball shorts and a white tan top. Looking around I could tell that the wolves moved me here and they were in the house. My side has stopped bleeding and there was a bandage on it. That that I need it. I do heal but thanks to my chose of diet I heal slower than other. And my hairs looked like some washed it and I am thankful, now because I was clean from the forest gung.

“Damn where are my clothes?” I thought out loud. I got up and walked around the room, trying to get a feel for where I was at.

“So, you’re up.” Someone said behind me.

I turned around to see a boy that looked 25 and he was tall russet skin and short black hair. That some husky, musky earth smell from early was around him. He was a one of those wolves.

“Yes, but can you tell where I am at and who are you?” I asked in respectful but somewhat bitchy tone.

Because I did know where I was, and why I was here and who these wolves are and what they really went from me.

“My name is Jacob Black, and….” He was cut off by another man.

“Jake, I will take care of this.” He said.

“I am Sam, and you are at my house. We found you and other vampire in the woods, it looked like you two were about to fight. But you both were in La Push so we had to kill him.” Sam said with a look of ‘try anything and you will die.’

“Then why am I alive?” I asked crossing my arms.

“Dude she woke up!” One guy yelled, and a lot of them ran up to see me.

Why I do not know, but all of them had them same russet skin, dark hair and eyes and with husky, musky earth smell.

‘Wow more werewolves.” I thought.

Sam put a hand on his forehead. Like they other’s where giving him a headache. They all just looked at me.

“You are still alive because there is something different about you leech, and we want to know what it is.” Paul said in a pissed off voice. He must have heard my question.

“That and you where bleeding so where brought you back here, so once you where better we could…” I cut him off.

“So you can integrate me? Kill me?” I asked trying not sound as scared and weak as I really was.

“No. And by the way I am Seth.” He said with a smile, which was a little weird.

“Seth.” Sam said eyeing him.

“So tell us your name and why your eyes are not red.” The one with the anger problem said to me.

“Or why they are not gold.” Jacob said with same sadness in his voice.

I set back down on the bed. Crossed my legs and arms. And with a smirk I said: “It is rude to talk to some like this with tell the person your names.”

A few of them let out some low grows. That made me giggled.

“That is Paul, Seth, Embry, Leah, Jacob, Sam, Jared, Brady and I am Quil.” He said pointing at each one of them.

“Okay so now what is your name?” Leah asked getting closer to me. She was kind of a bitch, I could tell by her voice.

“Zyphyr.” I said in sweet t voice.

“Zyphyr?” Embry asked looking like he just heard a really lame joke.

“And like Embry is any better?” I asked with a sly smirk.

The other laughed but he growled.

“Yes, and now you went to ask me some questions?” I asked.

“Yeah, why the hell would a leech…..”Paul was but off by Sam.

“Paul!” He yelled. Paul had a look of anger on his face but he did what same told him to do.

“First you smell different then other vampires. Why is that?” Sam asked.

They all looked at me waiting for an answer.

“Because of my diet. And too answer the question about my eyes that Paul and Jacob asked a few seconds ago, it is because of my diet too. That is why my smell and eyes are different from other vampires.” I said shyly but calmly.

“What humans?” Brady asked in a cold tone.

That had shocked looked on their faces. They all looked at each other whispering something about vegetarian vampire.

“Nope.” I said with a smile.

“Animals?” Jared asked.

“Again no, I do not feed on humans and no I am not a vegetarian that feeds on animals.” I said getting and walking to them.

They all seemed to be on the defiance. Those made me smirk a little bit. Like a new born like me could take on all of them.

“So what do you eat leech? You need blood, you may be a new born but I don’t think that you go that long in that short of time without blood.” Jacob said.

I looked over at him. Then I looked back at everyone else. Stepping back a little bit so I was back by the bed again. I was trying to think if I should sugar colt it or just flat out tell them what I eat.

“Well we are waiting.” Sam said.

“I do eat.” I said. Looking out the window.

“But what!?” Quil yelled getting inpatient.

I laughed. They all were getting inpatient with me. I thought it was kind funny. But the funny spell went away. I did not know what they would think, but why did I care? Ooh yeah in last 8 mounts I lost my family my only friend and my life and ooh I became a monster. And these wolf people where the fist people I talk to in that time of 8 months. Sure I talk to other vampires, but it was always a fight and they ended up dead. That is if I could kill them, and if not I was lucky I got away alive.

“Well Miss.Zyphyr. Where do you get the blood form that you eat” Embry said setting down on the bed that stood by me. Why he did I don’t know but it looked like his friends did not either.

“Other vampires.” I said with smirk.

Shock and I think horror filled their faces.