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New Moon: Edward's version

Have you ever wondered what happened to Edward after he left Bella in the forest? What was he thinking when he searched her room for physical proof he exists? How did the other Cullen's react? Were Edward and Bella the only sufferer's of the break up? Here are some answers....

Alright, here is what I think happened and I'm pretty proud of what I've written so please review!! I don't feel this is going anywhere anymore, so I've ticked the completeed box and that's the end of that. HOWEVER if you are desperate for this to be finished, leave me a review and I'll see what I can do, because I know how much it sucks if you're enjoying something and it never gets finished. Lots of love, SparklyCullen xxx

6. Return to Forks

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“Bella!” I frowned slightly. I did not want Charlie to carelessly wake her, could he not see her obvious fatigue?

“Charlie,” muttered Bella from my arms. Her warmth caressed my heart, chaining it to hers forever. La cantante, indeed; her voice was music to my ears, playing with my heart and my body. I could search for eternity and never would I ever find another Bella. I knew that from the start but denied myself the luxury and look what it had done to her. She was curled up against my torso, thin and frail from the journey. When had she last eaten? Having quickly scanned Alice’s head, I knew she had not eaten over the past few days, but she was here - with me - and that’s what matters right now.

“Shh,” I murmured softly, taking in the sweet detail of her features all over again as Charlie stormed towards us, his intent clear to those with less significant talents than mine. “It’s okay; you’re home and safe. Just sleep.”

“I can’t believe you have the nerve to show your face here.” He roared at me. His thoughts may be muffled but I was unsurprised to be able to hear the majority of it, most probably due to his extreme rage and anxiety. He was angry, not unreasonably either judging the state Alice found her in.

“Stop it, Dad,” she mumbled, but only I caught her words.

“What’s wrong with her?” demanded Charlie, his thoughts quickly flitting towards drugs and booze and other such nonsense. I knew what he suspected I had done and how distressed he had been since he returned home from his friend’s funeral to find her note.

“She’s just very tired, Charlie,” I promised gently. “Please let her rest.”

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Charlie shouted. “Give her to me. Get your hands off her!”

Not wanting to cause more disruption, I tried to pass Bella over, but she suddenly tightened her grip, her determination for us to stay together, matching mine, much to Charlie’s chagrin. He wrestled with her reinforced grip, trying to pull her off me.

“Cut it out, Dad,” she said louder, opening her beautiful brown eyes, fuzzy with sleep, to glare at him for a moment. “Be mad at me.”

“You bet I will be,” vowed Charlie. “Get inside.” No, I wanted to say, it was my fault, all of it. If I had paused to check the facts, she could still be living safely away from me, with Charlie peacefully mourning for his friend, looking after him rather than causing him so much stress. I know it was a matter of hours before I would have crawled back, but at least it would not have to have been so confrontational.

“Kay,” groaned Bella reluctantly. “Let me down.”

I gently lowered her on her feet. She tried to take a few steps forward, but almost collapsed. I grabbed her before she could brush the concrete sidewalk. I would not permit her to be hurt again; I had done enough damage without allowing her to crack open her skull.

“Just let me get her upstairs,” I requested, looking up at Charlie, compromising his wish. “Then I’ll leave.”

“No,” objected Bella desperately much to Charlie’s disapproval.

I bent down and breathed into her ear, so low Charlie would not hear. “I won’t be far,” I promised. Charlie’s glare told me all I needed to know. I stood, raising Bella back into my arms and entered the house. Phones trailed across the floor, a crumpled cushion and blanket set out on the coach. Poor Charlie, I thought as I smelt his scent trailing back and forth through the house; he had been pacing for three days.

I lay Bella on her bed, she seemed unconscious but she still gripped my shirt tightly. I gently prised them open and headed back outside, assured she was in a deep slumber.

Charlie stood on his front porch, his knuckles straining under the stress of being so tightly furled, his teeth grinding like millstones in his head. I breathed in deeply and walked past him and down the step before turning. This would make him feel more powerful as my height will pose as a threat and I did not want that. I wanted to be punished for my blasphemous actions, not understood or pitied.

Charlie glared at me and shut the door behind him, so as not to disturb Bella or have her overhear our confrontation.

“What have you done to her?” he growled menacingly.

“Nothing,” I answered honestly. “She’s tired that’s all; she hasn’t slept for a couple of nights. I expect she’ll be out for the count.”

“Why are you here?”

I paused, searching briefly for information to as why he would ask that question. Through the fog of his thoughts, I could see this question was to protect Bella from me, to tell me I wasn’t needed. He wanted to hear me say I was never going to darken his doorstep. I couldn’t do that, not after being apart from her for so long.

“I apologize, Charlie,” I said looking him in the eyes. “I should never have left Bella. I understand if you can never forgive me for the damage and disruption I have caused here; I will never be able to forgive myself.” Charlie grunted and opened his mouth to say something, but I cut him short. “But I can not be without Bella now. I can see it was ridiculous to have thought I could leave Bella and have no affect on either of our health, but I was wrong.” Charlie’s face darkened but I continued regardless. “I ask that you refrain from punishing Bella to the extremities, she had no idea what was going to happen as a result. It was all a misunderstanding and I hope that if Bella wishes to see me you will allow her, no strings attached.”

Charlie’s eyes were huge, angry, bloodshot spheres in his head. I stared him out as he began his rant. “How dare you disappear for six months and expect Bells to be waiting for you!” he shrieked. “You left Bella alone in the middle of the woods for hours. You leave her looking like she was…” His eyebrows creased in response to his memory and for the first time I was thankful I struggled to read his thoughts. “…she was a zombie or dead or something.” He shuddered but continued. “She doesn’t need you now! She’s moved on! She has Jacob, and hell yeah he may be a couple of years short of her, but he’s someone she can rely on, someone who hasn’t deserted her and come back for the body!” I could sense Charlie’s relief as he spoke of this Jacob. He must have worked wonders for Bella to obtain such a shrine in Charlie’s mind. “I never want you to walk through my door again! Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” I sighed, hanging my head. Seeing Bella, presuming she still wanted to see me, was going to be much more difficult with these boundaries.

“And you are to keep away from her!”

I looked up darkly. “I’m sorry Charlie, but I can not promise that. My siblings and I are re-enrolling at Fawkes High School and presuming she wishes to see me, I will be there. I agree to stay away from your house, but school is a different matter. She makes the final decision.” We glowered at each other before Charlie broke eye contact.

“Fine,” he said, looking flustered. “Fine, I doubt she’ll take you back…” His words sounded doubtful even to him, yet he also sounded disappointed. This Jacob person obviously meant a lot to him. Charlie turned and entered his home without a backwards glance. I could hear the key and bolt being set in the door. I turned and smiled sadly: as if I’m going to let a door stop me. Acknowledging Charlie’s watchful gaze, I climbed into the back of the car and drove off.

“Stop here,” I muttered, as Emmett turned the corner.

“What?” Emmett raised his eyebrows at me in the rear view mirror. “But you just said-!” I could hear his thoughts loud and clear. Emmett was always very open, and whatever he said he meant, so he found it difficult to understand why others didn’t simply say what they were planning to do out loud. I understood Emmett had tried to wager with Rosalie, but her guilt was too raw to take advantage of the situation. I could see if she had, she would’ve won hands down; Emmett had expected me to keep my word and never disturb Bella again. He did not understand anything did he?

I jumped out of the car and sped around the back of the house and up the tree that would lead me to beside Bella’s bedroom window. I dropped down immediately and pressed myself gently against the wall under her window, eavesdropping on Charlie’s monologue to Bella’s sleeping body. I gritted my teeth, envying him. I could not last long before I would have to barge in regardless of any conditions he had set. I could not stand to be away from Bella much longer.

“It’s alright, Bells,” Charlie murmured. I could hear the bed springs grown lightly as he sat on the edge of her bed. “I got rid of him. I know you wanted him just now but he’s no good for you. I’ve spent too much time feeling useless and I can’t let him do that to you again. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more before, but I’ll protect you now, baby.” I heard a stifled sob shake Bella’s unresponsive body, her hair slinking on her pillow with the jerks Charlie created from his crying. “I just wish you hadn’t left so soon after Harry’s passing Bells. I needed you right then and you weren’t there. I’ll tell you the consequences I’m going to put on you when you’re awake, though, to make sure you hear what I’m saying...” The springs groaned again, in relief as Charlie sniffled out of her door. I climbed slower than I would usually not waiting for Charlie to shut his own bedroom door. I was too impatient after the longest six months of my existence.

There she was, within reach. I knelt by her bed, resting my head gently at the edge of her pillow, breathing in her used air as she breathed out. I touched her hand softly and she grabbed it without hesitation. How amazing it felt to have to be controlled. Restrictions: how I had missed them.

My dead heart sighed with an ancient echo of life.