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Running From Forever

Andrea had no idea where she was running to. What she did know was that she wasn't waiting to welcome the cold eternity that was looming before her with open arms. Him leaving was what she needed to set her plan into motion, and with him gone forever, she began to run. Andrea had always thought that Forks was in Canada, but was it just a coincidence when she was led unconciously to the hometown of the sister she just recently discovered. Showing up on the doorstep of Isabella Cullen, Andrea was expecting to see a normal 40 year old woman, sweet husband, maybe a few children the same age as her or a couple of animals? She should have known that the word 'normal' still didn't have plans to become a commonly used word in her life. But the Cullens become a little suspicious when Andrea avoid's answering questions about her past, and begin to wonder if there's a more sinister reason behind the fact of why Edward can't get a steady grip on her train of thought? And why can't Alice see her future? Why are Demetri and Aro constantly popping up? Andrea gets distracted by Bella's want for her to stay, and realises that her past is catching up with her, faster than she had expected it to... Extract from Chapter 2 Everything was made so much worse by the polite and strangely calming tone of his voice when he whipsered to me "I told you, you will never be able to hide from me." Then I remembered. This wasn't a dream. This wasn't even a nightmare of the most distressing kind. It was a memory...

The Story is set twenty two years after Breaking Dawn. The Cullens are back in Forks for the holidays. Renesmee has grown into the body of a twenty year old and Jacob still looks the same.

1. Chapter 1- Noise in the Background

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I couldn’t believe that I had only left home a month ago.

Said goodbye to everything I had ever called mine less that thirty days ago…it felt like an eternity ago.

Leaving San Francisco was easy. There was nobody there to persuade me to stay; nobody there to hide my keys and ask me not to go…there was nobody there.

What wasn’t easy was taking that last look at the penthouse apartment that I had called home for the past three years. But it wasn’t really home, not when he wasn’t there.

I can still remember the day when I realized that destroying and hiding everything in sight didn’t numb the pain and block out the memories. Sitting in the empty sitting room, looking out over the rest of the city, I remembered the first time that he brought me there. It was a surprise of course, if I’d known he was buying us an apartment, I never would have chosen the penthouse. Not only was it ridiculously expensive, I always preferred to use the stairs, instead of using the elevator that came directly up to our home…I could never understand why people wanted to get to their destination as fast they possibly could.

Now I understood that they must have been running from something too.


I woke up, my back sticking to the soft leather of the passenger seat of the ‘Stang. I could hear music playing from the stereo; it took me a few seconds to realize it was my play list. The songs on that play list never failed to send me to sleep, and I realized, with mild irritation, that had been the plan when he started playing it about three hours after we left LA.

He strolled into the motel at eight p.m, calm and collected again after he had fed, and announced that we were ready to go.

“What do you mean we’re ready to go? Christian, I’ve been cooped up in that car for the past day and a half. I know it’s a really nice car, and I know its fun to drive, but I’m tired! And my back is stiff from sleeping in the passenger seat of a Ford Mustang instead of a bed…and we just got here two hours ago, can we please, please stay.” I had been playing this argument over in my head for the past while, knowing that he wouldn’t want to stay here too long, but unfortunately the argument sounded better in my head than it did now. I hadn’t calculated his penetrating amber eyes into the equation, and realized how full of resolve they were. This was going to be harder than I anticipated.

Slowly making my way over to him, never dropping his gaze as he stared at me with suspicion in his eyes, I ran my fingers through my hair just as i stood in front of him.

I wrapped my arms around his strong neck, cool to the touch but I welcomed it in this heat. Even after sundown, it was still ridiculously warm here, even in October.

He let out a small sigh, I could see the battle taking place behind his eyes, my determination chiseling at his stubbornness. Knowing that I hadn’t yet won him over, I gently brushed my fingers through his soft ebony hair, staring into his liquid amber eyes as I impulsively knotted my hands in his hair at the nape of his neck and pulled his face closer until his cool, pale forehead was resting against mine.

“Just for tonight.” I added with a wink, rising up on my toes to reach in for a kiss.

Suddenly my legs were lifted from underneath me and I was thrown over his shoulders in a fire man’s lift, and I could tell we were making a bee line for the car. My bag was already swung across his other shoulder.

“Sorry babe, but if I let you continue seducing me like that, there's an extremely high likely hood of us getting to your surprise until next week. Please trust me when I say we’re almost there… Besides, if we wait here tonight, then we’ll be stuck in that motel room all day tomorrow.” We both knew that neither of us minded being cooped up in a room together, but for some reason he was getting excited and it was irritating me not to know what was going on, so I decided to let it go. He knew how irritating I could be, so he already knew what he was getting himself into.

Still slung over his shoulder, occasionally lifting my gaze from the cracked pavement to admire how gorgeous his butt looked in suit trousers, as well as everything else, I said to him in a low mutter “It might not be so bad if I actually knew WHERE I WAS GOING!” My voice rose on the last part of the sentence, as he placed me sitting in the passenger seat of the Mustang…my Mustang might I add.

He was like a child on Christmas Eve when he turned the corner of my old high school to pick me up in it three years ago on the eleventh of November, the days of my seventeenth birthday. The reaction of the entire parking lot was priceless, and the stares that burned into the back of my skull as he pulled up in front of me didn’t do the situation any favors.

Of course I knew who it was before he even rolled down the tinted black window, the mixture on my face of shock, wonder, suspicion and about twelve other emotions reflected back at me off the polished black surface of the entire car, as well as the blinding rays of the sun. I was almost afraid to touch it until he finally rolled down the window and said “Happy Birthday Darling.” I still haven’t gotten over the fact that he can call me darling, and not look like an idiot…

Leaning across me, he bent in close to my face and said “Ah yes, but then it wouldn’t be a surprise would it?” After placing a quick and gentle kiss on the bridge of my nose, he was already hopping into the driver’s seat and getting ready for the next god knows how many hours of the ‘adventure’. Adventure my ass…

It eventually dawned on me that although my eyes were open, everything was pitch black. And it wasn’t the tinted windows. I could feel something soft around my head, more so over my eyes until it eventually occurred to me that he had taken the ‘surprise’ to new extremes.

“Baby, why am I blindfolded?” I was, at this point in our never ending journey, gone past the stage of caring where we were going, just anxious to get there. I loved surprises, I really did. I also loved this car, and there was nothing on this earth I loved more than him, but there eventually comes a point where it’s necessary to stay in the one place and relax for a while. In something that isn’t going one hundred and twenty miles an hour.

“Relax its part of the surprise.” He said in a soothing voice.

“Christian, are you positive your not taking this surprise thing just a little bit too far?” I of course knew he was, but after three days of non stop asking him where we were going, I had eventually given up. This was one secret he was not giving up.

“Absolutely. Besides, I still haven’t found anything quite as amusing as the look on your face when you’re confronted with surprise. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of seeing it.”

I sat in silence for another five minutes, and was just about to start complaining again when the car finally came to a halt.

“Don’t take off the blindfold.” He said sternly, and I could almost feel his amber eyes burning through me. He never trusted me not to peak…

I had already placed my hand on the door handle when he had opened it for me.

He grabbed me around the waist and lifted my effortlessly out of the car, though I still couldn’t see where I was going, I moved beside him blindly.

We left the close and damp humidity outside as we stepped indoors. I knew we had stepped into a large room; I was putting my bets on a hotel lobby by the feel of the air conditioning and the sound of running water, most likely a fountain of some kind. I could also hear footsteps echoing back to me, mine stumbling around senselessly were considerably louder than the non existent sounds of movement he was making beside me.

I couldn’t hear any other movement around us, which was odd, and when we finally stopped I was trying to imagine the face of some thirty odd blonde receptionist behind a desk looking at a male model and the idiot beside him with a blindfold over her eyes.

But when I didn’t hear any barely controlled laughter, I started to get nervous. Where exactly were we?

We had been standing still for barely two minutes when I was once again lifted off my feet, except this time I wasn’t hoisted over his shoulders like a dead weight, but lying in his strong arms.

Standing still, I felt his lips gently kissing my neck, moving his way up past my jawbone and making his way towards my lips. He stopped at the corner of my mouth and put me down, placing both of his hands on my shoulders.

“Is this is?” I said, my voice was shaking and I could hear him laugh behind me.

“Yes, this is it.” He said with a soft touch of finality as he untied the scarf from around my eyes.

I was standing at the entrance to a huge empty sitting room, with brand new white walls, wooden polished floors and a glass wall of windows encircling the whole room. Staring out across the city, just as the sun was coming up across the skyline and its rays were bouncing off glass buildings, I moved my gaze from right to left and was greeted by the sight of the ocean and...was that the bay bridge?

"We're in San Francisco?" I turned to him with tears in my eyes and saw the expression of delight across his face, a knowing smile reaching out from the corners of his mouth. He knew I'd always wanted to come here since i was a little girl, when mom took a liking to braiding my hair with flowers through it. I think she was going through a sixties phase again? When I couldn't sleep, she used to sing Scott McKenzie 'San Francisco' to me. I never found out why?

He placed both of his hands firmly on my bare shoulders and I moved closer to wrap my arms around his narrow waist, clasping my hands together behind his back and rested my head against his broad chest.

He put his finger underneath my chin and pulled my face up towards his.

“Welcome to your new home.” He whispered, just before his lips found mine.


If it hadn’t been for his unusual sleeping habits, or lack of them, then the place would most likely still be half bare. So caught up in the excitement of living in our first home together, we were easily distracted from painting and the likes of that. We had eventually worked out a system though. I picked out the furniture and appliances, and he fitted them. Except for the kitchen. For the first time in his life, he found a reason to use it, and since I’m a slightly lazy person I wasn’t going to start complaining when he brought me breakfast in bed…and dinner in front of the TV.

Unfortunately after he left, I looked around the place and all I saw were memories.

I refused to sleep in our bed because I couldn’t stand lying there alone. I had liked my space when he was there, but I always knew that he was just an arms reach away if I needed somebody to hold.

I stayed there for three days after he left, spending my time idling on the couch unaware of what I was watching on TV but trying to take comfort from the noise in the background, to sifting through old photo’s and souvenirs I had kept in a box. He always gave me the same smile, where he cocked his head to the right and raised his eyebrow, when he saw me putting things inside the box, but he never said anything to me about it. He knew that it would not go down well…

After thrashing every breakable utensil in the kitchen in a fit of rage, I came away from it with nothing but a long gash on the palm of my hand, that unfortunately was to heal into a permanent faintly pink scar, and the idea that if I didn’t get out of this place now I would become either terminally depressed or insane…with my luck possibly both.

Ignoring the dull throb of pain coming from my palm, I went and threw clothes into a black duffle bag, not really realizing what I was doing but using any sign of movement as a distraction.

So, after grabbing the black shoe box, which was a memory in itself, and sealing it with almost an entire roll of sticky tape, I pulled keys out of the mountain of glass on the kitchen floor and shoved another set of keys into the elevator.

I turned around and took in one final glance at the apartment I had lived in for the past three years, not much of a sight at the moment, but I was still able to ignore the bits and pieces of broken things lying across the floors and table and saw it for what it really was. The only place on the earth that held the most enchanting memories of my existence.

Stepping into the elevator and watching the silver plated doors close on my home; I felt it when I left the last bit of hope behind me.

I had no idea where I was going, but at that moment I didn’t care. I just knew that the path I was following wasn’t leading me to anything pleasant…but I could never in a thousand years have imagined where it would take me.