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Running From Forever

Andrea had no idea where she was running to. What she did know was that she wasn't waiting to welcome the cold eternity that was looming before her with open arms. Him leaving was what she needed to set her plan into motion, and with him gone forever, she began to run. Andrea had always thought that Forks was in Canada, but was it just a coincidence when she was led unconciously to the hometown of the sister she just recently discovered. Showing up on the doorstep of Isabella Cullen, Andrea was expecting to see a normal 40 year old woman, sweet husband, maybe a few children the same age as her or a couple of animals? She should have known that the word 'normal' still didn't have plans to become a commonly used word in her life. But the Cullens become a little suspicious when Andrea avoid's answering questions about her past, and begin to wonder if there's a more sinister reason behind the fact of why Edward can't get a steady grip on her train of thought? And why can't Alice see her future? Why are Demetri and Aro constantly popping up? Andrea gets distracted by Bella's want for her to stay, and realises that her past is catching up with her, faster than she had expected it to... Extract from Chapter 2 Everything was made so much worse by the polite and strangely calming tone of his voice when he whipsered to me "I told you, you will never be able to hide from me." Then I remembered. This wasn't a dream. This wasn't even a nightmare of the most distressing kind. It was a memory...

The Story is set twenty two years after Breaking Dawn. The Cullens are back in Forks for the holidays. Renesmee has grown into the body of a twenty year old and Jacob still looks the same.

2. Chapter 2- The Ravens Wing

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The night sky was empty. Empty of the moon and of the stars, yet there was a faint light emanating from the darkness that shimmered with glittering streaks of midnight blue and a deep, majestic purple.

It reminded me of a raven’s wing, shielding the stars above from eyes it deemed unworthy to look upon their beauty.

Being human, it was only natural for me to want that which I knew I could never possess. But at this moment, I didn’t feel human. Because nothing felt real…

At this moment, my emotions felt like they were swept away, held away from me by the tranquil shadows that lay beside me.

I was laid down on my back, alone, on what looked like the still surface of a black lake.

I could feel its gentle waves moving softly against my skin and was able to sense the silent strength of them, but still they never threatened to pull me under. I was floating…

Surrounded by darkness, I felt peaceful being enclosed in this blissful silence.

Everything was entirely silent, except for the sound of my own distant breathing and, although I couldn’t feel it or even perfectly hear it, I sensed the presence of a soft breeze flowing, not past me, but around me. As if it were avoiding me.

I slowly raised my right arm up, stretching until even my fingertips tried to reach out for the sky, hoping that I might feel the faint breeze fall through my fingers. It was either my imagination, or else the darkness had started to pulse with quiet, but calm anticipation.

Lifting my gaze towards the sky, I became bewitched, by a luminous silver light that descended from the heavens, falling onto my fingertips like a silk sheet, contrasting with my pale, clear skin. My hand began to sparkle like the surface of the sea when the suns rays gently rest on top of it, as the light spread through my body that was shivering with excitement.

My muscles began to tingle, as a warm sensation spread through my limbs.

I was barely clothed, wearing a short black lace dress, my shoulders and arms bare; it stopped a few inches above my knees. My long, dark hair tumbled behind me like a sea of mocha colored silk, I felt like I was the glamorous actress of an old black and white movie.

Looking up, I gasped when I noticed that the sky was no longer empty, but held the large silver shape of the full moon, drifting aimlessly above me. Its spotlight fixed on me, everything else around was in complete darkness…

“Now you’re just like me” Whispered a familiar voice from the shadows.

I twisted my body to the side and stared in astonishment as the moon’s light illuminated the space beside me, slowly revealing the presence of the most handsome entity the world possessed.

The moonlight gently moved from his narrow, bare hips, defining the strong lean muscles that were highlighted on his stomach.

It flowed over his broad chest, although strong and hard as marble, was the most comforting place I had ever had the fortune to be carried into sleep on.

His athletic arms came into view, and formidable shoulders. They had the ability to create the perfect cradle, never swaying, never tiring.

I was mesmerized as the light continued streaming up past his neck, revealing his strong jaw line and high set cheekbones.

His liquid bronze eyes shone out at me like bright beacons in a dark night, calling me towards him, constant and penetrating.

I was barely paying attention as the moonlight kept gliding over his forehead and fell through his ebony hair, which was swept gently back from his face.

It was a mirror image of the night sky.

He had his body turned to face me as we lay side by side, this enchanted being and me.

Raising his hand, he held it palm facing me with his fingers closed above the empty space between our two bodies.

I pulled my outstretched arm back down to the earth, finding my way closer to the astounding beauty that was laid out beside me.

Placing my hand against his, I saw that for the first time, we were the same.

Our pale skin glimmering in the darkness, as if the stars themselves had fallen like a diamond crushed dust from the sky, covering our bodies.

He opened his fingers and clasped our hands together, as I became aware of the blue and purple streaks in the sky passing by us, barely noticeable.

We lay there, staring longingly into each others eyes, inhaling each others scent in the weightless darkness that we were surrounded by.

The earth itself could have been breaking away around us, and still I would not have broken contact from his gaze, I would still remain oblivious to everything.

Everything except for him.

The tiny half circle scar that was almost completely hidden away behind the hair beside his temple. It was usually the brightest shining part of his body; now it just blended in seamlessly with his skin…I still knew exactly where it was though.

Or the indentation he had in the right hand corner of his mouth, just above his lip.

He said it was my secret spot, a place that could only be found by me, it was reserved for my lips and mine alone. He said it always had been.

Releasing a slow breath, I was becoming increasingly aware of how light I felt.

Not just in my body, but in my mind too. I felt as if all thoughts, worries, anxieties…everything that had thrown me into a state of grieving, that had filled my mind for the past month had been poured out. Reality still refused to kick in, and I was grateful to it for not doing so.

Laying there, everything the same as it used to, but at the same time entirely different.

He had always worried about me being with him, afraid that I was wasting my mortality. He never voiced it, but I could always see it lingering in his thoughts behind his eyes, when we were together like this.

Now, there was no worry in his eyes. But there was also no relief.

“This isn’t real…” I whispered, as the sky began to move past me, faster and faster.

With all my concentration focused on him, I had prevented myself from becoming dizzy, but it was getting harder.

He reached his hand across to my face, our hands still clasped together and with the back of his knuckles, stroked my cheek bone.

Finally he lifted his gaze back up to my eyes and whispered “No.”

He unclasped our hands and cradled my cheek gently, but strongly, as if he held the whole world in the palm of his hand.

He reached up to brush some fallen hair back from my forehead where it had fallen into my eyes, and as his hand fell away from my me, so did his face fall away into the darkness, and I was left alone in this dream that was turning into a nightmare.

I stared longingly at the place where his body had lain, reaching my now dull and human hands out searching for him, but he was gone, swallowed by the shadows.

I felt the tingling as it left body. It left when he left.

Still avoiding looking up towards the flashes of purple and blue soaring past me through intervals of blackness; I kept my eyes on the dark space where I had seen his eyes retreat away from me, again.

Staring into the darkness, I felt the cold chill creep up through my bones, the once non existent breeze coming to life and bringing light moisture with it.

The once soft surface I was lying on stayed soft, but became restricted as if I were being held in place by it, the darkness of it swaying me gently back and forth…back and forth…

Then I saw them, exactly where his eyes had disappeared, a different set of eyes stared back out at me. Like a pair of liquid rubies shining out from the depths of the ocean, until the darkness fell away and his alabaster face came into view.

His frosted bronze hair rustled by the soft breeze, and the gentle smile that lit up his face.

I could see my own expression reflected back at me through the hard, diamond like surface of his eyes, torn between terror and pity.

Terror at how he had found me, like I knew he would.

Pity because of the disappointment that was sure to fall over his face when he realized that he was wrong about me.

The terror won out when I thought about what would happen to me after his realization.

Trying to twist, I became aware of the fact that I was no longer wrapped in the gentle surface that felt so soothing it could have been water.

I was trapped in the marble hard grip of his strong arms, wrapped in a black satin robe.

Eventually I realized that the lights and the breeze weren’t flowing hastily past me…I was moving hastily past them.

Everything was made so much worse by the polite and strangely calming tone of his voice when he whispered to me “I told you, you will never be able to hide from me.”

Cold sweat broke out across my forehead, partly from relief but mostly from terror as I remembered…This wasn’t a dream. This wasn’t even a nightmare of the most distressing kind.

It was a memory.


I woke up shivering and gasping for breath.

In my frenzied state, I had kicked all the blankets off myself and the bed, yet there was still a cold sweat breaking out over my brow.

Staring frantically around the motel room, it was hard to convince myself that there was nobody else in here with me.

I knew I wouldn't be able to relieve my fears unless I checked every corner for myself, but I was still afraid of leaving the bed.

Afraid of what I might find if I did.

Remembering the vivid crimson orbs glowing out at me from the darkness, I knew that if he was here, I would have seen them at least.

If he was here, he would have made his presence known to me the moment he realized my distress.

I reluctantly crawled out of the hard bed and ran straight towards the wall, fumbling for the light switch in this unfamiliar room.

My eyes began to tear as the harsh white light illuminated the room.

Searching the corners with my cold gaze, knowing I was behaving ridiculously, I still let out a sigh of relief as I made my way into the bathroom.

Splashing my face with cold water, I looked in the mirror and was not surprised by what I saw.

My face was paler than usual, and not in a healthy way.

There were huge dark circles rimming my eyes, and I was beginning to be able to see my ribs through my skin.

I hadn't been eating properly since I left San Francisco, stopping off at random diner's here and there, as well as the lack of sleep. Add the fact that I'm an emotional wreck, life on the road was pretty tough for me.

More than three weeks had passed, and I still had no plan or strategy as to what I was doing with my remaining time.

I took comfort from the endless hours I spent on the road, driving aimlessly across the country with no idea which highway I was entering onto or which state lines I was crossing, everything around me looked the same. I was just happy to be putting miles between myself and my home, the first place he would look for me.

Yet I couldn't explain the feeling of tension that stayed with me since the I first noticed the absence of the smell of sea air around me. It took me a while to realize that the smell of the salty air reminded me of him...he was always comparing the differences between the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans.

I always told him not to be so stupid, technically he wasn't even comparing it to the Atlantic Ocean anyway, because he grew up surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. It made me sad to hear him talking about the comfort he got from the smell of the sea air, how he didn't know why, but it reminded him of his childhood.

It got stronger everyday as I passed through the midlands of North America, but I was becoming good at ignoring it. Sometimes once you get used to something, you start to forget that it's even there and you learn to take it for granted...sometimes.

It eventually caught up with me though, in a way that I still cannot understand, it some times scares me the more I think about it and try to fasten a logical reason to it...I try to pretend it didn't happen to avoid the never ending headaches it brings with it, but eventually I find myself replaying it over and over in my head, searching for something that would have set me off...a cold face in the distance, red eyes glowing at me from behind the cover of the tree's...But everything happened in such a blur, I doubt I would remember even if I had seen something.

I was driving through Omaha, Nebraska about two weeks after I left San Francisco. There was nothing particularly strange about the day, the weather was cloudy and it was slightly cold outside. It had been raining earlier that morning, but had stopped less than two hours I had left the motel.

I had the window rolled down, letting the cool breeze wash over my face to wake myself up a bit, not paying much attention to what was around me, just staring straight ahead and hoping that the lights would stay green long enough for me to make it through. Sitting in traffic was not something I gladly resigned myself too, and most of the time if I thought I could make it before the change, I would happily break the speed limit. Cops weren't much of a threat to me, once you could get rid of one, you could get rid of them all...

I hadn't overslept last night, and was hoping I could gain some more time than usual between the last motel and where ever I happened to stop off at next.

I didn't know how long I had before he caught up with me, or if he had even started looking for me yet, but I wasn't excited to find out. I know that this moving around the country is probably a waste of time, after all he's capable of picking me out of a crowd from more than three thousand miles away.

But I still felt like I was putting up some sort of fight, a last stand against my long ago decided fate.

There was no warning...no onslaught of symptoms. It happened as fast as the click of your fingers.

All of sudden my heart started beating at a ridiculous rate, and I was panting as if I was about to drown in the sea of panic that engulfed me. My stomach was heaving with tension and my hands were shaking on the steering wheel, my eyes bulging as the world around me started spinning out of control. I didn't know what was wrong, just that this feeling I was heading in the wrong direction towards something bad...but no it wasn't even that. More like I was heading away from something good, something that I needed more than I needed the oxygen that was slowly filling my lungs.

I didn't even realize what was happening around me until I was facing the other direction, trying to straighten the car up and avoid a collision with the other furious drivers that swerved around me as I made my way to the opposite lane. I remember the smell of burning rubber, and my hand gripping the handbrake was I tried to force myself to calm down...

I kept driving at a controlled speed, following a route that I didn't know even existed, I just followed my gut instincts that I had failed to rely on until now.

I didn't stop that night, or the next day.

Before that I had been driving aimlessly, without purpose trying to waste my time until the inevitable happened.

Now it was different, everything was different. I wasn't anxious to get moving any more, I was excited to see what was waiting for me. I was still nervous about the length's of time I spent in places though. The road I was taking was swerving back and forth, never heading in a straight path. This enforced the feeling that whatever I was following, it was something good, enabling me to throw him off my scent, confusing him with the twisted routes I was following.

I was heading towards something, pulled in an unknown direction towards something, I just couldn't figure out what it was. I had that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I should know what was coming...that I did know maybe, and had just forgotten?

Letting out a frustrated sigh, I rubbed at my temples as I felt the beginnings of a head ache start to come on.

Climbing into the shower, I let the hot water run over my body for longer than I needed to; standing directly under the falling water so that my hearing became muffled. Just concentrating on the sounds the water was making as it hit the hard floor of the tub, it distracted me from the usual bleak thoughts that occupied my mind.

Eventually I was pulled out of my state of peace by the inevitable cold water that was beginning to pour over me. I regretfully turned off the tap and stepped out of the slightly gritty shower, I was now accustomed to the dirt and grime found in low rate motels over the past few weeks.

Wrapped the towel around my hair, I pulled on the first things that came to my hands. It was sheer luck that hit me anymore if my outfits even barely coordinated, most of the time I literally got dressed in the dark.

I picked up my phone, and anxiety grabbed me hard, constructing knots in my stomach so quickly that my breath started to quicken and whatever state of sleepiness that had remained after my long shower was immediately lost.

It was after 7 a.m.

I had checked in over twelve hours ago, and fallen into a deep sleep the moment I hit the pillow.

Throwing everything I could see around me into my bag, the towel flew out of my hair as I opened the door to a gust of wind throwing me backwards, my wet hair tumbling down my back.

Not noticing if I managed to close the door behind me or not, I dived into the front seat of my car and threw my bag into the passenger seat, one strap twisted around my wrist as I attempted to shift gears, I barely noticed as the engine roared to life.

In my eagerness to get moving, I had placed my foot full throttle on the accelerator.

It was still pitch black and ice was building up on the roads as I turned the sharp corner out on to the road and didn't hesitate to slow down, leaving Oregon behind as I crossed the state line to Washington.