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Kill Me, And I'll Save You

Bella, a baby abandoned at a hospital only hours after birth, is taken home to a family of vampires. A story of Bella’s struggle as a human living with 6 vampires, Falling for another who still drinks from humans and finding her birth parents.


1. To Be Found

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September 13th 1988- Carlisle

Susan Jones, hysterectomy, stable. Blood pressure... temperature... heart rate, all normal. Next patient. Michael Scotsman, Bowl Obstruction, stable. Blood pressure... temperature... heart rate, all normal. Next patient. Lilly Carmichael, lobotomy. Blood pressure... temperature... heart rate, all normal. Home time.

It was the start of fall, and already the cold was causing me to wear a large thick woolen coat. All for the pretenses of course. It would strike up some curiosity if the local hot shot surgeon was walking around in a thin shirt in weather such as this.

I walked towards the sliding doors to the ambulance bay. I tended to go down through the ER on my way out everyday, I liked to say hi and give all of the hard working doctors down there a pat on the back, they had one of the hardest jobs in the profession, needing all different skills just to get them through a days work.

I on the other hand, needed precision, and calm, and serenity to do my work, I couldn't handle the constant bumble and bustle and least of all the insanity of constant traumas wheeling in through the door of the ER. I preferred surgery.

I hunched my shoulders, as the wind blew in through the automatic sliding doors, pretending that the sharp breeze was effecting my core body temperature. I trudged through the thick air and wind, when I heard what sounded like a baby crying.

I turned to see a small basket sitting just to the left of the ER entrance, easy to miss if no one was paying attention.

The baby gave another scream as another gust of wind blew straight past it. I shook my head as if to shake away the surprise, and rushed for the baby.

I picked it up and cooed at the small thing that nestled into my arms. My judgment went straight out the window as I headed straight for my car. I knew I should have taken the baby into the hospital to get checked out, but seeing the little thing laying in my arms, all alone, abandoned. I felt nothing was more appropriate than for me to take it home, take care of it. It needed a family, and I was going to give it one.

I reached my car in record human time, trying to get the baby out of the cold as quickly as possible. I didn't want the poor thing catching pneumonia.

I laid the basket I had found it in, in the front seat of my Mercedes, but just as I went to lay the baby back in, I caught sight of a piece of paper. I laid the baby in the basket, securing the basket with the belt, and grabbed the letter.

Slipping into the car on my side, I opened the letter.

Dear whoever find my dear baby...

I hope that with all of my heart that you will look after my baby.

She didn't deserve to be born into such a family.

I live a life surrounded by drugs and alcohol, not a suitable environment for a baby.

Look after her for me, as I know that you will.

I hope that a nice doctor or nurse finds her and claims her as her own, gives her the life she deserves, there is nothing that I will regret more than leaving here here for you, but I have no choice, take care of her for me as I know you will.


I looked at the note, reading it over and over in my head, evaluating what was really happening, what I had read. All I was certain about was that this baby, this baby girl, was left here for me to find, whether it be god, or just plain destiny. She was made to be ours. It was plain and simple. She was now family.


I was sitting in the lounge reading one of my patchwork books that Alice had gotten me on her latest shopping escapade. I was learning all about which needle is used for which thread, and which needle is best for what fabric etcetera.

There was a low rumbling sound coming up the driveway, which gave me the impression that Carlisle was home. I gave myself a few more seconds before I decided to get myself up and make myself decent. He was having a tough time at work the past couple of weeks, and I knew it had to do with people getting suspicious of our beauty and youth. I knew we would be leaving Chicago soon. It was just time.

I heard Carlisle approaching the door, but what I also heard took me aback for a second, I wasn't quite sure how to process what was happening. I knew that Carlisle often had work friends over, to keep up the pretenses, but he usually called first.

Carlisle opened the door to reveal himself and not a colleague but... a baby.

I was taken aback by what was in front of me. There was a human child in my house and my husband seemed to be holding it and gently cooing in its ear.

I decided it was time to make my presence and my opinion known.

“Carlisle...what...what is this?... why would you do this to me?” my voice broke at the end, when I caught a glimpse at the infants face, it reminded me a great deal of my own pregnancy loss. It burned a small part of my heart to think about that particular dark period of my human life, still ever present in my after life.

I turn and walk towards the stairs, Carlisle catching on quickly, follows me with a greater pace, trying to stop me, to explain no doubt.

“Esme! Esme, what have I done?!” he begs, desperation clear in his voice.

“you brought a baby into my household Carlisle, not just a baby, but a human baby, you know I lost a pregnancy in my human years, and that it still burns for me to think about it, and yet you still decide to disregard my feelings on the matter.” I said keeping my voice firm, and clasping my hands together.

Carlisle looked more shocked than outraged, and yet he continued to press the case.

“Esme, she was left abandoned outside of my hospital in the crisp night air, only hours old, its a wonder she survived, but she did. She needs a family Esme, I thought you would be the first to put a hand up.”

He hit a nerve with his last comment, but I continued on um argument, I was not known to back down easily.


I felt bad for speaking of it as if an alien species, when our species was the one outranked.

Carlisle looked taken aback by my outburst. “Esme, we are all she has got. We have to take care of her. She needs a mother, a father, a family to love her and cherish her, treat her as one of her own. I cant take her back to the hospital, she could...” I had tuned out, and focused my eyes on the baby girl sitting in Carlisle's arms.

It was a baby girl, I had always wanted a little girl of my own, I had always waned to braid her hair and sit gossiping in the lounge. I always wanted to watch her grow up, and have boy troubles, I wanted to see my baby grow, mature. She was the one thing that I was not getting out my children now.

I had noticed that Carlisle had stopped speaking and looked up. His face was hard. “Well Esme?”

“It's a girl?” I asked softly, looking up at him with hopeful eyes.

He nods with a small smile on his face, a smug smile, one of achievement. “Shes beautiful.” I say quietly, trying to keep my voice low, as I expressed my full awe over the small package in his arms.

"Esme take her into your arms and tell me you don't feel what you lost all those decades ago." I took the small baby in my arms, and immediately the baby perks up, not shying away from my cool touch, but smiling a massive toothless grin, that could make a dead person smile. No pun intended.

It brought a smile onto my face that I couldn't hold back, seeing the small little girl in my arm, was a sight I never thought would come true, and never as a baby of my own.

“Carlisle, shes... smiling, shes really grinning.” said astounded. The awe was shinning through my voice.

Carlisle laughs and smiles. "What do you expect? You're her mother Esme. We can make it work. The kids won't mind. They'd be crazy too.”

"Do you really think we could live a life with her? She wouldn't understand why we don't age." I was a little hesitant as to whether I really wanted the answer to this question.

"She'll understand when she gets older. Then she can make the choice."

"Carlisle we can't... Can we?"

"We leave the choice up to her. Her 17th Birthday. She can live the life as vampire, or she can spend it as a human, and progress through life, the way normal people should, it will be completely up to her."

I nodded ant looked back at the silent baby, still grinning.

"She needs a name.” I said “Something beautiful, just like her and her mother." I looked up and smiled at Carlisle.

"Bella. Isabella Cullen."

A few minutes later, Alice and jasper walking in the door. Returning form their hunt. It was quite obvious that they have noticed the presence of a human early on, but had not registered the impact it would have on them and their lives.

Alice spies me first. I was sitting on the couch, cupping Bella in my hands and singing softly to her.

"Mom... Is that a baby?"

I look at her and Jasper and nod, there was no simpler, less sophisticated, more detailed answer to give, just a simple nod.

"Alice, Jasper. This is your baby sister. Bella." I introduced, putting on the biggest smile I could muster, it was important that Bella was not to get used to a tense environment.

Alice's mouth dropped oped the minute the words left my mouth. She squeals, jumping up and down with joy. Jasper only looked shocked.

"Mom she's human." Jasper whispers.

"Your father will have to explain that one. We need to wait of Rose and Emmett."

it was widely known by everyone in the household that Rosalie would be the one to react the worst. She was a little more sensitive about her inability to have children than me.

Rose and Emmett arrived about five minutes later and it was clear to me that they first heard Alice cooing.

Rose walked into the family room and stopped dead.

"Why? Esme why is there a baby in the house,? Esme! Explain!" She shrieked, she had never been one for change, that and being caught off guard, she always liked to know what was coming.

Emmett held her back as she tries to physically remove the baby, after she realizes that I had no intention of removing it myself.

"Esme get it out of the house! It's human!"

"Rosalie Cullen I know exactly what she is and no I'm not getting rid of her! She's your baby sister! Accept it!" I yelled at her, trying to get her to understand that not everything revolves around her.

Alice squealed. "Rose isn't it fantastic! We have a baby sister! An actual baby! One we can dress up and isn't she just beautiful?!" she cooed, making faces and tickling Bella's stomach. Bella gave a little giggle, and I could feel the room instantly calm and look at her. That was not the doing of Jasper either.

It was clear that alive was trying to be ad optimistic about the situation as possible, Rose on the other hand....

"Rose restrain yourself." Jasper said in an angry tone, sensing her motions, I instantly knew that she was going to fight this the whole way, no backing down. She was determined.

"Esme I swear I'll kill it if you don't get rid of it. Tell Carlisle to take her back to the hospital."

I looks at her, my motherly instinct kicking in and I began to dry sob a little.

"Well done Rose!" Alice screamed, hugging me to her small frame.

"You. Upstairs. NOW." Emmett said gruffly.

No matter who it was that had upset me, whether it was Rosalie or Alice, I could always count on Emmett to take control, especially when physical threats were involved, and a human as well.

Jasper looked on at her and by the look on his face, he was processing Rosalie's emotions. "Alice, Esme can I talk to you for a second?"

I nodded my head as did Alice.

Jasper had us over in a corner, keeping his voice low so that Emmett and Rosalie couldn't hear.

"Alice, Esme, Rosalie doesn't hate her. She is thrilled with the idea of a bay in the house. It's obvious. I could feel it. Her desire to rush and hold baby Bella was over whelming. But she was so blinded by fury at someone she..."

"She acted like a complete Cow basically and made Esme Cry! That's what she did!" Alice burst. It was clear that she was hurt by Rosalie's harsh words, and I could tell that she was grieving at the thought of losing Bella. It had only been not even an hour and we were all so attached to her. She was already family.

It was made clear as to Rosalie's intentions, and she came clean on her feeling towards her. It made t easier to get along, we looked like a happy family, all huddling together cooing over the little baby that was positioned in between all of us.

It was at that point that Alice's gaze turned hazy, and we all became aware that she was having a vision.

“what is it Alice?” I said hesitantly.

“Thank you so much Esme, Oh my gosh!” Alice squealed.

“what did I do?” I asked slightly scared as to what I would allow her to do to get this reaction.

“you are going to let me decorate the Nursery!” She squealed again.

“gos help us all.” Emmett muttered under his breath, causing us all to laugh. Except for Alice that gave him a scowl.

It occurred to me then that I was eternally happy in that moment, nothing could have brought my mood down.