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Kill Me, And I'll Save You

Bella, a baby abandoned at a hospital only hours after birth, is taken home to a family of vampires. A story of Bella’s struggle as a human living with 6 vampires, Falling for another who still drinks from humans and finding her birth parents.


2. Living and Loving at Four

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It had been four years since I brought Bella home from the hospital. She was apart of our family more than ever before. She is walking talking, running, yelling. It can be quite humorous when she would tell Emmett and Jasper off for fighting

“Emmie, your not sposed to fro Jazzie frew da waws... mommy will get mad”

Everyone would laugh and clap at her intelligence. Jasper and Emmett would stand there pretending to be ashamed of themselves and humor her as she continued to tell them off. She had gained so many traits from Esme, watching her, admiring her every action and move.

Bella had made everyone feel whole, and we were acting like more of a family than ever. At first we did it because we wanted Bella to be in the most family orientated environment as possible, but as time went on, and Bella molded herself to our lives more and more, it became routine.

Even only at the age of four she was out thinking even Emmett in some instances, like when Emmett was getting ready to throw the VCR through the window because he didn't know how to work it, Bella promptly scolding him, and then failing to fix it herself, attempted to throw it through the window herself.

She want quite strong enough.

There were definitely times when we wished she was a little less perceptive, and a little less intelligent, our lives would be a lot easier if we didn't have to explain to her a lot of things that she picked up, just by us doing something different to her.

She would be sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast, and she started to get curious. Sitting at the table with her would be Emmett. She had taken greatly to Emmett, though who didn't.

"Emmie, why you not eating, breaky most important meal." and Emmett being immature and everything that he is, would reply truthfully.

"Because Bella, i am a vampire and i drink blood." with a hint of smugness to his voice. The first time this happened, everyone ran into the room to yell at him though thought with Bella in the room that wouldn't be the best idea, so we stood there seeing how she would react.

Our concern was not necessary as she blew him off anyway.

“Don't be silly Emmie, vampires don't exist." and the family would burst our laughing, Bella equally amused, but only because she thought it was funny because we were laughing.

She had always been too intelligent to believe in that sort of thing, we knew it would be dangerous when it came to telling her later, but we felt that we had too, we had always told her that our kind didn't and never would exist, but she was still a little kid. And she still had little kid tendencies.

She would cry at the drop of a hat.

Hated wearing sunscreen or a hat outside, always pulling the “but Rosie and Emmie don't have too, and neither do jazzy and Ali.”

It would be hard to avoid her puppy dog eyes, but that being a parent was our job, not to give in.

she was too adorable for her own good, taking advantage of everyones weakness. Alice's shopping addiction, Roses general fondness of her, Emmett's lack of intelligence, Jaspers, just because he was so captivated by her.

As time had progressed throughout Bella's life, we soon found that Alice slowly became unable to predict her future, and Jasper being able to feel her less. It must have been strange for them not to be able to pull their powers on Bella.

They were frustrated by the inconvenience of it, and we were more than a little bit worried.

The whole family would get together after Bella was asleep and see if we had anymore ideas as to what could be happening. We never did, we had thought up our best ideas when we first noticed.

She has a mind block.

She's holding them from us.

There is a werewolf present in her near future. We didn't like this, but it was better than what seemed to be the most likely.

She doesn't have a future.

We often tried to forget the problems that we faced, especially to do with Bella growing up, and becoming more perceptive. We were worried as to what her reaction would be to finding out what we were.

Esme often worried that she would leave. That she wouldn't want to live with s anymore.

Alice and Rose refuse to think anything bad could come of it, the worst possible outcome, would be her choosing to join us.

Emmett worried about rose, and Jasper worried about the fact that she may turn us in, expose us. Though it seemed like a risk we were willing to take, because we love her.

We decided to deal with it as it came around. Take everyday at a time, enjoy the time that we had with her, before we could possibly lose her forever.