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Crossing Paths

Rosalie and Bella are the new Vampires taking over Forks Washington, little do they know that this area is already occupied, and new vamps are NOT welcome


1. Chapter 1

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“Rosalie! When you told me you wanted the bathroom first, I specifically remember you saying you only wanted it for an hour, not four. Agh!”

“Chill bells, I need to look my best for today, no matter how many first days you have, you can never be ready enough, especially when it comes to how it looks. Maybe we will find some hot new Vamps.” Rosalie said with a giggle. She had always been one to take a long time to get ready. No matter what, she was always taking about 5 times as long as me.

I stormed off into the lounge room of our little town house, I was a little annoyed, I mean yes I understand that these builders are supposed to be human and cant remember everything, but seriously, would it be that hard to add an extra bathroom to this place? No.

I decided to sit down at the marble kitchen bench and wait for my sister to hurry up. Rosalie isn’t my blood sister, but about 200 years ago I was in England and I ran into her, she was obviously about 3 or 4 years old but she was completely lost with what to do with herself.

She decided to run with me, and adopted my last name from my human years, due to the fact that she had no idea what hers was, and we have been together ever since.

Every now and then we would run in to a few others of our kind, but never would they be as permanent as we were, Rosalie and I would stay in one place for about eleven to twelve years. We would be able to stay for such long lengths of time because, Rosalie had the power to change appearances. She could alter the lines in a face or the facial structure to suggest ageing which made it simple to stay in one place for a long time.

Though she had this wonderful power, we didn’t like to stay in one place for too long became we could get too attached, and then never end up leaving. We both don’t really like school but feel its necessary in some way, to claim a place in the town if we finish school in the place.

Slowly Rosalie emerged from the bathroom, signalling to me that we needed to leave.

We walked outside and climbed into my Red Saab 9-3, Rosalie loved to drive, but we both agreed that her BMW M3 was not quite inconspicuous as she would hope it was.

We made the slow drive to Forks High School, ready to start our first year here as Seniors.

The car park seemed to be full of cars that were old and rusted, none younger than twenty or thirty years old, except one silver Volvo hidden by a couple of bushes.

I pulled up near the Volvo and took a quick look.

“See Bella, hot new vamps” she said nudging me and wiggling her eyebrows.

I just shook my head and got out of the car, grabbing my bag in the process.

If Rosalie was right and they were vampires, this town could be a lot more interesting than I thought it would be.

I couldn’t wait.