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Crossing Paths

Rosalie and Bella are the new Vampires taking over Forks Washington, little do they know that this area is already occupied, and new vamps are NOT welcome


2. Chapter 2

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If Rosalie was right and they were vampires, this town could be a lot more interesting than I thought it would be.

I couldn’t wait.


Making life easy was not one of Rosalie’s best attributes. She had the beauty, yes. The smarts, sometimes. The common sense? No.

She always found a way to get us into some trouble or another. The worst trouble I recall was about 25 years ago. She was shopping in a mall and forgot her purse. There was clearance at the local Burberry and she wanted the last of the handbags, yes the very last one.

So what did she do? She flirted with a guy to let her take the hand bag and she would race home and get her purse and race back to pay, he one the other hand was not convinced, so she ran, handbag in hand. Needless to say that I had to bail her out of jail that very night.

I was not happy.

So to say that Rosalie is no trouble at all and we get along great, no problems what so ever. I would be flat out lying.

This time she was flirting -again- with a teacher. She had been given an assignment on Wuthering Heights, a book she was told to read in the next week and complete the project in the week following, She was ‘negotiating’ a better due date.

The teacher did not appear amused by her antics and landed herself a detention, or thirty.

I was on the way to my nest class, Trig. Great, maths, the one subject that never changes. it has been the same for over four hundred years, and for over four hundred years I have had to endure a life of the same exact thing.

By doing the same hundreds of times, you learn it all. And with the memory of a vampire, the knowledge never leaves.

This can be quite useful in some cases, in others it makes life incredibly boring and not quite enjoyable. And without so much as finding my other half, I have plunged straight into my studies

I have seven degree in Medicine, four in Mathematics, nine in English, and several more that I care not to list. I speak English, Cantonese, Croatian, Chinese, Japanese, French and many more. In short, life is as boring as ever.

I often find myself drifting in classes, not paying attention. Because I don’t need too. I am the smartest in the class, always have been. Which is also, very boring.

This trig lesson was no different o any other that I have had to endure, the only slight adjustment is the classroom and the peers.

Everyone still stares at our not so natural beauty -that Rosalie refuses to change- and teachers still choose us for school captain, that we have no other choice but to turn down.

Though we have been ‘vegetarians’ for many years, the smell of human blood is still a slight craving, because with animal blood, you are never fully satisfied, but you learn to deal.

The bell finally rang and I met up with rose, who was waiting for me outside the classroom.

On our way to lunch, Rosalie was blabbering on about how sexist the teachers are here, and that there was no way that we were staying loner than three years. We wondered into the cafeteria and lined up in the line to get our ‘not going to be eaten but im going to spend tend dollars just to keep up a stupid charade’ food.

That is when I spotted them.

The ‘hot new vamps’. there was no doubt that they shared the same messed up immortal genes that Rosalie and I now contained. They were beautiful and strong, and not to mention pale, pale as anything.

There was four of them.

The first that couldn’t have been four feet tall, with short spiky black hair and what seemed to be an impeccable fashion sense.

The second, a tall well muscled ear length haired blonde, his hand was intertwined with the first. They looked so good together. So sweet and perfect for each other.

The third was large, and muscled beyond belief, he had short curly brown hair and pale like he others.

But the fourth seemed to be the most beautiful of all. He was tall as well but with less muscle. He has the most amazing bronze hair, that seemed to shimmer in the light.

I was brought out of my dazing by a rough jab to the ribs.

“god what Rosalie?” I said a little harshly though quite upset that I had been brought out of my ogling.

“you weren’t listening to me, you were staring off in to space.”

“not space Rosalie, hot new vamps” while saying that I pointed over to their direction, smiling the biggest grin I could muster.

“Damn good looking hot new vamps” Rosalie muttered. And I cracked up laughing, which to my own shame brought all of there attention to yours truly plus one.

Me eyes were drawn to the bronze haired boy, and I felt a connection click into place that was unprecedented. Never seen before. It was like I had found the last piece of my puzzle. The one that people search for and only very rarely ever find. The thing that I have been searching for my whole life. And I was never going to let go.