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Come away with me

What if Jacob had taken up Bella's offer of running away with her?


1. Chapter 1

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"Come away with me."

“No, Jake,” I moaned. “What if we ran away? Just you and me. What if we left home and left Sam behind?” I watched as Jake raised an eyebrow.

“You’d do that for me?” he asked surprised. I nodded.

“If it means you`re free from Sam, yes.” I took a hold of his hand which was so hot it almost burnt my own skin. He looked down at our linked hands and then broke into a smile.

“To hell with Sam and the rest of them,” he pulled her towards him, hugging her tight.

“Give me two hours, Bells, to pack, I’ll bring the Rabbit. Charlie will notice straight away that the truck is gone. Meet me at the end of your street.Two hours, I promise Bella,” he said with a rush of breath and then kissed me on the forehead.

“I won’t lose you Bella, not this time.” He whispered before opening my bedroom door and then he was gone…

I stood stock still for a few moments half expecting to wake up from a dream, but it wasn’t a dream and for the first time in months, I felt my heart beat in my chest. I moved from the edge of my bed to the chest of drawers, where I pulled out clothes and stuffed them into a large overnight bag, checking every few seconds for the sounds of Charlie’s snores. After I’d packed clothes, I stuffed other things I though I might need into my backpack. I had no real idea what, there wasn’t a handbook on how to run away. I threw in my wallet, ID and my music player, along with the few books that lay on my bedside table, apart from Romeo and Juliet which went into the waste paper bin. Once packed, I sat at my desk and penned a note to Charlie.


Sorry to do this to you, but Jake and I have to take off
I’ll call..
Love Bella

I crept down stairs, leaving the note by the phone, I grabbed my coat and stole out of the house. I walked to the end of the street, sat down on the sidewalk and waited.
I didn’t have to wait that long, Jacob pulled up to the curb in the Rabbit just a few minutes after I’d sat down. He opened the passenger door, I threw my bags in the back and got in. Jacob look relived.

“For a moment, I thought you were going to say you had changed your mind. I looked at him.

“Never Jake.” He smiled and started the car.

“Lets get out of here then.” We pulled out of the street and onto the highway.

“Where do you want to go Bells?” Jacob asked,

“Anywhere.” Jacob chuckled and pointed to the glove compartment.

“There’s a map in there , just pick a random place.” I pulled out the map, unfolded it and closed my eyes, circling my finger above it. I was just about jab down on a place, when a large, warm hand enveloped mine, moving it across and down the map, then jabbed. I opened my eyes, looked down at the map, raised an eyebrow and looked at Jacob.

“Darwin, Minnesota?” I asked.

“Has the world’s largest ball of twine, always wanted to see it.”

“A giant ball of string?” Jacob nodded eagerly.

“Darwin, Minnesota, it is then.”