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When the Cullen's leave, Bella, as we all know, is depressed, but when she goes to the Cullen house one last time, she finds Victoria waiting for her there. When Victoria turns her into a vampire, the Cain family takes her in. When they return to Forks and find the Cullens have moved back too, will chaos rule, or will romance be back in the air?
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1. The Meeting

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“Isabella, or should I say, Annabel, you need to get out of the shower. NOW! We leave in 12 minutes.” Well, somebody wasn’t happy this morning, I thought as I switched off the hot water and grabbed the towel hanging on the rack outside the shower door. Wrapping the fluffy towel around me, I stepped out of the shower and looked at myself in the mirror. Recently, we had gone to Italy, where I had tried out a spiky, red hairdo. And before that, I went platinum blonde down to my waist in Russia. But now that we were back in Forks, I was at a lost of what to do. Blinking my eyes rapidly several times, I changed them from their topaz color to a striking blue-green combination, something that always made me seem much less like a vampire. What about…I thought as I closed my eyes and pictured the hair I had once seen a model wear: a flat-iron straight black to the middle of my back with several layers thrown in. I could feel my scalp itching and once the itch subsided; I opened my eyes and played around with my new do. It’s just too boring. Closing my eyes again I added a deep blue to the ends of my hair. Opening them, I took in my face. My heart shaped face was…too plain. I added an angular shape to my chin and took out the roundness to my cheeks, making my cheekbones more prominent. There, now I still had that Bella look, but it had more Vogue cover model inspiration. I moved from the bathroom into my master bedroom to look for an outfit to match my new look. After much decision I settled on a pair of dark wash blue jeans and a blue tank top that matched my hair perfectly. To end the outfit, I added a pair of stiletto black heels that added a nice 2 inches to my petite 5’4 frame.

Almost as if on command, my sister Kara was in my doorway. “Your choice: 911 Turbo or M3?”

“Defiantly the Turbo.” I have never been able to ride in the M3, no matter how pretty or fast it was, it reminded too much of…him. I thought I had gotten over him, but ever since we had moved back to Forks, I couldn’t get him out of my mind, and I had a feeling that since I would be going back to my old high school, it would only get worse. My family didn’t know about him either; all they knew was that I had lived in Forks until I was changed.

While I was reflecting back on this, Kara had walked over to me and placed a hand on my shoulder. “You okay, Annabel?” She said with a smile. I was never known to be the shy vampire in the family and it was apparent that I was upset. I pasted on my fake smile and I nodded as I moved toward the door. The rest of my family was waiting downstairs and there was a collective intake of breath.

I must have looked confused because my favorite brother, John, spoke up. “And what happened to that little red head we have grown to know and love?”

I through back my head and let out a loud laugh at his hurt expression. “Come on, John, I’ll race you to the car!” The one thing that all of my siblings knew about me was that I was never one to lose a race, and I didn’t lose this one either.

When we arrived at the school, I collected my class assignment sheet from the teacher’s front desk and I skimmed through it while taking the seat at the back of the class. I sat there, reading and rereading the same sentence when a very familiar and very interesting scent caught my nose. The door in the back of the room swung open, and in walked him.