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When the Cullen's leave, Bella, as we all know, is depressed, but when she goes to the Cullen house one last time, she finds Victoria waiting for her there. When Victoria turns her into a vampire, the Cain family takes her in. When they return to Forks and find the Cullens have moved back too, will chaos rule, or will romance be back in the air?
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3. The Valley

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I backed up until I reached the wall before turning around and racing down the stairs, out the open front door, and into the woods.

I ran until I reached the far edge of the woods. The line of trees came to an immediate halt, and the grown dipped to a beautiful valley. It was so serene; from where I was standing, I could see a small shaded stream and farther on, a little lake with its own grove of trees. I walked out into the middle of the valley and my skin started to shimmer. I tilted my head up to the sun and I could feel the heat radiating onto my skin. I let myself slip out of the tense mode I had been in sense this morning and as I sunk down onto the ground, I heard a rustle of trees and the breaking of twigs. Standing up at vampire speed, I looked toward the lake where I heard the sound coming from. It was a few minutes before a dark shape took form in the shadows. I growled a fierce warning and the shape retreated a few steps before bounding out into the open. It was John. He had taken off his white shirt and held it over his head as a surrender flag. I let out a small smile and sat back down; he looked so stupid!

Putting his shirt back on, he walked over and sat beside me. “You wanna tell me what’s going on?” I shook my head. “How bad can it be?”

I let out a small chuckle. “Pretty damn bad.”

“And it has to do with this Edward character?” he hinted. I nodded. “Did you tell him that we would maul him if he tried to hurt you?”

I nodded again. “I did. And he didn’t really seem to care.” I smiled at the memory of him slinging me over his shoulder and the punch that I landed on his forehead. “And then I punched him.” I looked down and I started to pull out the grass.

John threw back his head and let out a laugh so loud that aroused the birds sitting in the tree somewhere behind us. “The idiot!” He wiped his eyes dramatically. “When was the last time you had to punch some fool like that?”

Still smiling I replied in a quiet whisper, “It’s been a long time.” My thoughts had wandered back to the time when Edward had taken me to his meadow. I looked up and looked around my valley, his face came up and stayed my mind’s eye. I put my head in my hands, and for the first time in so many years, I prayed that I could cry. I half expected to feel tears prick the back of my eyes, but I knew they wouldn’t come.

John stopped his maniac laughing and I could sense him move closer to me and place his hand on my back. “What exactly did he do Bell?” His voice was soft and comforting and I let out a dry sob while he rubbed my back.

We stayed like that for several moments until I lifted my head and I took in a shaky, unneeded breath. “When I was human, I lived in Forks. I met Edward when he was a vampire at the school I went to. We were lovers until he left me…” I continued on, retelling my story as it went. Maybe it was irony, or maybe it was a sign, but when my story concluded at why I ran out today, the sun had set and the crickets were serenading us from our spot in the middle of the valley.

When I was done, I let out a huge sigh and I scanned John’s face for a reaction. His eyes were wide, and his lips were parted in an ‘o’. I mockingly waved my hand in front of his face and his eyes focused back into reality. “You know, if he ever comes back here, Stephen and I will run him off while Kara pulls out Aggie’s hunting gun. We love you Bell and we aren’t going to let that little prick hurt you!” I knew that he was trying to make me feel better, and honestly, the thought of him and my other siblings chasing Edward out the door made me laugh. John stood up, bowed, and offered me his hand. Taking it, he pulled me out of my little ditch that my body had made in the tall grass and we started to make our way toward the house.