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Butterfly Lies

It was never to happen but it did. Jasper whole web lies came undone. Bella’s true nature comes forth. Edwards becomes lost, Jacob is dead to everything around him and Alice is broken. Jasper used Alice; made her love him. Only so that he could get closer to Bella. Bella, that used Edward to get closer to Jasper. And it worked. She let Jasper turn her; he took her away, and now are running around free, feasting on human blood. Edward, heartbroken and lost moved to Italy. But Bella did not just break Edwards’s hart, but Jacob’s as well. But Jasper broke Alice in more was then one. Can these heartbroken characters find love again, and with each other? (banner by me)

Okay, after New Moon.

1. Rain that does not wash away the pain of tears

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*Alice’s Profile*

I knew something was wrong, that night of Bella’s 18th birthday party. He tried to kill her. I did not see it coming. I should have known! My head screamed and I punched the large old oak tree in fort of me. The pouring rain was hitting my pale skin and washing away my tears. I should have known, from the first time he saw her. He acted different. She saw it too! But she wanted it that way! She used my brother to get to Jasper. My head was screaming, and lifeless heart was aching. Both he and she used my family and me! I hugged my own body, anything to help stop the pain. He made me love him, with his stupid gift! All he waited was her blood, and he got it. Not like she did not want him to. After her party, I saw them. It was a vision. She was naked in his arms, blood running down her nick. He made love to her, in a way that was true, never once was he like that with me. I did not want to believe my vision, so I tried to put it aside, and I did not tell Edward either. Because sometimes my visions were not true, but it was true and it did happen. It happened after we come back from Italy. When Bella went to save Edward, but she only did it has a ‘play along’ for Jasper. And while we were gone, I found out that Bella, also used the mutt; Jacob, to even better at her part After Jasper got wait he waited from me, he took Bella away from Edward and now no one not even me know where they are at. All that we do know is that they are not vegetarians. They tore my family a part! Edward become nothing but a shell, and now is some were in Italy, we don’t know why he left for there, but we prayed that it had nothing to do with the Volturi. I let out a bloody cry, from pain and hated. Hate fro Jasper, my former lover and Bella, my former best friend. I let a cry of loneness for my brother. That old saying; “It is better to love and lost then not to love at all.” It is a lie!

I was so lost, that I almost did not notice the wet dog husky smell. I turned my head to meet the eye of a red russet wolf “Jacob?” I thought. “What do you went!” I yelled. He had a sad look on his face. I knew I was not the only one hurting, but I did not want to see anyone right now. “Jacob, please all I want is to be alone!” I yelled and stood up. He still just looked at me. I could not take those sad eyes looking at me. There was so much pain and hurt because of those two so I ran. I did not want to run home because I was not ready to face them yet. I have not been home in two weeks, but I called in, so Esme would not worry. I did not know where I was going, I just ran. My heart aches even more when I thought about that moment that meant more to me than anything else.

I looked up into his soft eyes, and smiled. He looked down at me with love.

“You’ve kept me waiting a long time” I said.

He ducked your head, like a good southern gentleman and said: I’m sorry, ma’am.

I stopped running looking around where I was at. I was at the beach. First beach, I was not aloud here. I should go, before those mutts find me and kill me. But I did not care nor would I fight back. I want to die. To forget, him and her and who much I hurt. I looked up at the moon. It’s light reflecting off the water. I heard a sound. I knew what it was by the smell, so I did not need to look.

“What is it Black?” I said, with a numb sound in my voice.

“I know you are hurting, but what you need right now is to go back, to your family, so that the rest of the pack will not kill you. You are on our side.” He said.

“What if I went to die?” I said.

“You think that will help!” He yelled at me. I was shocked so I faced him.

“You’re so called mother and father, just lost Edward, and Jasper. Jasper also used them. And the last thing they did is you going all mental and having to go to an asylum!” He yelled at me He went over the edge.

I marched right in front of me and I slapped him. It was loud, sharp and my nail drew blood from his face. He was shocked and pissed. Now there was a wolf in front of me.

‘Look! You know nothing about me and my family! All you think is that we are monster leeches! Yes I know Bella hurt you too, and that I am not the only one hurting! But how am I going to confront my family, when all of my emotions were drained, and used against me! Yes I wish I could make your pain go away along with mine, and that Edward was back. But it is not like that!” The thunder clapped as I stopped. “I never waited anyone to get hurt. I am sorry for that pain you are felling, I know what she did to you and it hurts. I know! She did it to all of us!” I cried, and it started to rain harder.

I stood still as he walked over to me, and rubbed his warm dog nose on my cold hand. I felt so weak. I could never let a mutt make me feel better, but it was working. He was making me felling safe, I did not know how he was doing it, but he was. I know he needed someone to comfort him, but here he was trying to comfort me, and I pushing me away. Man I was a bitch. So I gave in and let him help me. I feel to my knees, getting wet sand all over my dark blue dress. I wrapped my small arms around his big warm furry nick. I cried into it. It felt good. To have some that know just what kind of pain I was going through being there for me. He rubbed into my chest as I cried. Like saying it was my time to cry and it was okay. But I swore after I cried I would let Jacob cry on my shoulder. I would confront him.

The rain never seemed to stop that night just like my tears, but this mutt….I mean this kind hearted werewolf made me feel better, I don’t know how or way, but It felt like he was the only one that could.