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All I Have Left

It's been two years since the Cullen’s left Forks, and Charlie has yet to get his daughter back, to the girl full of life, she was before. After a fire leaves them homeless, they are forced to relocate to an old Swan residence that has been standing unused for years. Maybe this is just what she needs, to move forward. But where do those odd noises come from? Could the house be haunted? Or is there more than meets the eye? What kind of skeletons is hidden in the Swan closet?


1. Prologue

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As she left the house, locking all the doors, she checked her bag to make sure she had all she would need. It was routine for her, everything done a certain way, in a certain order. Not quite OCD, but close.
She stepped onto the familiar trail, and ventured into the green jungle. Pushing aside leaves and branches, she made her way through the dense trees.
She loved it out here, nature in its purest form. Untouched by the world and beautiful right down to the roots.
As she set off towards her favorite spot, she heard rustling from behind. One of her preferred things about these nature walks is the eerie silence that exists within the emerald.
So what is making the sounds from beyond the trees? She quickly estimates that it must be an animal, and that she needs to stop being so paranoid, and continues toward her final destination.

He rings the doorbell, eager to see her again after so long. Looking behind himself he calls out to his folks, beckoning them to hurry.
Turning back around he expects the door to be open already, but he can’t even hear footsteps on the other side. Odd. It never takes her this long to come to the front?
He voices this to his parents and they assure him that she is probably just unable to come to the door at the moment. Maybe she is napping, or in the bathroom?
They wait a bit longer, all the while ringing the bell every few minutes. After 15 minutes it is decided to take a walk around back, and see what they can find.
Nothing seems out of the ordinary, except for the missing girl of course. The mother pulls out her key and opens the back door.
After 10 minutes it is obvious that the house is empty. But where is she? It is not like her to be out when she has visitors. She knew they were coming, and yet she’s not here. Did something happen to her?

She finally reaches her beloved waterfall. It is like something out of a Grimm tale. Emerald green grass, with flowers in every color, perched between the strands. The bluest water she had ever seen, running from a small mountain, into a miniature swimming hole.
Sitting down on her preferred stone at the waters edge, she discards her backpack and jacket, having gained warmth from the long trek. She sits in silence, observing the beauty around her.
This is her favorite time of the week, her hours spent in solitude, perched on the top of a stone. She was a drifter by heart, and enjoyed being alone, so this was indeed the perfect place for her to spend any free time she had.
Gliding down the rock, she pulls of her shoes and socks, and dips her feet into the lukewarm water, heated by the scorching sun. She rolls up the bottom of her pants, before deciding to strip down and take a swim.
As she descends into the wetness, a smile on her lips, she doesn’t realize that she is being watched.

Sitting in the kitchen, he waits impatiently for the officers to arrive. They had been in the house for two hours, when it was decided that they would call the proper authorities, and report her missing.
Knowing her character, there was no doubt that she was somehow unable to return. Staying away just wasn’t like her.
Hearing the crunch of gravel, he steps outside with his father, to welcome the men in uniform. After getting all the information they need, they decide to talk to some neighbors.
However this is in the country and the houses out here are spaced for away from each other. So after failing at gaining any useful clues, they call around for a bit, to reach some friends or co-workers. A few hours later, they enter the house once again.
All of the people contacted say the same thing. They haven’t heard from her in 4 days. Looking at her schedule, it’s obvious that on the day she was last seen, she had a forest trip planned.
She was usually only away for a couple of days, even without work to think of. So what happened? Before long, volunteers have been gathered and a search is underway.

Drying off, she sits down in the warm grass. Putting the towel behind her, she leans back and closes her eyes. After a few minutes of sunbathing, she grabs her backpack and extracts her book from one of the smaller pockets.
Her worn copy of ‘How to Kill a Mockingbird’ is one of her most prized possessions. Settling back on her towel, she gets into the story.
Now in clothing and perched on her rock, she puts the book back in the bag. The sun is setting and so she is losing the light. She pulls out her makeshift tent and starts setting up.
She always spends at least one night out here, so she can see the sunrise over the waterfall. A view she wouldn’t do without, for anything.
As she settles in for the night, setting her alarm in time for dawn, she takes one last look at the forest behind her and zips up her tent.
In the blackness, two things stand out from the rest of the green. Staring at the now sleeping form behind the purple fabric, are two crimson red eyes.

He waits impatiently for the news. His girlfriend sits beside him, comforting him as best she can. As soon as she heard what was happening, she convinced her parents to drive out here.
He appreciated her support, but was far too worried to express his gratitude. All he can think about is the fact that his sister is out there somewhere, and she may be hurt.
He has never been a very emotional person, unlike his sister who wears her feelings on her sleeve. But anyone can see that he is upset.
He may not cry or pace, like his parents are doing at the moment, but sitting in silence is his way of dealing with the amount of stress he is under right now.
It is not fair that a 16 year old is going through this much sadness and distress. But to him it doesn’t matter, and is nothing compared to what his sister must be going through, out there all alone.
Around midnight he is told to go to one of the guest rooms and get some sleep. His girlfriend and her mom are staying as well, and only with that supporting thought is he willing to agree. But only when they promise that he can help out tomorrow.
He may not be old enough to go with them on the search, but there must be something else he can do, to be of some help. It is with that thought, that he gets under the covers and prepares himself for a nightmare filled sleep.

As her alarm goes off, she grabs some clothing and unzips her tent. After a dip in the small pond, she changes into something dry and positions herself back on her favorite rock.
Just in time, the sun is starting to peek out from behind the trees. She smiles and settles back on the cold stone, to enjoy her morning.
Three hours later she is packing up and getting ready to leave. She had some errands to run in the next couple of days, and she had to clean the house.
Her family is visiting in the weekend and she has yet to prepare. Swinging the backpack over her shoulders she takes on last look at her sanctuary and sets off into the woods for her long hike home.
Once again she hears the rustling in the trees, but this time it’s louder and a lot closer than the day before. Stepping out from behind the trees is the most beautiful woman she has ever seen.
She was tall and thin, with pale white skin. Black hair down too her knees and entrancing scarlet eyes. Dressed in an outfit similar to her own, she walked towards her in a graceful manner.
As the stranger stalks closer she can’t seem to take her eyes of her mouth. She could have sworn she saw a drop of redness on the bottom lip. As the thought passes through her mind, she feels a pressure on her neck, before slipping into darkness.

Sitting in the backyard, he is looking at nothing in particular. The news came in half an hour ago. Blood had been found on one of the many trails.
Along with the blood was bear prints, leading to the obvious conclusion. So now everyone had packed up and left, and his sister had officially been declared dead, by the authorities.
The rest of the Sunday was spent in silence, while sobs could be heard from the room his mother was hiding out in. His father went around to all the rooms, locking the doors and windows.
There were too many memories in this house, so he doubted they would ever return to it, but they wouldn’t sell it either.
It was starting to get dark outside, as they locked up the back and front door, and left the property for the last time. He gets into the car, looking up at the beautiful Victorian home, as his father turns the key in the ignition.
Turning around the corner, he misses the young, pale woman standing in the shadows watching them leave. As soon as the car is out of view, she turns to the door and enters her home.