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I'm still Breathing

Bella fails to complete her high school credits to graduate because of her depression from her broken heart. Charlie is beyond frustrated and sends Bella to live with her second cousin, Nicole, to redo her senior year. Bella starts a new life, in a new place. Her opinions and interest will soon reflect the views of her new found friends. Bella starts to change from a miserable girl to a love struck punk when she meets Cove and his sister, Rosaline. What happens when Bella's life is starting to fall into place, but is suddenly turn upside down by her Heart Breaker pleading his case?

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1. Prologue 1

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We would rather be ruined than changed;
We would rather die in our dread
Than climb the cross of the moment
And let our illusions die.
~W.H. Auden

June 2006

"That’s it, Bella!" Charlie shouted as he barged into my bedroom without warning.

"Ever heard of knocking?" I said, letting a sarcastic annoying coat my voice. I had been sitting at my desk, working on a long over due English paper, when I heard Charlie come home and thump up the stairs only to invade my privacy.

"Cut the sarcasm, Bella." He ordered. The look on his face wasn’t one I saw much, and didn’t care to see. It was cold and disappointed but full of angry. "Enough is enough. You won’t graduate high school, with these grades!" Charlie shouted as he waved a paper in front of my face. "In fact, you don’t even have enough credits to graduate, Bella."

This was true, I hung my head. I had been so caught up in my depression that my school work got behind. And then I was spending so much time with Jake, that I didn’t even do school work. Graduation was only a week away, it was too late to try to earn my credits now.

I continued to stay quiet has Charlie ranked and raved about how I let boys ruin my future, then he when to blaming himself, then Renee, back to the boys and then back to himself again. When he finally grew quiet. I looked up at him. He looked tired, almost defeated. Then he made his way to my bed. Sighed, and sat down. This was different…

I turned in my chair to face him. He sighed once more before talking slowly and distantly. "I’m sending you to Boston, Bella" He breathed.

"Boston?" I questioned. I raised my eye brows at him. "Boston?" I repeated. "Why Boston?" If Charlie were to send me somewhere I would think only of Jacksonville.

"To live with your second cousin, Nicole." Charlie informed.

"Nicole? The one who won the lottery? I haven’t seen her in 5 years." I asked with confusion.

"Yes. She’s in Law school and very smart, she’ll be good for you. You’ll redo your senior year there. You need a change of scenery"

"Do I have to?" I mumbled.

"Yes, it will be good for you."

So I gave in. I didn’t want to fight with Charlie, I hadn’t been the best daughter during the last year. Leaving Jacob would be hard. But since he killed Victoria two months ago it’s come awkward with him trying to make moves on me all the time. And plus, he deserves better than me, a broken doll.

The hardest part about leaving Forks would be leaving behind the only reminders of him that I have. He took everything with him when he left, my heart, my soul, my happiness, and for a while, my sanity. I didn’t want to forget him. Forks was all I have and it’s not like I could take the lovely meadow with me.