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Edward grabs my face and slams my back against the wall. "YOU ARE MINE BELLA" He seeths with anger. "PROVE IT THEN." He pulls back on my face. "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" "I SAID FUCKING MAKE ME YOURS." A cocky Edward, confidant Bella. AH cannon pairings. OOC, abuse, crude language, lemons and tragedy. Not for the light hearted.

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1. Chapter 1

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I do not own twilight or anything affiliated with it. All characters belong to Stephanie Meyer. I do own Closer and its plot and all characteristics.

Hello. This has been my first Fanfic. If you haven’t read Closer already, welcome. If you have, I have rewritten the first chapter because I felt it isn’t up to par with the rest of the story. The remainder of the story is exactly the same…however my beta and I will be going through each chapter and correcting all mistakes. This will not interfere with the sequel that is in full effect and will be posted error free soon.

If this is your first time reading Closer, good luck and hang on. The ride is intense! don’t say I didn’t warn you. Remember that everything in Closer is all fictional. Please do not attempt…

Thanks a million to my wonderful beta SLYT for tackling the task of fixing all of my many many mistakes in Closer.





Red, Blue lights are everywhere. Flashes from a camera. (who was taking pictures?) Fire trucks, police cars, ambulances…..coroners truck. People are trying to see what happened from behind the yellow crime scene tape. All around me people are crying. The jaws of life is breaking my car apart, but I hear nothing, I haven’t heard anything since the haunting sound of death metal crushing metal.

It is like I am under water. This is not happening. I see my self standing here in all the commotion, like I am having a fucking out of body experience. Although my worst fucking nightmare is going all around me all I hear was silence. A buzzing sound… I am useless.

I look over to the one police cruiser that didn’t have any lights on and I see him. Untouched, and unhurt, just staring at the annihilation of my life. If I wasn’t in this catatonic state I would murder him myself.

It is just too ironic that THEY were killed. We were trying to be safe. The only sober people at our party were hit by a drunk driver when they left to buy more alcohol.

That’s when I heard her…..Bella.

Another Friday night at casa de Cullen. Every since we moved here from Seattle Washington two years ago we usually migrate here on Fridays….and Saturdays, Sundays….every fucking chance we have actually.


I ignore Emmett and sneak another drink of beer from the ping pong table before I hit the ball over to his and Rosalie’s side.

Beer Pong, childish as fuck but will get you shit faced in no time.

Bella is on my team and we are playing against her older brother Emmett, his chick Rosalie, or Satan, whatever you prefer. She is my long time enemy.

“Edward if you keep drinking all the beer there is really no point in playing anymore.” Bella said. Wobbling and stuttering she hugs my side as she tries to quietly lecture me on the morals of playing beer pong….fuck that.

I wrap my arms around Bella and flinch slightly from that weird electric shock I get when ever she touches me. She looks mighty fucking fine tonight. Her oaf of a boyfriend, my other best friend Jake is here. When Jake is not watching, I squeeze her ass and lean my head down to bite the side of her neck.

Bella and I are complicated. We have been friends for seven years. We have many lines drawn between us, not one of those lines have really been crossed. We met when we started Medical school together. We formed the most obsessive, jealous, and possessive bond but never took it past friendship. Bella is the most important person in the world to me. I like to think that I hold the same rank in her life. I couldn’t live with out her. She fucking kept me from dropping out of school numerous times….she is the only one who can get through to me.

She ended up settling for an RN instead of being a doctor like myself. When I got offered the job in California, I wouldn’t accept unless she was included in the offer. Its impossible to do anything with out my Smella by my side. So Bella and her older brother Emmett moved here to LA with me. Since the three of us moved to LA, my sister Alice, Her boyfriend Jasper, and Rosalie the bitch, decided to move too.

At age 26, Alice is a year younger than me. We are not twins like Rose and Jazz: however everyone assumes we are. She is a fashion correspondent at Teen Vogue Magazine and has a tendency to get on my nerves really fucking fast. Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and I have all been friends since we were in grade school. Alice and Jasper had a weird love-at-first-sight encounter. They have gone through some shit lately, but they are inseparable. My sister has loved Jasper ever since he was a tall skinny nerd. He has a weird, fucking southern accent even though we are all from Washington, born and raised. Now Jasper is a history professor at UCLA.

After Bella and I met, we introduced Emmett to Rose. Emmett is a body guard for all the lovely, coke-head celebrities in Hollywood. Rosalie is a mechanic at A BMW dealership in Beverly Hills. The two of them hit if off and now complete each other. Emmett gives Rosalie a much needed sense of humor and Rosalie calms Emmett’s ADD ridden ass down. Emmett is the oldest of us at 29. Rose, Jasper and I are 27. Bella is 26.

Bella and I both work at Cedar Sinai Hospital. She works in Maternity and I am a ER doctor. Not really my dream Job, but dear, fucking dad likes it. I really wanted to be a musician. The good thing about living in Hollywood is there are plenty if open-mic nights. Jasper and I enjoy playing together. He isn’t as good as I am, but he is good enough to keep up. I wish playing my guitar was more than a hobby.

My Bella has a hobby too, she likes to take photographs. I bought her a camera a few Christmas’s ago and she was a natural talent. I wish she would purse photography, but she likes the hospital. Bella has a soft spot of the new born babies. While Bella may have a softer side, she is feisty as fuck. She doesn’t take shit from anyone and will tell you how it is. Bella would rather smack the shit out of me than correct me…that’s why I love her so much. She isn’t afraid to put me in my place.

Bella is beautiful, long brown beach wavy hair, an hour glass figure, creamy skin, and big brown beautiful eyes. She is a total chick though. Alice, Rose and my girlfriend Tanya love to shop and dress up in the finest duds. They wear fucking thousand dollar shoes and shit like that. Bella is just as beautiful and just as feminine as they are but she is different. She is unique in a room full of sheep. When Bella dresses up like they do, she looks stunning in my opinion. Normally, she dresses in band t-shirts, jeans and worn out converse. We have similar styles. Bella and I are one in the same.

Bella and I have a tradition we acquired in Seattle. We go to a lot of shows together, we like to watch our favorite bands in concert. Its something that we have that’s just ours…no one else is into music like we are. Every time that we go to a show we buy the same exact band shirt. We have a lot of matching band shirts.

I bought that bitch girlfriend of mine a shirt once by mistake and she uses it as a fucking dish rag now.

Bella, she is best friend and I love her to death….literally.

When the six of us moved to California, Bella moved in with Emmett, Rosalie and Alice. Jasper has in own apartment and I have my own home in West Hollywood. Our living arrangements are strange but they work.

Especially since I am going to finally ask my girlfriend Tanya to move in with me. I met Tanya not long after we moved to California. I was doing a show at Café Muse, she was there. Tanya is tall blonde and beautiful. A little crazy and star struck but she warms my bed. I love her undoubtedly. She does anything that will make me happy, she has been wanting to move forward in our relationship for a while and after months of resistance I am ready to give in.

She was welcomed by everyone in our group right away. Her and Rosalie bonded and have become close. Tanya works at some advertisement company in Universal City. She is constantly around beautiful people, so I mind as well put her on lock down before she falls in love with some Robert Pattinson look alike. She loves me so I owe her I guess.

We have one other member of our extended family….Jacob Black.

I hated the mother fucker.

He is Bella’s boyfriend. He also works at Cedars in the Oncology department. They met and was love-at --first-fuck if you ask me. I always thought of Bella as being only mine. Given our history, we have always been very protective of each other. Especially me of her. I tried to chase the mother fucker away when he first started to come around but he wouldn’t fucking leave and for some god awful reason she wanted him around.

She met Jake before I met Tanya, I hated them but had no other choice but to accept. I guess I didn’t give her another option. So when I met Tanya I went for it out of spite. The feeling came after.

Almost two years later they are still together and Jake is one of my closet friends. He doesn’t like my relationship with Bella but our friendship comes first. Him and Tanya learned that quickly.

Tanya is from Alaska. Jake is form La Push Washington and the rest of us are from Seattle. We are each others family. Its always the eight of us….

“Come on Smella this game sucks.” I whisper in Bella’s ear.

I threw my ping pong paddle on the table and put my arm over Bella’s shoulder. Her boyfriend and my girl are in the house…what they don’t see wont hurt them.

She tosses her paddle down, Emmett and Rose are so engrossed in their face sucking that I don’t think they even noticed that Bella and I quit the game.

“Did I mention how fuckable you look tonight Bella?” I say with her favorite crooked grin.

Bella turns in my arms and stands in front of me right before we were going to sit.

“Edward I am much to drunk for you to be talking to me that way.” she says smugly.

She wraps her arms around my hips and pushes me into the chair, where she takes her seat in my lap. Her face is a little flushed from the alcohol. Her eyes are glossed and her lips look absolutely kissable.

Of all the places I have kissed Bella, her lips are forbidden territory….lots of lines, blurry, scribblely lines but lines none the less.

“Bella just leave Jake and we can be together.” I say as I rub my hand up and down the soft skin of her arm.

“What about Tanya?” she answers with a laugh.

“She knows I love you more.” I say matter of factly. There isn’t anything in the world that is more true.

Bella turns in my lap so that her back is facing me and leans back. Her legs right are on top of mine and her head is on my shoulder. She smells like Vanilla and rain, makes my fucking mouth water. Nights like these are when all of those lines we have become extremely hazy and unclear.

“I love you more too you know.” she says in a slightly slurred voice.

I notice that her beer is empty so I bring my arms around in front of her and put the beer to her lips. She smiles and drinks.

“Then why do we torture ourselves this way?” I pull the beer back from her lips and bring it to mine….a little fucking warm for my liking. I nuzzle my nose into her hair and kiss her temple.

“Do you want to hurt them, besides you couldn’t handle me Edward….never have been able to.” she says humorously.

I scoffed at her presumption. “I can handle you, its Jake who cant.”


We start in a little small talk and drink the rest of my beer before my sister and Jasper came out into the garage.

“Umm….Edward back your P away from Bella’s V before a very angry wolf man comes out here and rips your head off.” my sister yells from the back door of my house.

Alice sister is smart enough to know that neither Bella or I give a shit about what Tanya has to say. Jake, he is a good friend and while I wouldn’t hesitate to steal his girl from under his nose….I would never be malice enough to flaunt it in his face.

Bella starts to laugh, she has had way to much alcohol. “Why did you call him the wolf man Alice?” she says with a snort.

“He is in there spouting about Indian legends and shit….Tanya, that ditz is eating up all of is words.” Alice responds as she pulls a chair for herself and Jasper beside Bella and I.

Jasper, bless is soul grabs me another beer, we tap beer necks before I take a long swig.

“Hey fuckers get a fucking room.” I yell at Em and Rose

Rose and Emmett are practically fucking in my back yard on my ping pong table. They actually break away from each other when I yell at them and I swear to god I see the fiery depths of hell in Rosalie’s eyes.

No one likes to fuck with Rose, she is queen fucking bitch in a super models body. I don’t think she is all that. She has a fucked up a attitude and a crooked nose. We have known each other since we were kids but we have always maintained the love hate relationship. I did use her to my advantage when we were growing up. No one fucked with Rose therefore no one fucked with me and if they did she would be so kind to put the animosity aside and fuck a bitch up on my behalf.

“Fuck you Edward, why don’t you get Bella off your lap and go inside with your girlfriend, remember her….Tanya?” Rosalie snarls in my direction.

Bella starts to laugh harder in my lap. She rubs just right and I’m sure she feels what she has done to me.

“Shut up Rose, Edward and I are just friends and Tanya knows that, besides….who cares what Tanya thinks, its not like my laughing just gave Edward a hard on that is poking me in my ass right now….its innocent.” she shrugs indifferently.


I went stiff as she starts to laugh harder at me. Rose and Em grabbed a couple of chairs and joined the four of us.

“Where the fuck are Jake and Tanya anyways?” Rosalie spits in my direction. Voice full of disgust.

Maybe they are fucking, if I go in there and catch them me and Bella are free and we can be together.

“I’m telling you , Tanya is really interested I what Jake is talking about…his Indian heritage and all.” Jasper shrugs his shoulders and takes another drink of his beer as he talks to his sister.

I was just playing earlier, if I went in there and he was fucking my girlfriend I might be a little pissed. Jake is a great fucking friend and he is good with Bella. Loves her and all that shit.

I have my back towards the house so I cant see in. If they are talking , then they are talking…whatever.

The six of us finish off the rest of out 20 pack and talk….we laugh and make fun of Jasper. He is an easy target. Quiet most of the time, really fucking smart.

“Why don’t you lay off Edward, you are always teasing him.” Alice and her loud fuckin mouth. She is such a bossy bitch.

“Shut up Alice, he is a man he can handle him self.” I look at Jasper and wait for him to say something. He is always so quick to let Alice do the talking for both of them. She is so bossy and over baring, its fucking annoying.

She shuts up and I continue to tell Emmett and Bella the story about when we were I high school. My parents went out of town on vacation so we had a party. The party got so big and loud that the neighbors called the cops. As soon as someone yelled “Cops” Jasper literally jumped over the six foot fence in my parents back yard. Fucking left Alice hanging all by herself. He was so scared to get into trouble that he jumped out of his shoes and all I saw was blonde curly hair and Jaspers ass crack go over the fence.

All the cops even said was to turn the music down. He came back two hours later with a scratch across his face, leaves in his hair, and one sock. I never laughed so hard in my life….I still laugh at it now.

“Wait…he jumped over the fence?” Bella turned her head to look up at me, still sitting in my lap. She looks like she is on the verge of cracking up.

“Yes. Someone yelled cops. Jasper dropped his drink and ran about three steps and jumped over the fence, it was like something out of the Olympics….the next day he tried to do it again but he just kept smashing into the fence.” I say as I cover my mouth from my laughter.

She doubles over in her laughter. The fact that she has had way too much to drink probably adds to her hysteria. Bella gets all giggly and shit. When her laughing fit is over she leans back and I notice that she has goose bump all up her arms.

“You cold Bells?” I whisper only loud enough for her to hear.

“A little.”

“Lets go inside, I think we need more beer anyways.”

Reluctantly she stands up and straightens out her shirt. I smacked her ass and make her squeal before I stand up and put my arms back around her shoulders.

“You coming fuckers….someone needs to go get more beer.” I yell back at the other four.

I didn’t wait for any of them to answer and lead Bella into the house, but when we come through he slider they all followed. Jake and Tanya are sitting at the kitchen table talking. When Jake see’s my arm around Bella shoulders he gives me the same look he does every time….I roll my eyes and lower my mouth to Bella ear.

“Jake is jealous, go with him.”

She gives me a pouty lip but listens. I pull her hair as she goes into Jakes waiting arms. He starts to whisper something in to her ear and she laughs…then blushes. Fucker. Rose and Emmett go into my liquor cabinet and start going shot for shot on my Vodka bottle. Alice and Jasper go in to the joining living room and they turn on some Kings of Leon. Closer starts to blare through out the house….great fucking song.

Jasper pulls Alice to him and they start to dance. I go in to the fridge to see if there is anymore beer, there isn’t. I shut the door and jump back when Tanya surprises me by standing there.

“Hey babe, you scared me.” I say breathlessly.

I lean foreword and kiss her forehead.


I sit on Jakes lap…I look over at Edward with Tanya in the kitchen and kind of want to rip her face off. She is cool, I like her enough but Edward is precious to me. So precious that we refuse to mess it up with relationships and all that mess…but sometimes I cant help but wonder.

“When are you going to be ready to go Bella?” Jake starts messing with my hand and kisses the back of my shoulder, he always wants to leave early.

“I don’t know why?” I’m annoyed.

“I have something for you back at my place…I was thinking we could leave a little early tonight.”

We usually just stay at Edwards on Fridays. Jake has had some surprise lined up for me all week…he wants to go back to his house, in fact he didn’t drink tonight so he would be ok to drive.

I don’t want to leave early though this is the only family I have and I love to be around them. Emmet is my brother and we only had each other after our dad died my senior year in high school. My mom took off when we were younger. Emmet is 2 years older than me and was 19 when dad died so he was able to take legal custody of me. Therefore we were able to stay together.

I met Edward when we moved to Seattle and I went to med school. I wanted to be a doctor, I settled for a RN instead. Edward quickly became my best friend. His family became my family. His parents, Carlisle and Esme welcomed Emmet and I into the family with open arms. When Edward got offered the position at Cedar-Sinai we all followed him without question. He made sure that I could get in too before he accepted the job. They would do anything to get the prodigy Dr. Cullen in the hospital. That’s where I met Jacob. I work in maternity and Jacob works in Oncology. I think he chose that hoping to find a cure for cancer for his father. Very noble of him. Oncology is a hard place to work, it could be very emotionally draining, but Jake always see’s the best in everything.

Since my father died It was only Emmet and I for a about a year before we met Edward, Alice, Jazz, and Rosalie. They effortlessly became our family. Edward was my breath of fresh air. Alice is just Alice, my pixie. Rosalie and Jasper are the icing on the cake. When we all moved to LA, on one of my first weeks of work at the hospital I saw Jacob in the cafeteria. I was eating alone, Edward was off that day.

I walked over to Jacob the day I saw him in the cafeteria, I know, totally not in my character. I had to talk to him. He was the tallest man in the room. Beautiful tanned skin and thick short brown hair. Straightest, whitest teeth I have ever seen. I had intentions of asking him about his dentist as an ice breaker. Of course on my way over to Jacob I fell, dumb scrubs got stuck to another RN’s stupid 80’s bananas clip in her hair. I went down and took her with me. So much for being smooth, good one Bella.

Jacob ended up seeing the entire thing. He came over and helped me detangle myself from, Jessica, I think her name was. We ate lunch together. I learned that he worked in Oncology hoping to find a cure for caner one day. His father had been living with Lung cancer for the last 3 years. It also turns out that he lived In La Push which is the Indian reservation not far from Forks where Emmet and I grew up. Small world.

The rest is history, we have been together for about 2 years. About as long as Edward and Tanya. They met shortly after we did. I have been noticing that Jacob has been sort of fidgety lately. I have a hunch that he wants to pop the question. I know Jacob loves me, I never will doubt that. I love him so much it hurts sometimes. Our relationship is easy. We never really fight, I get upset with him once and a while because I feel like he is always watching over me like I am an adolescent instead of his equal. I know he does it because he cares. I admire him for his strength and beauty. Jacob has a unpolluted heart, he only wants the best for all of us.

I just don’t know if I am ready to marry him. The first thing that pops into my head when I think of him proposing in Edward. Weird strange and difficult Edward. My situation is just complicated. I shouldn’t let Edward stop me from marrying Jake, but its not Edward…its me stopping me because of Edward.

“Do you mind if we stay for a while longer Jake, its still early.” I beg.

“Its one am Bella.” he says impatiently.

“I know, I’m just having fun.”

“Sure, I don’t care.” He rolls his eyes.

I sit back against Jake to try to eliminate the tense vibe that he is giving off. He gets upset because he says I don’t have an appropriate relationship with Edward. Jake is uncomfortable with how close Edward and I are. I cant help it. I love Jake, but Edward and I have been like this since the beginning. Cant explain it, Edwards touch literally burns my skin. Like he is made of fire. We have a chemistry that is intense and chaotic and untouchable. I value him, Jake has to deal with it because Edward isn’t going anywhere.

“I love you Bella.” Jake says lovingly into my ear.

I turn my head and kiss his cheek, “I love you too Jakey.” and I do, whole heartedly.

Enough to marry him? Maybe….yes. I owe him that much.

I relax in to my big boyfriends arms and look around. Emmett and Rose are literally drinking an entire bottle of vodka. Jasper and Alice are dancing to Closer in the living room and Edward and Tanya are intimately talking in the kitchen. He has his hand on the small of her back and is whispering in her ear….I wonder what he is saying to her.

“WE NEED BEER, I’ll go.” Emmett grabs his keys off of the counter and starts to stumble-walk to the door. He cant walk let alone drive.

“Yeah, no you’re not Emmy.” I say in defensively.

“Bella…I’m fine. LookIcanwalkthisstraightline.” His words are so slurred they all mix making a jumbled sentence.

Edward starts to laugh from the kitchen and shrugs his shoulders when Emmett starts to walk the imaginary line, and not straight at all.

“Me and Jake can go, we haven’t been drinking.” Tanya offers.

Jake stiffens in my lap. Him and Tanya are kind of forced friends. They get along, and I don’t worry about shit. Jake would never…neither would Tanya she is too whipped on Edward. But because Edward and I spend a lot of time together so do they.

“She can go by herself or with Edward. Tell her you don’t want to go.” I tell Jake.

I really don’t care, but if he doesn’t want to.

“No its fine, but when I get back can we go I really want to talk to you.”

“Sure.” I say with a shrug.

Tanya is already going around and taking drink orders, Edward hands her the keys to his Volvo.

I move to get up from Jakes lap but he holds me down. He places his chin on my shoulder.

“Bella you know you have always been the only one, you are all I see all day, when I dream, when I close my eyes, when I eat, shower, drive. It will always be you. The second I set my eyes on you I knew that I was going to marry you. I will never love anyone the way that I love you. This is forever Bella.” His words and his voice made my insides feel all warm and fuzzy. I really do love me some Jacob.

“I love you too Jake, and I know….are you ok?” I looked back at him and his eyes seem soft, or even saddened.

“I’m ok, just had this erg to tell you how much you mean to me.” her says seriously.

I look into his eyes, there is something different…“Lets just go home, Edward can go with Tanya.”

I went to get up against but he held me back down.

“No, I will be fast and when I get back we will go.”

I nod and he lets me up. I take his big warm hand in mine and we walk toward the garage where the Volvo is. I have this nagging sensation in the back of my head that doesn’t want me to let Jake go…


Jake looks like a scared fucking puppy. What the fuck is his problem? Bella looks a little weird too….fuck they are only going to the store.

“I have everyone’s drink order.” Tanya waves the paper in my face and kisses my chin before she grabs the keys from my hand. She turns to walk toward the garage but I wrap my arms around the front of her stomach and pull her back towards me.

“I love you Tanya.” I say seductively in her ear.

She giggles. “I love you too Edward.”

“I have a surprise for you when you get back.”

“You do?” She sounds surprised, I am such a dick to her. I kiss the side of her face down her neck and right below her ear. I’m really going to ask her to move in….ok.

“Yep, so hurry back.” I let her go but before I know what I am doing I grab her wrist and pull her back. “Tanya you know that I love you right? I really just fucking love you with my entire heart. I want you to know that.”

What the fuck is my problem? She is just going to the store….but I feel like I shouldn’t let her go, do we need beer that bad.

“I know Edward, are you ok?” Her voice is smooth and soothing.

“Yes, just hurry the fuck up with my car.” I snap, I’m not good with romantic bullshit.

I let her go and turn to look at Emmett and Rosalie who have joined Jasper and Alice in the living room…they are all dancing. Guess they put the song on repeat. I smile at their dumb asses and join Jake, Tanya and Bella by the garage door.

“Are we waiting for something?” They all look at me so I point to the door with raised eyes brows…fucking idiots.

Jake opens the door and pulls Bella though with him. Tanya walks in front of me and goes straight towards the passenger door of my Volvo as she throws the keys to Jake so he can drive. I open the car door for her and she sits in the seat.

She automatically starts fucking with shit. I roll my eyes and lean in over her to strap her seatbelt on. I give her one last kiss as I click the belt in and shut the door. Jake and Bella are still hugged up in one another…gross.

I walk around the front to the Volvo and clear my throat. Bella and Jake both look at me. I open my arms for Bella, she whispers another something in Jakes ear, kisses him chastely on the lips and comes into my arms. That funny electric current thing happens the second we come in contact.

“Jesus Christ you smell like a fucking bar Bells.” I say as a take in a good whiff.

Jake sits in the car and starts it up. He gets back out and closes the door, I notice that Tanya starts messing with my IPOD that is plugged into my car. Probably trying to find that Britney Spears bullshit she put on it.

“See you in a little while Bella…Edward, take care of my girl.”

Yeah whatever dick, he leans down and kisses the top of Bella’s head and pounds fists with me before he gets back in to the driver seat. I press the button to open up the garage..

Jake starts to back out of the garage and Bella turns in my arms. She pinches my side under my shirt…her touch makes my entire body react to her. I can still hear Kings of Leon playing inside of the house. I kiss the top of her head and we both wave as the car makes it way towards the end of the drive way.

“You know Edward we can run away together and no one would be the wiser?” her voice is low and tempting.

She looks up at me through her eyelashes and I feel like I could fucking faint. She has a tendency to get a little mouthy when ever she drinks…we flirt and we cuddle and shit whether we are sober or not. Its is when we drink that the talk of relationships and running away together comes up. Maybe under different circumstances, maybe if the history of our friendship wasn’t so fucked up….maybe I don’t care about any of that.

“Don’t tease me Bella, I might not give you back to Jake.”

“Maybe I’m not teasing.” her tone is no longer humorous. She sounds completely fucking serious.

I press the garage button to close the door, she has a big fucking mouth….I’ll make her eat her fucking words. She is blushing, playing with me. Bella knows I love her blush.

Right when I was about to pounce her ass I hear the honk from the end of the drive way. Bella and I both break eye contact and look back at the car. Jacob is standing with one leg still in the car and one out on the drive way. He calls my name and waves me over. I look back at Bella and remind myself that Jake is my friend….Jake is my friend, just keep telling myself that.

“Let me go see what he wants, be right back.”

I press the button again and the garage opens back up before it fully closed. I ran down to the car, headlights in my eyes. When I get right in front of Jake I can see that Tanya is now messing with the CD player, she doesn’t even notice I am here. I look back up at Jake and am a little taken back by the seriousness of his face.

“What’s up Jake?”

He looks behind me at a waiting Bella in the garage and back to me.

“Take care of her for me man.” he seems thoughtful and somber.

Ok, is there some hidden fucking cryptic message in there or is this a trick question?

“Don’t I always. She’s my fucking best friend Jake.” I honestly don’t know if I should be mad or what, for him to even have to suggest this to me blows my fucking mind. I am always looking out for Bella, in fact that has a lot to do with our rocky friendship….sometimes I look too closely.

“That’s why I’m telling you I guess. I just…. Love her you know. I worry too much. Its just if anything were to happen to me she doesn’t have anyone.” he says as he fidgets with the door handle of my car.

Is he fucking stupid, she doesn’t have anybody? She has all of us. She has me. I am a fucking life sentence. I look at him in shock, I’m trying not to be offended. I understand he worries but for him to imply that he is all she has is bullshit, and what’s up with the sentimental crap anyways?

I run my hand through my hair and pull my cigarettes out from my back pocket. I put one in my lips and light. I take a long drag and let the nicotine relax me before I continue this conversation with him.

“She isn’t alone Jake, she has her brother…she has the rest of them. She has me mother fucker.” I try to convince him.

Jake looks at me with nothing but pure concern for her, what the fuck is his deal….this all sounds like a last dying wish or something.

“I know Edward man, Its just if I was not around anymore I want you to take care of her. Watch over her for me. I’m not trying to piss you off or anything, I just want to be sure she is looked after.” he says pleadingly.

I looked after her for five years before she met his ass, I should punch him in his fucking mouth. If he was not such a cool mother fucker I probably would, but since he is and since he seems to be genuinely worried for some reason I take what he has seriously for his sake.

“No problem Jake, you know I have your back bro.” I take another hit from my cigarette and point my finger in his chest. “And you know I love Bella more than anything. Consider her looked after….now get your ass in that car and get us some more fucking booze, hurry back, I’ll miss your ass.”

He started to laugh but his eyes stayed the same. Does this mother fucker know something the rest of us don’t?

“Yeah ok, and keep your dirty fucking claws off my women while I’m gone, punk ass.” He got back in the car and I shut the car door for him. I took another hit of my cigarette while I ran back up the drive way to Bells and flicked it to the side before I got in the garage.

“What did he want?” She looks at me through half closed eyes. She is unknowingly swaying in a little circle and slurring like a mother fucker. Drunk ass.

I stop running and walk to close the rest of the distance between us and take her in my arms. Her eyes are behind me so I look back. Jake and Tanya are still in the drive way. She waves as he backs out on to the street. I can hear Emmett singing the words to Closer on the top of his lungs….maybe I can rub my crotch all over Bella and call it dancing when we get back inside.

“I don’t know, he is a weirdo.” finally answering her question about what Jake wanted.

Her head leans back in her laughter and she swats me across the stomach. I reach up and pressed the garage door button again. I can hear as the Volvo drive forward over the sound of the garage closing. I hold my hand out for Bella and she takes it. I close my large fingers around her small ones and pull her close to me, leaning my head right above her ear.

“Want to dance with me?” I ask in my most charming voice.

She lets her forehead fall to my chest and wraps her arm under mine placing her palm on the back of my shoulder.

“Sure.” she says simply.

The garage is almost closed, I can hear the brakes of the Volvo when it reaches the stop sign that is only a couple of houses down on my street. With out looking I go to turn the light off but I accidentally press the garage door button again.


The door stops moving down and starts to move back up again. Bella giggles against my chest. My finger lingers over the button and my other hand wraps around her shoulders. I kiss the top of her head….listen to the music coming from the house….the brakes at the stop sign, and then I hear it.

A sound that will undoubtedly haunt me for the rest of my life, the sound of destruction and devastation….followed by silence with only Closer in the background.