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Volterra by Awsomealice94 the opening story for my new series ‘reality’ This was a crazy dream as always, but this is pretty cool as far as I’ve heard What if everything Stephenie Meyer wrote was real not only in the books, but in reality, real life, too? My friends and I are going to find out what would happen if fiction became reality starting with volterra and the Volturi. A new type of fan fiction and- With special ‘appearances’ by twilightaholic, Alice clone, kirrorokitty and more this story will leave you at the edge of your seat and 2 inches away from your computer screen…….

Disclaimer- well, I’m not Stephenie Meyer-so I don’t own any of it :)

3. Arriving to Volterra

Rating 5/5   Word Count 2516   Review this Chapter

I had butterflies in my stomach, and I crossed my arms in front of my chest as we were landing.

There was something dreadfully wrong about that woman close to us, human instincts could tell me. In Twilight it said that most of the kids were ill at ease with the Cullen’s, and their natural survival instincts told them to stay away.

Well, I was defiantly ill at ease with this woman, especially because she had sun glasses on. Either she is a new born (which is not probable because she would be going crazy with the temptations) and has red eyes because she hasn't fed yet, or she has red eyes because she drinks human blood. Either way I knew she had red eyes, because a vegetarian vampire wouldn’t have to wear glasses to hide their eyes.

I snuck a glance at her as Maddie was looking up at the seat belt sign.

“Your not-” Maddie began, now looking at my expression. I stopped her though and pulled out a piece of paper and a pen. I was trying to hide it because I really wasn’t supposed to be getting anything out, as we were now on the runway in Florence, but I'm sure a misplaced piece of paper and pen won't make us crash, right?

I wrote on the paper ‘write’ and passed it to her.

She scribbled something down, ‘so that the women doesn’t hear?’ she asked.

I nodded, ‘something is definitely not normal with her. Just look at this list.’ I wrote and pulled out the info from the lexicon. On the back I wrote the list that I thought of earlier and passed the list and note to her.

She read the note and then looked at the list. Her eyes got big, realizing that a lot of it was true. ‘So you think she is a vampire? Because you’re right, something isn’t normal. I feel very uncomfortable around her. She looks like she is mad…at us. Like she wants to, almost, eat us.’ She wrote.

Ya, I think she is a vampire. Just remember in Twilight ‘everyone seemed to feel ill at ease around the Cullen’s’. Well, it’s just our human instincts. I think the Volturi are real, or at least vampires are, because she is exactly how I pictured one of the Volturi members.’ I admitted.

‘Oh gosh, your right. Wait, which member?’ she asked.

‘Heidi.’ I scribbled.

‘Oh man, your right! She did look somewhat familiar in my mind; I couldn’t quite place it though. What if she is?’ my heart was pounding, and so was hers. I had a feeling the woman was looking at us and hearing our loud pulses, highly suspicious. I really hope she doesn't have any special powers, like mind reading, that Stephanie Meyer didn't mention.

Then, I guess, we are in a little trouble, because I am betting she will tell someone, like Aro.’

‘Your right about that too, drat! I don’t think we are the only ones in trouble either.’ she wrote, and realization came to my face as well.

You don’t possibly think she was in New York coming back from…?’ I didn’t finish my sentence, frightened, and passed it to her.

Ya, I think she was coming back from Forks. So do you think the Cullen’s are real too?’ she asked.

‘I don’t know, I guess we will know after this trip, if we find out that the Volturi are real.’ And that’s all I could write and show her, because then the seat belt sign went off, and people were starting to get up.

She stuffed the piece of paper in her backpack and handed me the info I printed, and I grabbed my bag.

“So, are we taking a taxi to Volterra?” Katie asked me as we were heading out of the plane and into the Italian airport.

“Yeah, we are. We have to go find our bags in baggage claim first.” I motioned them to follow me, I could read very little of the Italian signs, but just enough to know where we were.

After we waited around the bags for nearly 15 minutes, we finally found our own.

“Finally- I thought I lost mine.” Miranda grumbled as she pulled her duffle bag over her shoulder. Her bag was the last one we needed, and we turned and headed to the front doors.

We waited until a taxi came up; I waved my hand and motioned for him to come by us.

He got out, and spoke in Italian first.

I then tried to remember all the Italian I heard growing up, “Ciao, noi non parlate esattamente molto itailian, parlate affatto inglese?” I asked him. Maddie, Miranda, and Katie just looked up at me, their expressions saying ‘what did you just say’ or ‘I’m confused’. I hid a smile.

Si. And where do you ladies want to go?” the man asked me, with a heavy Italian accent.

“Volterra, please.” I answered.

He nodded and put our bags in the trunk, and we all got in.

We mostly paid attention to the scenery we passed, and how breathtakingly beautiful it really was. When we were outside getting in the taxi, a wave of warm air hit me. It felt nice, and I felt good being in Italy, where a lot of my relatives were. I would have to ask Katie, Maddie, and Miranda if we could go visit them, the city wasn’t too far from Volterra. I think I would win them over by telling them about the food. I smiled to myself; we might not have so much time.

Then, around twenty minutes later, we were going down a road, and up in front of us were big brown walls.

“Welcome to Volterra.” I quoted Alice’s words quietly as we got closer, I felt chills down my back, and it was exactly how I pictured it.

“Wow.” Maddie breathed, looking around as we were entering the city.

"Whoa." Katie whispered.

“Freaky.” Miranda mumbled, I laughed.

“Where Miss...” the man was looking for my name, so I went with my mother’s maiden name, just in case.

“Carlini.” I answered him quickly. “Where, Miss Carlini, do you want to go in Volterra?” he asked. I looked in my back pack for my flight and hotel information.

“Hotel La Locanda, por favore.” I said.

Si.” He nodded, turning onto another street. He was driving towards the center of town, which is where the hotel was located. I picked it because it was right in the most historical part of town, right by the clock tower, and I knew there was an opening to go under the ground there, somewhere.

Then he stopped, “This is it.” He said. He told me the amount of money I owed, and I gave it to him, plus a tip. “Grazie.” I said to him.

Prego.” He said, and then drove away, once we had our bags.

“Alright then, come on.” I motioned to Maddie, the rest were already inside, she was looking at the cloak tower, “Look, the New Moon poster for Stephenie is still up.” She told me, I looked over to where she was pointing. It was.

“Cool.” I said as she followed me inside.

Ciao. Reservation for Carlini.” I said to the women behind the desk she nodded with four keys in her hands, and motioned for us all to follow her.

I went with Carlini, only because if and only if, the Volturi found out who I was, they would look for Carlini, and not my real name.

“Just up the stairs, there are two join in rooms on your right.” She directed me, with an accent. “Grazie.” I said as she handed us our room keys, and left us.

We all climbed up the stairs, and Katie began to speak, “So, you really think that women was a vampire?” she asked.

“I think she was.” Miranda said with a nod.

“Ashley and I have a more developed theory.” Maddie said to them, motioning me to tell them.

“We both think she isn’t just a vampire, but a Volturi member too. She looks an awful lot like Heidi.” I said. I stopped in front of one door, “I’m sharing with whom?” I asked them.

“I’ll share a room with you.” Katie volunteered.

“Cool.” I said. I put one key in the door and turned the handle, and stepped inside.

Miranda and Maddie were opening their door next to us. I looked on our left wall for another door, which should link with Maddie and Miranda’s. I found it and unlocked it, opening it up.

I peeked my head inside, “What do you think?” I asked them.

“Pretty! I love the view.” Maddie said looking out of the window; we were two story’s up.

Katie opened the sliding glass door to our balcony and stepped outside. “Oh, Ash come here!” she said, motioning for me to come quickly. I dropped my backpack on the empty bed and my duffle bag on the floor next to it.

“What is it?” I asked. She pointed down to our far right.

I looked, and there was a dark ally. “What about it?” I asked her, confused.

She rolled her eyes, “Look more closely.” She whispered.

So I did, looking into the darkness as best as possible, it was nearing sundown, so it was even darker than normal.

I strained my eyes, and finally saw people under the blanket of darkness. One small girl had a small jacket on her, hood up, with jeans- even though it was really warm outside. There were two other people, but I could just make out their shapes. On the ground was a hole to go underground. And right next to the ally was the clock tower. I gulped as Maddie and Miranda joined us and where looking too.

They didn’t seem to notice us looking, and for that I was glad. I looked at Katie and mouthed ‘uh oh’.

She nodded, and then froze. I looked back down, and there was now one more person with her small carry-on bag by her side. It was the woman on the plane. I ran from the balcony, grabbing a recording device quickly from my bag and ran downstairs, “I’ll be right back.” I yelled behind me, towards them.

I ran down the stairs and out of the hotel. I stopped and stood close enough so that I could hear them in the ally, but around a corner so they couldn’t see me, but could probably hear me but would hopefully dismiss me as background noise.

I looked up as I hit ‘record’, holding the recorder as close to the people as possible. Maddie looked down at me, mouthing ‘Are you Crazy?’ I shrugged, and motioned for them to be silent-they could possibly give me away if they were looking at me.

“Heidi.” A cool high voice rang out. No way, it really was Heidi! And the little girl must have been-

“Jane.” Heidi said.

“Heidi, how are you?” another voice asked, it sounded like a man’s.

“Fine, I suppose. Is anyone getting thirsty?” she asked them.

“No, not yet. Probably in a couple of days, though.” Another man said.

“I smell someone.” Jane said. “There are people all around in the city.” The man informed her.

“Yes, I guess you’re right, but this girl smells exceptionally well.” Jane sighed. That was probably me....uh oh. I held my breath.

“Forget about it, Aro has strict rules, remember?” the first man asked. I let out my breath in relief.

Jane made what sounded like a pouting sound, and I was still frozen in my spot, not daring to move.

“Anyways, we have a little Problem.” Heidi said, changing the subject.

“Problem?” the second man asked.

“Yes, Felix, a Problem. These stupid girls on the airplane, I caught them talking about me.” I was frozen with fear, especially because Felix was there, and we were the girls she was talking about.

“They are suspicious. I heard them talking about me, they think I might be vampire. And they are here, in Volterra.” She hissed.

“Who believes in vampires anyway, human wise.” Jane asked her.

“Apparently they do.” Heidi shot at her.

Jane growled under her breath, “I still don’t think anything of it. We can notify Marcus, see what he thinks. But what are the serious chances of them actually finding out?” Jane asked.

“Hmmm, it is rather interesting.” A man pointed out.

“Demitri.” Jane sounded rather annoyed, “people still think it’s all from out of those books, the Twilight saga. Nobody at all has come to actually find out if we are real, that’s preposterous. Besides, not all of the things that are in that book are true. Our openings are different. Well all besides the being underground, having a gate, and having an elevator.” Jane said, where I imagine she was rolling her eyes.

“Come on.” Heidi directed coolly, and then it was silent. I hit stop, and ran back in the hotel as quickly as I could, my heart was pounding. When I ran back in my room Maddie, Katie, and Miranda walked to me.

“Are you nuts? You could have gotten killed!” Maddie said.

“Aro wouldn’t kill in Volterra, it’s our safest place. Besides, I got this.” I said breathlessly and held up the recorder. Miranda took it and sat on Katie’s bed, all of us crowded around her as she hit rewind and play.



“Heidi, how are you?”

“Fine, I suppose. Is anyone getting thirsty?”

“No, not yet. Probably in a couple of days, though.”

“I smell someone.”

“There are people all around in the city.”

“Yes, I guess you’re right, but this girl smells exceptionally well.”

“Forget about it, Aro has strict rules, remember?”

“Anyways, we have a little Problem.”


“Yes, Felix, a Problem. These stupid girls on the airplane, I caught them talking about me.”

“They are suspicious. I heard them talking about me, they think I might be a vampire. And they are here, in Volterra.”

“Who believes in vampires anyway, human wise.”

“Apparently they do.”

“I still don’t think anything of it. We can notify Marcus, see what he thinks. But what are the serious chances of them actually finding out?”

“Hmmm, it is rather interesting.”

“Demitri. People still think it’s from out of those books, the Twilight saga. Nobody at all has come to actually find out if we are real, that’s preposterous. Besides, not all of the things that are in that book are true. Our openings are different. Well all besides the being underground, having a gate, and having an elevator thing.”

“Come on.”

Then it was silent in the room, “It…they…are…Real.” Maddie squeaked.

“Yeah, real. Wait a minute; did she just call us stupid?” Katie asked, crossing her arms in front of her. I chuckled.

“Well, this will make me sleep a whole lot better tonight. The flipping Volturi are under and around us, isn’t that great!” Miranda said sarcastically.

“At least we have a lead, and we know we are not here for nothing.” I pointed out. They all nodded.