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Volterra by Awsomealice94 the opening story for my new series ‘reality’ This was a crazy dream as always, but this is pretty cool as far as I’ve heard What if everything Stephenie Meyer wrote was real not only in the books, but in reality, real life, too? My friends and I are going to find out what would happen if fiction became reality starting with volterra and the Volturi. A new type of fan fiction and- With special ‘appearances’ by twilightaholic, Alice clone, kirrorokitty and more this story will leave you at the edge of your seat and 2 inches away from your computer screen…….

Disclaimer- well, I’m not Stephenie Meyer-so I don’t own any of it :)

4. Twists and Turns

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1523   Review this Chapter

I pulled the covers over my head angrily, there was no way it was morning.

“I hate time differences.” Katie complained from across the room. The alarm clock had woken both of us up.

I unwillingly pulled the covers back so that I could get air, “Me too.” I sighed and went to go wake up Maddie and Miranda. I had watched Miranda conspicuously turn her alarm clock off last night.

“Maddie?” I asked. I cleared my voice once so that it wouldn’t crack.

“Are you awake?” I asked.

“What do you think? I couldn’t sleep at all last night. Not with the Volturi outside…” she explained.

“They can’t hurt us here, remember?” I reminded her. I went to go wake up Miranda.

“Now, are you awake?” I asked her.

“I am now.” She mumbled, still half asleep.

“Come on, I want to eat before we go take a closer look at Volterra.” I informed her before going back into my room.

“A closer look of Volterra?” Katie repeated.

“Yeah, I was hoping to get to know it better, for later purposes.” I explained. My intention was to go down under the city in a few days, but I had to admit-I was scared to death of that.


The sun was nice and warm on my face as we walked through the streets of Volterra.

“So where are we going to go first?” Miranda asked me.

“I don’t know….Maddie?” I asked her, looking to my left. She had the map, and was looking at it closely.

“Well, I am assuming we don’t want to go on the ‘Volterra walking tour’ because then we couldn’t go anywhere we wanted…it would look rather weird if we were trying to find ways out and in the city as well as under it,” she explained as we all nodded, “so I guess we should start at the Palazzo di Priori and then make our way to the Palazzo Pretorio, and so on.” She concluded, folding the map for the moment.

“Sounds good.” I nodded.

“It sounds good as long as we don’t see any more Volturi members.” Miranda grumbled.

“I concur with that.” Katie agreed. “Okay, take one of these.” I stopped to lay my back pack on a bench. I handed each of them a small ‘walkie talkie’.

Maddie took hers and turned it around in her hand, examining it, “good idea.” She muttered before putting it in her pocket.

“You wouldn’t happen to think we would get split up, would you? Because with that evil little Jane walking around…No thank you, I don’t want to be split up.” Miranda said.

“I really doubt it; we stick together-no matter what happens.” I said as Katie nodded, “and if we do get split up we will always have these to find each other.” She added, gesturing to the walkie talkies.

“Alright, which way to the Palazzo di Priori?” I asked Maddie, swinging my back pack over my shoulder.

“It’s right behind you.” She smiled, pointing.

“Oh…right, I knew that.” I laughed, walking towards it, after Miranda.

“One question, if you are so scared of the Volturi, then why in the world are you in a hurry to get over to that ally?” I asked her.

“Good question…I don’t really know. I guess if I think about it I am more excited then scared.” She shrugged. I shrugged too; my feeling was a little more anxious.

“Wait up!” Maddie and Katie called. Miranda and I stopped until they were next to us, then we continued to walk.

“What if one of them is there now?” Maddie asked me.

I bit my lip, I didn’t think about that at all.

“Then we run and scream like hell back into main town where there are other people, and sunlight.” Katie answered for me.

“Good plan.” I nodded, it would work. We would probably look like idiots running and screaming from nothing though….

“Would this be a bad time to mention that I hate running?” Miranda asked, joking.

“Probably.” I joked.

I stopped to set my bag on the ground once we were at the entrance of the ally. “Wait; let me get some things out first.” I said to them the stopped and looked in the back pack.

I pulled out my digital camera, a tape recorder, video recorder, and a high lighter. Maddie already had my map.

“Okay,” I said looking up, “Maddie take the highlighter, you could mark this area with it if we can get under the city.” I handed it to her. She pouted, “Why did I get stuck with map duty?” she mumbled.

“Okay, I don’t want Miranda screwing around with the video recorder…” I laughed as she crossed her arms, “so I’ll give this to Katie.” I handed it to her.

“It’s basically really simple to use. If there is anything that is even remotely cool, scary, or suspicious you can take a small video with it.” I shrugged as she nodded.

“Miranda, you can get the tape recorder. There is a different tape in there then the one that we already used so we don’t have to worry about it getting lost or ruined. I made copies last night, after watching you turn off your alarm clock,” I laughed once as she muttered ‘so that’s how she knew’.

“If we need to take notes, or whatever, we can record it.” I finished explaining.

“As for me, I get the digital camera to take pictures of any entrances or exits.” My back pack was now a lot lighter without everything in there.

“This will help us strategize a plan if we need one.” Katie observed. I nodded, “Whether it be an escape plan or a plan to see what’s really under the city, we have things to help us.”

“Alright, let’s do this.” Maddie announced, gesturing us to fallow her deeper into the ally. I took a deep breath, “let’s go.” I agreed. We were never going to get the whole city covered in a day at this pace.

“Well, I’d say this is definitely a positive.” Maddie whispered, stopping to look down at something.

“A man hole…well, it’s something used to get under the city, I guess.” Katie shrugged.

“Not a very pleasant way to get under the city though, not like there would be an easy way anyways.” Miranda muttered.

I turned the camera on and snapped a picture of the man hole as Maddie colored a dot on the map where we were. The flash of the camera was a little bright, but the sun still shone into the ally, to some extent though.

Katie shuddered, “Let’s get out of here now; something just gives me the creeps about this ally.” She said.

“Alright, you’re not the only one.” Miranda said as Maddie nodded.

“We should hang a right and then go straight, and then we should walk right into the Palazzo di Pretorio.” Maddie said as we walked quickly away from the man hole. That would definitely explain why Jane and the others were standing around here last night, it was a way to get back to their home.

“I just thought of something.” I said as we were walking. Every time we saw a man hole, we would stop and Maddie would mark it on the map as I would snap a photo. When people were looking at us, I pretended to take a picture of something else, although I was still taking pictures of the man holes.

“What’s that?” Katie asked me. Perhaps what Miranda said about there not being an easy way to get under the city was wrong.

“Well, if Heidi brings all of those people from out of Volterra into the heart of the Volturi’s home, how does she do it? She can’t get every person to go down a man hole, that would be ridiculous, and nobody would go down there.” I shook my head.

“Your right, she couldn’t do that…wasn’t there something about elevators?” Maddie asked me.

“Yeah, elevators were in the Volturi’s ‘lobby’. That’s what Heidi used to bring all of the humans into the Volturi’s home.” Katie said.

“And elevators only go up or down, and in this case the elevators had to be going down-,” Miranda explained before I cut in, to excited now. “-which means that Heidi used an elevator, probably in the main part of the city, just to get down to the Volturi’s lobby! This means that there is a entrance that is so obvious but also that nobody takes for some special reason.” I exclaimed. I can’t believe we didn’t figure it out before.

“What if the area is restricted, like on private property?” Maddie asked.

“Or what if…what if it was in the Palazzo di priori?” Katie asked, looking back from where we came. We had already hit most of the spots on the Volturi walking tour, and we were passing the main gates of the entrance to the city. I snapped a picture, “That could be very possible.” I muttered.

“There is only one way to find out.” Miranda reminded us. I nodded.