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Dark Crimson

Caite Rosen has some secrets. There's the fairy blood, the persistant "ex" boyfriend that wants to eat her as well as have and hold her, and then there's the fact that she's been banished from her only home. Now, over a thousand years later, Caite meets more of the creatures she's trying to avoid, and some of her old demons rise to the surface yet again. Can she make friends with a constant threat? And how will her hunter feel when he spy's them together? OC/Demetri OC/Seth Rated Adult for: voilence, language, and mature content

Disclaimer: I own none of the familiar characters, Stephenie Meyer does. I only own Caite. Rated Adult for: voilence, language, and mature content. You have been warned. :P

1. Prologue

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I owed him my life. It was his to take it back, and I had no say against it. I couldn't speak against him. He had been the one to save me, and now he wanted retribution. With my life. I understood that. I always have. But now I was not alone in this world. There were people that this would affect. There were people that knew me now, knew who I was, what I looked like, people that claimed they loved me now. I couldn't bear to let this affect any one of them, especially the few that I had met within the past few months.

"Caite." His voice was cool, he was waiting for me. "Come darling. It's better this way."

I was being lured. I was being lied to. I was lying to myself. I was trying to think of any one way of how I could repay my savior and still keep my life. But I was indebted to him, and after all of these years apart, he chose now to demand that payment, and I had no way of denying him. It was what he wanted. I knew it. I could feel the hunger as it radiated from him. The man that had saved my life was a monster, and there was no way I could win this. It is better the way. My thoughts echoed through the hollow space in my mind. I had to convince myself before I took my final steps toward him, in to the cover of the forest that surrounded the huge house. I knew I would not be returning. I knew there was no way that I could save myself and not have to sacrifice all of the others inside.

And so I took those final steps, in to the awaiting arms of my cursed angel, and I felt my death looming before me as my lifetime past before my eyes and all I could see was black and scarlet.

"Good." I heard him whisper through the darkness. I could picture his face, the perfect pale but strong contours of it. I felt his long brown hair brush against my cheek as he leaned in, about to end the life that I had tried so dearly to hold on to. I was going to let him do this. "I promise, this is best."

I felt his arms wind around me, holding me close to his chest. There was no heartbeat. There was no warmth. He had been turned in to a monster in exchange for my life, and now I was to repay him. I was to repay him, and we would finally be happy; though never together. I couldn't look at him, I couldn't open my eyes to once again view the monster that I had made of him. I was not going to let that be my final sight, the last thing my eyes beheld would not be a monster that was my own fault. I would not allow that.

Instead I focused on my family, the ones that had left this earth long before now. My father had given my courter the punishment that should have been meant for me. I had been the monstrosity then, not him, and yet he took my fall, convincing my father to take his sacrifice over the spilling of my blood. That had been the night that I knew he loved me. I was still ashamed of the fact that I could never return that love.

I felt the soft robe against my face, and the slight prick as his bit my neck, his arms tightened around me, preventing any attempt of escape should I consider it an option. I watched as the memories of my old and new family floated away from me, and the black and scarlet fell upon my wavering consciousness. Finally, I whispered my goodbye.