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Unbounded Love

Bella dies before her wedding with Edward. Before her death, she promises him to return. What happens when Edward finds the essence of Bella in Alice's best friend, Isabel? Will Isabel help Edward let go on his painful past and find true love again?


1. Chapter 1: Beautiful Music

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I was born in California, The Golden State. Well Los Angeles to be precise. Where the weather would reach past over the hundreds during the summer and our winters go as low as sixty-five, tops. It’s never gloomy in California, the sun is always shinning and my hair, well, it seemed to actually obey my orders. Just walking down the street on Hollywood Boulevard was a blast. I loved seeing all the people dressed up as movie characters and the crazy tourists taking pictures on everything and anything. Now I’m currently renting the world’s coziest apartment in Bellingham, Washington. Where the forest is my neighbor, and the raccoons eat my trash. Unlike sunny California, Washington is constantly under a cover of clouds, rain, and thick fog. It rains during fall, winter, summer, and spring, you always have to carry around an extra jacket in your car and Christmas is always white. My hair, well, let’s just say Frizz-Ease is my best friend in the world!

Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean blared all around my house, draining the constant ringing of my cell phone. “She’s just a girl who claims that I am the one” I sang as I combed my hair one last time, “but the kid is not my son!” I stepped away from the mirror and gave out my best Michael Jackson moon walk. Just as I was about to do the famous crotch grabbing move, the song ended and my cell phone starting ringing once again.

“Hola Mami” I spoke into the phone, “I’m sorry I missed your call but I had on…”

“Music so loud you couldn’t hear it.” My mother interrupted me mid-sentence. “Izzy, amor, if you don’t stop listening to music so loud you’re going to…”

“Go deaf.” It was my turn to cut her sentence short. “I know Mami, I know.” I rolled my eyes.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me Izz! Even though we’re miles away from each other I can still sense them!” She let out a puff onto the phone as I laughed.

“Ay Mami! If I didn’t know any better I would think you’re here in Washington stalking me.” I applied on some lipstick and smiled into the mirror. “How is Los Angeles? I miss you guys so much!”

“Well, let’s see where to start…” I knew trouble was coming. Every time Maria Alejandra Montoya started a conversation with ‘let’s see where to start,’ it meant sit down, and do not except to talk for a while. “The weather is nice. Seventy-five outside, the sun is out but there is a bit of a cold wind blowing by once a while. Your dad is at work, he got called into the ER early this morning. I don’t expect him back for a while. "

“So you call me because you are bored at home and have nothing better to do?” I asked my mom as I printed my class schedule from the computer, fold it in half, and stuck it on my jean’s back pocket.

“No amor!” She said rather fast. “I was just calling to see how you’re first day in school is going.” I sensed she had on a big smile on her. First day of school, yeah right!

“Mami, It’s only eight forty-five. Class doesn’t start until nine-fifteen, and it’s not my first day of school, it’s just a new semester.” I found the gloves I was looking for and put them on, blowing some hot air from my mouth before slipping my hands in.

“Your second semester.” I can hear her smile over the phone. “Izzy are you okay? I mean all alone in Washington? Do you need anything; you know your father can…” I let out a small laugh.

“Mami I’m fine! I love it here, school is great, and the apartment is adorable. I feel super safe, I have enough food, the car is in perfect conditions and so am I. You and Dad need to relax a little and start living life a bit more.“ I got my keys, grabbed my school bag and headed towards the door.

“It’s just… “ She let out a sigh before finishing her sentence. “We miss you.”

“I miss you guys too mami.” I took a deep breath as I stepped out onto the driveway. My lungs burned as the cold air made its way through them. “But I’m great. I promise! You and Dad have no reason why to worry.” I got into my car and turned on the engine, yanking the hot air onto max.

“Izzy, just promise me you’ll call as soon as you need something.” My mom let out another loud sigh.

“I promise Mami, but I have to go if I want to make it on time to class.” I looked on my rear view mirror to make sure I wasn’t putting anyone or anything in danger as I backed out of my driveway.

“Alright Amor. Have a great day and call me as soon as you have a chance, and Izz…” She pronounced my name real slowly, “love is near.” Without letting me answer her, my mother blew a kiss into the phone and hung up.

The drive to school was beautiful, like always. Western Washington University looks as if J.R.R. Tolkien was the architect. It is surrounded by trees and forest, and in certain parts of the campus, you can get a peek of the lake below and of the mountains which surround it. It gave me a feeling of enchantment, as if an elven prince or a little fairy would pop out of any corner to spark up a conversation with me.

“Izzy!” I heard a squeaky voice yell out my name, I turned around to find a white clad Alice waving frantically at me.

“Thinking of elves and fairies…” I said to myself. There are no words to explain Alice. Pixie, hyper, radio active, weird, happy, the best, fashionable, caring, loveable, excited, morning and night person, out of this world…none of them can sum what Alice really was, what Alice really meant to me. I had only been living in Washington for a little over eight months, and Alice had been there for me since I set foot on the airplane. We were both traveling alone on our way to Washington; me to start a new life, and Alice to go back home. We happen to sit next to each other, one thing lead to another, and after we claimed our luggage we had lunch together, exchanged numbers and well, we’ve been best friends ever since.

“Ali!” My smiled grew bigger.

“Izzy, oh my! You look so beautiful! I told you that blouse would bring out your eyes!” She pressed me against her in a hug, and like always, she squeezed a little too hard.

“Really? You like?” I gave a little twirl. “I think my boobies just pop out a little too much.” As I said this, I closed my jacket around me even tighter.

“Oh nonsense! You look amazing!” Alice entwined her hands through mine as we started walking towards our Western History class.

The day went by rather fast considering it was a Monday. History class ended with a warm reminder that we needed our books by Tuesday, Chemistry ended with the professor saying a really bad joke about chemical reactions, Santa Claus, and a Hooker; that made me feel a bit dirty just by listening to it. The rest of my classes went by in a blur.

Just before I reached my car a funny buzz on my back pocket made me stop.



And before I could reply another text came through.



“Don’t you dare roll your eyes Izz!” Alice said behind me.

“I wouldn’t dare Ali.” I clicked the unlock button on my alarm and before I could open the drivers door open, Alice had pushed me out of the way and was already putting on her seatbelt.

“I’m driving!” She beamed at me her beautiful smile.

“How the hell do you do that?!” I walked around the car and got into the drivers seat. “I swear you’re like a super human or something!” I clicked on my seatbelt and we were off.

“Or something…” Alice replied under her breath.

“What was that?” I asked her while turning on the heat.

“Nothing, we’re going back to your place to put some color in your face, and then over to mine. Okay.” It was a fact, not a question.

“Yes master!” I leaned over to pinch her cheeks.

Alice was the most enchanting person I have ever met in my life! She had a perfect complexion, a bit on the pale side, but it suited her perfectly. Beautiful golden topaz eyes that oddly complimented her complexion and dark hair. She was very short in stature, but her personality made up for her five foot something frame. She reminded me of some sort of pixie.

“Ali, light pink or mauve?” I waved around the two lipsticks in my hand.

“I love the mauve on you Izz, Makes your lips look plumper.” She flashed me a beaming smile and turned towards the door. “Now Izzy Wizzy, it’s time to go.”

Once again, Alice took care of the driving and this time the radio. She raised the volume up once her CD started playing. “I want you to listen to this.”

Piano music started flowing through the speakers. It started with the keys being touched softly making the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard. My mind took me back to a dream I had frequently during my childhood; where the boy and girl loved each other. I saw them now, in my head, running through a meadow both set free, holding hands with the sweetest expressions on their faces. The music went in tune with the display my brain was putting on for me. Each time the boy and girl touched, the music got sweeter and sweeter. The tempo started raising and the music began it’s decent into a darker place. When a shadow raised high above the trees, which made the boy hug the girl tightly, frightening expressions on both of their faces. As the shadow rose, and began making its way towards the couple, the music got darker and darker, the keys were now being stroked with anger. The shadow rose one more time to only come down crashing on the girl, the impact made the boy fall on his back, once he rose, the girl was gone and the piano keys were now being stroke lightly once again, but this time the music wasn’t sweet; it was filled with sadness and heartbreak. The shadow uplifted itself and vanished from the meadow leaving the boy alone. And the music ended.

“Alice…that music it’s…it’s…” I closed my eyes to see if the right word would pop into my head. “breathtaking!” I was looking at her while my jaw hung open.

“It is.” Alice nodded her head.

“Where did you get it? I mean, who…who composed it?” I was somehow eager to find out who the creator of such wonderful music could be.

“Edward, my brother.” The pixie replied in a silent voice. “It’s called Bella’s Lullaby.”

“Bella’s lullaby.” I whispered under my breath. “Why that name?” I asked Alice.

“I really don’t know.” Alice turned to face me and gave me a forced smile. “Well Izzy, we are here!” She got out of the car as fast as humanly possible and slammed the door.

There was something Alice wasn’t telling me, and I could sense it. I would just have to fish it out of her one way or another.