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Edward's girl

Edward's GirlEdward was 17 when he was turned into a vampire. His sister was 14, Carlisle never told Edward that he changed her. But she ended up running away, after years of searching and keeping it a secret. Carlisle finally found Nicole. Nicole ends up with her new coven at Forks, see what happens.


1. Unwanted Family

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Nicole's Point of View

Monday, November 21

My birthday, the day I was separated from my brother. The day my blossom exploded in a plane crash. The day I died.

That one day I made my life hell. Every November 21st my heart comes back into my chest and explodes a minute later. Reminding me of the stupid choice I made, to go with my aunt so I didn't get infected. The plane ride there was the mistake. The engine wasn't put together right, so it exploded in mid-air.

Truly the only person the crash infected was mine, and Edward's. My brother, my friend. And I purposly killed him, he could have survived the disease. He could have been human and then died when he grew old! He could've been happy, but I was stupid enough to mess it up. I was stupid, life was stupid.

But my selfish ass screwed up my life. It wasn't anybodies fault, it was all mine. Wanting to live forever was like a peice of gum stuck in my hair. You had to cut it off and wait till it grew back. But for this situation my hair never grew back from the gum. Tormented till the end of the world. I would have developed tears because I was so mad.

I remembered the first words I heard Edward speak when he saw who he was,


And if he knew it was my fault, he would never forgive me. So I ran, I ran forever until I was forgotten. I could kill myself right? But it wasn't as easy as it was when your human. Turns out I didn't know how to kill myself.

I tried a gun shot, a knife to the heart, hit my a car, starvation....

Nothing seemed to work, nothing seemed to end. I wanted to cry, and I wanted to wake up. But it was as if the plane crash killed me and I went to hell. Having my brother hate me for what he is, having everyone hate me for my stupid choice. That was the only thing I managed to write in my diaries. Nothing about happiness, nothing about being able to laugh.

I was dead for sure, I just wish that I would die already. Having to live with the regret, having to live with the shame. I couldn't take it anymore! But running away wasn't an option. Running was my only option, and like everything else, I hated it.

I was nothing but the devil itself. I used to be Edward's girl, he used to be my best friend. He was always there for me, but the one chance I could be there for him, I failed.

I was nothing but a stupid ignorite 14 year old girl, forever a 14 year old. I don't know what I did to go to hell, the fact I would trade my brothers life for immortalty? Or the fact I was selfish and I didn't deserve a good after-life?

I paused my thoughts as I looked up from the ground. Sarah and Halee were surrounding me with worried eyes.

"Can't you tell us what you did?" Sarah asked, again. Almost whinning.

"No, you'd hate me. You all would leave" I said looking down in my lap, playing with my fingers.

"You know we love you" Halee chipped in giving me a hug.

I let out a sigh, not of grief. But a sigh of frustration. They don't know how they'll feel about me. They'll never know, never in their whole life. I frowned, what had I done to these people?

I made them into one of me! I made them live forever, it was like a sweet sacrifice.

I hadn't thought about how they would feel about being this way. I never asked them. I was always thinking about my mistake. Usually I just let them roam about doing what they please. Thats why I was named the leader. Another reason for my leadership is because I started it all.

The leader, the devil. I was the leader of hell, each day it made more and more sence to me. The devil lived forever, I shook my head in disbelif.

I just had to make one quick question to assure everyone I was still alive.

"Do you guys...like being immortal?" I asked bowing me head into my heads.

Halee who was still next to me answered first.

"As long as you are happy" Halee might not have a power but she made people feel better about themselves with just one sentance. I frowned, was she lying to make me feel better?

"Are you telling the truth?" I asked codly.

"No, I'm telling the truth. Nicole it's not that bad!" My head shot up. What was she talking about? How could this not be bad? It was horrible!

I tightened my eyes and got up. Quickly I said one thing to Halee and Sarah before giving the news.

"We're gonna go to school. It gives us a hint or normalty" I sighed and quietly walked up the steps.

"Austin, David, William!" I shouted.

David was Halee's mate. He was dark haired, slightly muscular, and was always quiet. Though when he spoke it always made everyone laugh. Quiet, but funny.

Austin, Sarah's mate. He has Light brown hair, always brushed through neatly. He always talked, he would never mute. The only time he ever shuts up is if he is drinking. Maybe thats why David is so quiet.

William is Arianna's mate. He was the cutest by far. He had highlited hair, very muscular. He wasn't very funny, but he had a very soothing voice. Even a vampire could fall asleep to it.

I had no mate. It was mostly because I didn't want one. I could have one though. I was the best looking girl. I had medium cute straight bronze color hair, I was skinny, and had the best sence of style.

If I stepped one foot in a school I'd end up cheating on a boyfriend I never knew I had. I laughed at that, that could happen to anyone of us actually.

"Hey, hello bubble brain. stop daydreaming!" William was waving his hand in my face.

"Oh, sorry" I said stunned. Unaware everyone was gathered around.

"What did you want to talk about anyway" David said coming out of the bedroom.

"We're all going to school next month" I said, a small smile playing on my lips ready for any reaction.

"Why?" William asked expressionless.

"Because we need to get some education. Especially for this bubble brain" I said pointing at my head. Without further discussion everyone walked away as if nothing had happened. I sighed, it could've been worse.

"Nicoleeeeee!" I heard Halee shout downstairs.

I rolled my eyes and walked downstairs.

"This is Carlisle he said he wanted to talk with you!" Halee screeched pointing at a doctor I was too familiar with. I stood there starring at him emotionless. I began to talk but decided to keep quiet. What the hell was he doing here?! How'd he find me?

"Hello Nicole" Carlisle said calmly.

I know this must of been a bit bitchy but all I did was turn around and walk away. Until I smelled something, bad. I spun around to the now crowded hall.

There were three girls; the tallest girl was beautiful and blonde, the second tallest had medium cut brown hair, and the smallest had short spiky hair. Along with that there was Carlisle, and three other guys. Probably the girls mates. One guy was big, lean, dark brown hair, and a muscular body. The second guy was honey blonde, lean, and only less muscular than the first. The last one was Ed..Edw..Edwa...Edwar...Edward. I wanted to cry and run. I closed my eyes, hoping when I opened them everything would go away.

Unfortunatley everything was still there. I stared at Edward for a long time, silent. Finally I decided to blink before answering Carlisle's unwelcomed Hello.

"Hi Carlisle" I was able to breath out. I was still panicking at the sight of Edward. With a mate! Or at least I think he had a mate. I guess I'll have to figure it out soon enough.

"Nicole I'd like you to meet your broth...." I cut him off short holding up my hand still starring at Edward.

"Yes, Carlisle I am very aware of who this is" I said raising my eyebrow.

"Nicole, it has been long" Edward continued taking a step closer to me.

Quietly I stepped back with no hesitation. Edward looked hurt.

"I wanted to know what I've done wrong" He sounded more hurt than he looked. I closed my eyes taking quick breaths. I was about to faint, or at least fall to the ground.

"Nothing" I said coldly still clutching my eyes closed.

"Then why...?" He trailed off.

"Because of what I've done" I finally said opening my eyes seeing confusion on his face. I frowned did Carlisle not tell him it was my fault he was a vampire?

"What?" He asked stunned. Carefully without suspicioun I looked at Carlisle. He just shrugged, somehow that made me angrier.

"Nevermind" I said looking to the ground ready to walk away until the smell caught me again.

"Whats that smell?" I asked trying to look past Edward and Carlisle.

"It's Jacob, he's a wolf" I furrowed my brow. They make friends with werewolves?

"Long Story" The shorter girl piped in. She seemed a lot like Halee. Small, and very energetic.

I tilted my head still not sure what to say next. But the medium highted girl came closer to me and held out a hand.

"Bella" She said quietly smiling just a little bit. She was much like me, shy and quiet.

"Nicole" I said as equally quiet taking her hand.

"I'm your sister-in-law" What! She was Edward's mate! Not bad bro. I almost laughed, like old times. Really old times.

Well so far these three things I was sure of,

one, Edward didn't know it was my fault he was immortal.

two, I had a sister-in-law

three, I was going to die...soon.