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isaliegh and Abigail's story.


1. Seventeen years later

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Isaliegh’s POV

I sat in the garden writing in my journal that Esme had given me last year. It was almost filled so I would have to get a new one soon. I looked around me and inhaled the sweet aroma of the flowers. The wind played at my hair which looked a shade of red like my mother’s. Of course though my hair was just a little lighter, because it also had some of the bronzish color that my dad had. Though not nearly as much as Abby had.

“Isa!” I turned at the sound of mom’s voice. I gathered up my things and headed out of the garden.

Bella’s POV

I stared in the mirror at myself. I tried to breath but a sob escaped my throat. I knew that I was being a little too emotional, and I could only picture myself at their weddings. The thought made me cringe. Their weddings. I shuddered and pushed that thought away as Edward poked his head around the corner.

“Hey Beautiful.” He said walking over and slipping his arms around my waist. I sighed and leaned my head back against his chest. “What’s wrong?” he asked kissing my forehead.

“Nothing I guess I’m just…”I rubbed my arm worriedly. “Never mind.” I looked around “Where are the girls?” Edward focused for a second. He couldn’t read their mind’s either but he could smell them. They were only half vampire so they still had blood.

“Isa’s in the garden as usual and…” he sniffed the air “Abby’s in her room talking on that phone no doubt.” I smiled and rolled my eyes at him. Edward never really understood the value of the telephone. Which in my opinion is because he was born before it was invented.

“Come on let’s go round them up.”

Abigail’s POV

“Did you see Matthew?”

“Isn’t he hot?”

“Oh yeah he’s scrumptious too.”

“No way!”

“Oh my god assumes!”

I was sitting on my bed talking to my best friend Lessa when my dad knocked on the door. He opened it and I held up my finger telling him to wait a second.

“Hey les? Yeah I got to go”

“Alright see you tomorrow.”

I turned to my father. He was one of those good looking fathers. Very good looking, like gorgeous good looking. This is creepy since I’m his daughter and I see my father as a total teenage hotty. Which in fact he is. God how in the world did my mother get so lucky?

“Time to come downstairs.” He said I rolled my eyes but climbed off the bed.

“Dad I’m too old for this.” I complained. He folded his arms amused.

“I’m too old to have children yet here you are.” I glared at him. He did have a point. A 120 something year old man was not supposed to have kids.

“Fine.” I said “But I’m not going to like it.” He just shrugged and gave me his devil grin.

“Fine with me.” I scowled and headed out the room. Sometimes he could really be so very annoying.