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Crushed Dreams

Can you believe it? Edward and Bella have been together for 1,000 years! They both celebrate their anneversery, but will one question ruin their relashionship? Possible, you might ask. Yes. Is it true Edward had girlfriends or wives in his past 90 years alone without Bella! Read to find different twists! Crushed Dreams Ok here to clear up da' picture!:) ok the girl on the far right, thats BELLA the girl next to Bella is, LAUREN The girl next to lauren(not bella)is, PIPER The girl on the far left is, LOUETTE

Hey guys! I tried to make a new idea that no one thought of. So please review! I'll try my best to keep everyone interested.

1. Lauren's faith

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Edward's POV

I sat on my window sill for the fifth time today. Bella was my love, my whole life that ceased to exsist. Nothing could change that. She was the flower of the stem. It made the whole flower complete, without it no one would bother to look. To pay attention, to even bring the slightest smile.

I sighed as I saw Bella run into the woods chasing Nessie. Beautiful. I closed my eyes taking in my new life. It was the best, I just wonder if Bella had any boyfriends before we met.

I had a couple of girlfriends but no one knew. That made me frown, no one knew. I hated keeping secrets from Bella. I felt disppointed in myself, she'd let me take a peak in her mind, and I gave her hell. I'm surprised she didn't leave me yet.

She never seemed to realize who or what she is. But once Nessie and Jake get together, Bella will realize. And I will be there to comfort her.

Opening my eyes again I saw Bella come out of the woods. I looked at her classic features. She still looked like Bella, that was a good thing. Though I still miss her blush that would creep up her cheeks, and her big brown eyes that were always filled with passion.

I swallowed, a lump stuck in my throught. My throat trickling with venom, as I longed for Bella more and more. I tightened my eyes trying to get a hold of myself. Still the monster inside me wouldn't calm down, even though Bella wasn't human anymore, I still felt like she was small and fragile.

without making any sudden movement while I heard Bella clear her throat in the doorway. I got up opening my eyes starring into hers.

"Hello love" I said snaking my hand around her waist, planting a small kiss in her hair.

"Hello Edward" As Bella said my name the monster started to break through its cage. I wanted so much to make love with Bella, right now. Bring her and me into one, once again. I closed my eyes taking in her scent.

"Edward?" She asked looking up at me with worried eyes.

"Yes love" I started to play with her hair. Gently my finger toughed her forehead and a shiver ran through Bella.

"Happy anniversery" I looked down at her, her lips were parted slightly and a smirk was placed on her lips. Which ment she wanted what I wanted. Slowly I pulled her closer and closer to me. Until out lips met creating fireworks to burst. I chuckled. This always happened when Bella and I kissed. I couldn't help it.

"Have you ever dated anyone before we met?" I asked making it sound casual, so she wouldn't get suspicious.

"Only one" She said lightly twining our fingers together with one movement.

"Who?" I asked trying not to sound unsettled by the thought with her with another man.

"You don't wanna know" She said smiling, obviously playing with me.

"Who?" I asked more persuasive giving her my famous crooked smile. She hesitated before answering.

"Jacob" She burst into laughing which caused me to smile. I loved the way Bella laughed. It always brought me joy.

"Oh, thats right" I said smirking letting a smile come to Bella's lips.

"How many girls have you been with?" She asked looking into my eyes. I didn't want to tell her this. I lied to her about being alone for those 90 years. Though I should've been honest.

I didn't know how long I could keep this from her, especially because we have eternity to live together. But with that I could only tell her about one girl a day.

"three" I said afraid to look at Bella's reaction.

"What are their names?" She asked flatly, not showing any expression.

"I'll tell you one every day" I said still starring at the ground. Lightly Bella untangled out fingers and dropped them to her side. I frowned. She was not very happy to hear this.

"Well tell me one" She said furrowing her brow. I let out a sigh, maybe I could be sarcastic with Bella for once?

"You jelous?" I asked raising my eyebrow. She smiled slightly. I let out a small sigh, it was good to know she wasn't mad.

"You're my husband. Of course I'm jelous" She purred. Then she tilted her head back pulling my closer to her.

She wanted me to kiss her. I bowed my head slightly bringing my lips to the nap of her neck. Then with every movement I made my way up to her lips. Once our lips met Bella yanked her head up causing our kiss to become more fierce.

I moaned, she was better at this than I was. Without hesitation I put my palm at the small of her back pulling her closer than she already was. She moaned quietly bringing a slight rumble between us. I laughed this time, not pulling away.

"So whats the first girls name?" Damn, I thought this would bring Bella's thoughts away from that subject. But now she has more room to think she's not as dazzled by me as she used to say.

"Ok, the first one is Lauren" I said sighing.

"Ok, what did she look like?"

"She was tanned slightly I guess. Dirty Blonde hair, tall, and I guess you could say skinny" I ended my respnce looking toward the opposite wall.

"Ok. Do you have a picture?" I looked at her she smiled slightly. She was just curious, thats all.

"No" I said looking at how Bella and I drifted apart while I was talking. How'd that happen? Did she move farther from me on purpose?

"Oh" I bent down and kissed Bella fiercly wanting her to forget about everything. But as always she was stubborn,

"Lauren's faith must've been broken when you left" I hesitated before answering.

"She broke up with me" Bella looked stunned.

"What" She choked out.

"Once I told Lauren what I was, she broke up with me" Bella swallowed hard, I felt uneasy. Watching this wasn't very easy.

"It's ok love. I picked you. I love you" She laughed and kissed me.

"I love you too" I smiled. She was definetly not mad.