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I'm Messed Up, She's Perfect

"Bella, I think I love you..." I said slowly, as I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She kissed back, but in a different way then I thought it would turn out.... There IS going to be SMUT. You have been warned! No Vamps, just humans.

Hope you enjoy this chapter ^^

1. Chapter 1 The Dump Called Forks

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Edwards POV


Uh hi. I am not sure how to write in this yet because I just got you and the doctor told me to let all my problems and stressful things out here. I am not sure where to start, or where I am going to go with this, but I hope I do it right.

Uh okay. I guess it started when I was 12, my dad wasn't very nice to me. He actually was never nice to me. He beat me and my sister Alex, that's short for Alexandra. And he was hard on my mom.

Then when I was 14, I got my first girlfriend and she saw a bruse on my arm and I told her what was happening. So she told her family and my father went to jail.

Alex and I got sent to a adoption center because our mom couldn't take care of us and we got seperated. Carlisle and Esme Cullen are my family now, I have 2 adopted sisters. One is Rosalie and Alice, they are actually related. They had the same problem as me, but I am alot worse. They act like nothing happened. I have post traumatic stress disorder and have bad nightmares...

Now I just moved to a dump called Forks and I am starting school tomorrow. Now I am 17 and okay. I smoke, but am trying to quit, and don't have any friends from my old school because one day I wore a t-shirt and the kids saw the scars and stopped talking to me.

Anyway, thats my crappy life. Uh bye.

I closed my journal and hid it in my closet. I hopped down the stairs where Esme was waiting for me to tell her what I wanted for lunch.

“Um, just a grill cheese please.” I said.

I walked into the T.V room and turned on the sports channel. The baseball game was on and I got comfy and watched.

Esme came in with lunch shortly after and sat with me.

Once I was finished she took my plate and hurried into the kitchen.

“Edward, don't embarass me okay?” Alice said from the back seat. I was driving Rosalie and her to school, and it was NOT pleasent. Alice just wouldn't shut up.

“Okay, Okay, jus be quite okay?” She sat back and glared at me threw the mirror. It kind of scared me how long Alice or Rosalie could hold a grudge, like a month later, they would prank me for pranking them once. But that was when we were all 14, just kids and so immature. Now, we embarass each other in front of kids at school.

Author's Note: Sorry this is so short. But I have other stories to update. Please comment, that would help alot. Oh and if you didn't notice in the summary, they are all human okay? Thanks so much for reading my story, I hope you like the E POV, oh, and don't worry, I won't mess up any of the pairings, they will all get back together shortly. Okay? Thanks, bye, review!