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I'm Messed Up, She's Perfect

"Bella, I think I love you..." I said slowly, as I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She kissed back, but in a different way then I thought it would turn out.... There IS going to be SMUT. You have been warned! No Vamps, just humans.

Hope you enjoy this chapter ^^

2. Chapter 2 Bella

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We finally arrived at school and I slowly got out of the car, I lit a cigarette and smoked it while Alice glared at me. “You shouldn’t be smoking, Edward.” She said my name in almost a hiss. I looked at her, “If you tell Esme, you can walk home.” She ‘hmphed’ and walked away. I just stared at her and kept smoking.

The bell rang and I threw the cig on the ground and started walking into class with my hands in my pockets, my grey jacket covered any scars on the tops of my arms so I didn’t have to watch out for people looking or anything.

I walked into class, the teacher turned around and looked at me. “Ahh, Mr.Cullen, you finally decided to join us, hmmm?” I nodded and hurried to my seat, ya, even though I’m a guy, I still get nervous when people stare at me. I’m not that confident. This was biology, which, surprisingly, was my best subject. I took a peak at the girl sitting beside me and moved closer to her. “What a ass…” I muttered and she laughed a little looking at me. She took out a piece of paper and scribbled something down.

My name is Bella, aren’t you new here?

I took the small piece of paper and read, then started to reply.

Ya, And I hate it, How long have you beeen living in this shit hole?

Bella laughed under her breath a little. She covered the piece of paper so I couldn’t see it like I was going to cheat off of her or something. I smiled a little to myself.

Haha, I’ve been living here my hole life, my mom left my dad when I was a baby, so I just live with my dad, how about you?

Uhm…I don’t really like talking about it…

I understand…so whats your name?

My name is

The teacher took our note away and read it out loud to the class. I shrunk into my jacket and glared at him. “My name is Edward…” I muttered angrily under my breath. Bella gave me a ‘I’m sorry…’ look and turned to the front of the class and paid attention. I sat there and kept looking at her…..

When the bella FINALLY rang I walked out of class and into the cafeteria to find my family and sit with them. “Edward!” I heard Alice call. She was sitting at a table with Bella, Rosalie, and two other guys I didn’t know. I walked over to them, my hands in my pockets like usual, and sat down beside Bella. She smiled kindly at me.

“Hey, Edward.” She said quietly and Alice looked at us bot. “Hey, Bella.” I said back to her in the same tone…happy..ish.

“So….i’m guessing you two already know each other.” Alice smiled at Bella, gently bumping her under the table. I nodded to Alice. “I sit beside her in Biology.”

(Time Skip)

When I got home I dropped my books on the counter, hugged Esme, and went to my room. I sat lazily on my bed with the journal in my hand and a pen in the other hand. I began writing.

So there is this girl at School…her name is bella and the FIRST thing I noticed is that she is REALLY REALLY pretty. But I don’t really know how to….interact with people without saying something I’ll regret.

Wow do I ever feel like a fag writing about this like a little school girl…

After that, I lay down and went to sleep. Not bothering with my homework.

NOTE: I’m sorrrryyyyyy its so short! Having writers block! D:<