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The Penguin

Talking Penguins+Bella+the Cullens=? read to find out come on guys 114 reads and only one review, whats up with that? you guys dont have to like I honestly dont care. i wish someone would give me some constructive critisism


1. Chapter 1

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"hahaha. You cant catch me Edward"

Then I realize something, has Edward always been so short?

Then I open my eyes and I am very...confused. Why is there a lime green and electric blu penguin in my rocking chair?

"Why hello pretty lady." The penguin says. So he talks now too.What else is going to happen. Then all of a sudden a pink and yellow Zebra pops out of nowhere. So I decide its time to call Edward and make sure I'm not crazy. So I pick up my L.G. Zenon and dial Edward's number , tell him whats going on and less than 3 1/2 minutes later he's there and taking in the surroundings in my mow overly crowded room and asks me if I got new pets.

"Edward now why exactly would I get a pet?"

"Bella love, I don't know. I just thought that may be why all of these animals would be in your room."

"So I'm not crazy, yessss. Now I don't have to go an asylum."

"No, no love you don't"

"So Edward how exactly are we going to get a Zebra and a talking penguin out of the house without one of the neighbors thinking we are pochers?"

"okay lets leave the Zebra here and take the penguin in a really big suitcase for now then later come back and get the Zebra."

"Sounds good to me"

Later at the Cullens' house

Alice's Point of View

"Carlisle can we please keep the penguin, he could keep Emmett company."


"Please Daddy."


"Pwetty pwease wif a cherry on top?"

"Fine we'll keep him. But you are in charge of keeping him clean and adding on the room. Remember that penguins need low temperatures to stay alive."

"I know, I know."

3 days, 127 shopping trips, and 1 new room later

"Polly, where are you?"

"In here Alice."

"Oh there you are. So do you like my new talking penguin line dedicated to you?"

"Of course I do Alice. I esspecially like all the shirts with the penguins talking and have the talking bubble things and you can design what they say."

"By the way how'd you come up with it?"

"Why thank you I noticed Bella drawing the other day and just thought of going upstairs and sketching and had the vision while sketching and just kind of put in the line."

"Well its great."


"Well I got to go."

"'Kay, bye"