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Everyone in the pack is capable of imprinting, right? So Seth known as the newest and youngest addition he is surrounded by imprints and love. Disgusting for someone who doesn't have a lover right? Well what if Seth's Imprint isn't much different from Jacob's. See what Imprinting might lead to. Imprints

Hey guys, when you pick out your favorite person in the pack... It's Jacob, right? Well mine it's Seth Clearwater! SO here is a story about his Imprint! Find out who or what she is! Remember one thing I'm 12 so I don't have much experience in writing!

1. Laughter

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Seth's Point Of View

I sat down on the couch scanning the room for the remote. Then silently my eyes fell to the table right next to Embry and Clare, humph.

The day Clare turns old enough to get a boyfriend Embry and her are making out. I don't know why this made me so angry though, everyone does it everyday. but maybe that’s just it, they never take a frickin' breath when they kiss.

I rolled my eyes as I got off the couch to retrieve the remote. The thing I hated the most is the only thing that can keep me occupied is to watch T.V. I never had anything better to do, sometimes I'd go to the Cullen’s because they'd spend their nights together. Unfortunately Jake and Nessie spend most of their time there, so I only go there when their not.

I kind of missed playing doghouse with Rosalie, I never really thought of it as fun though. More like amusing, because Rosalie would try to offend me but I always laughed at her attempts.

But sometimes when Rosalie was gone I would hang out with Alice when she gave Bella an outfit check. It was kind of funny when Bella would make a fuss over having to wear high heels, also known as peep toe shoes. Alice always complained when I made a remark about 'high heels'.

I chuckled quietly as the memories flooded in. Sometimes I had more fun with the vampires than my pack, interesting.

As I began to pace toward the table realizing Embry moved it to the table behind him... as Clare lay on top of him. I could have spit in Embry's eye and he wouldn't mind as long as he and Clare's tongues were dancing together.

Carefully not to interrupt Embry and Clare I reached over almost ready to grab it until I toppled forward on top of both of them.

"You pervert! Can't you get your own girl?" He said smacking me.

"I was trying to get the remote" I said calmly reaching for the remote this time. Fortunately I got it without falling again.

"Why don't you Imprint already?" He said using his Jackass tone.

"Why don't you get a room?" I asked smugly.

"Because Jake and Nessie are using it" he said smiling, quietly Clare giggled going forward to kiss Embry again. I growled, disgusting.

"I'm going to the Cullen's. God, all of you need a break!" I said stomping out of the door with the T.V remote still in my hand. Since as Embry said Nessie and Jake were using his room, so I think it'll be safe to go to the Cullen’s for a bit.

As the house was in view I suddenly turned away from the Cullen home as I saw Jake and Nessie on the couch. I let out a sigh and turned in the direction of the mall, maybe I'll imprint. Even though Imprinting is suppose to happen when you least expect it, why can't I at least go look?

After passing the busy roads, after about a mile later I was able to reach the view of the parking lot.

Once I passed the parking lot I saw a group of girls giggling. I threw a wink in their direction causing the girl on the left to blush. I smiled at the thought of getting any girl I wanted. Even if I didn't imprint....I could at least get a girlfriend, right?

I looked back once more at the group, the girl on the right of the three was a bit bulgy, she was still cute though. Dark blonde hair, with red highlights. Nope not her.

I looked at the girl in the middle she was the tallest, thin, blonde hair with pink highlights. Nope not her.

Then I looked at the girl on the left, the one who blushed. She was the only Brunette in the group. She had no highlights, healthy hair then. And she looked normal weight for a girl, and was the shortest.

Nope still not her.

I closed my eyes thinking, why would I meet my imprint in the mall?

Then opening my eyes I realized there was a fourth girl trying to catch up with the group. She was another blonde. She was a medium height, she had brown natural highlights. Ok, healthy hair. She was pretty skinny, but still no.

I let out a sigh of frustration, why couldn't I find the one girl that is meant for me? Carefully taking another glance at the girls, I saw the girl on the left look at me again, blush crept back to her cheeks. I smiled, why not talk to her?

Carefully keeping normal pace I caught up with the girls before they made it to the entrance door. Going ahead of the girls I opened up the door, gesture of a gentlemen.

They all giggled except for the girl on the left. All she did was mutter a small 'Thank you'.

I smiled, I liked a shy girl. Didn't talk to much, laughed all the time. Why not give it a shot? Even if she isn't my Imprint?

"May I be as kind to join you girls with your shopping?" I asked giving my best smile. All the girls giggled, then the tallest girl answered.

"We'd love if you'd join us. Isn't that right Rachel?" The girl nudged the one on the left. So her name was Rachel? I smiled small, she did like me? But I should be careful, if she gains the courage to ask me out, I'll just destroy it. I couldn't do that.

"Thank you" I said grinning.

"Are you sure you want to hold their bags the whole time?" Rachel asked smiling bringing her gaze off the ground for the first time.

"How 'bout I just join you guys during a drink" I said winking at them, but no one in specific.

"Alright" they all said, except for Rachel. She just frowned and put her eyes back to the floor. Should I stand them up? I really didn't want to face Rachel again knowing her crush. Though even if I stood them up I'd never see them again anyway.

Then as they all were out of sight I walked toward the entrance door. As I got through I felt the crisp cold wind hit my face. I didn't even get the chance to look around the mall for my real imprint. I knew for sure that Rachel wasn't my Imprint, so I wouldn't lead her on. I should just give up on the whole imprint thing, let it happen when it wants to. I sighed walking back out of the parking lot.

As I walked back through the parking lot, I smelled a vampire. It was different though, I knew the scent was a vampire, but I didn't smell as bad.

I followed the trail, it didn't lead far until I saw a young girl walk into a car. Walking fast toward the car before it drove off, then unexpectedly the passengers door opened. Then I hid behind another car peering through its windows. Making sure whoever it was didn't see me.

Edward Cullen, huh? Then I guess it was Bella in the other side of the car. But the scent wasn't hers. As I watched Edward make his way to the other side of the car to open the door I held my breath. He couldn't sense me here otherwise I'm dead.

Watching as a women like figure stepped out, I heard her mumble but couldn't make it out.

"Come on Sophie, we have to surprise Bella" he said taking the girls hand. I gasped as I saw her face, the girl was amazingly beautiful. Then a small laugh almost escaped through my lips as I realized all vampires are suppose to be beautiful.

But for some reason there was something different about this one. Sophie, she was about my height, just a little shorter. Dark blonde hair, with a child like face. Slowly I stepped out from behind the car. Making me visible to Edward and Sophie.

First Edward got in the protective stance in front of Sophie once he caught my scent. Sophie, who I was completely new to didn't even flinch. Looking up hearing Edward hiss she smiled in my direction. Stunned as I was I returned the smile.

"Oh Seth, sorry" Edward muttered grabbing Sophie's coat.

"It's ok Edward. Who's this?" I asked taking another peak over to Sophie.

"You know who she is Seth" he said letting out a sigh.

"Right" I said bringing my gaze to the ground. Then I heard small hand chimes cover the surface of the parking lot. Looking up seeing Sophie burst into laughter. Looking at her wide grin it looked as if a dozen crystals have been place on her teeth. I smiled, her laughter was like music, then again she was a vampire.

Edward looked relaxed as her laughter filled the parking lot. I looked at him curiously, why was he with her anyway?

"Because she's part of Bella's family" he said answering my thought question.

"And the reason her laughter is a good thing, is because of her power" he said shrugging looking over to now silent Sophie.

"Anyway while we're at the mall try making her laugh" he said giving Sophie a small shove toward me. Though she held her head high and didn't look at the ground, she was still shy, and beautiful...

"Seth what's wrong with you?" Edward asked detecting my thoughts.

"Just mind your own brain" I said looking at him. Which sent a small giggle out of Sophie.

"Just keep her laughing!" Edward demanded walking toward the car.

"What am I suppose to do?" I asked, a little pissed how he just dumped a girl that I barely even knew for 10 minutes on me, and then tried to leave.

"Take her around the mall, talk, enjoy, bye" Then without further discussion Edward left. I let out a sigh of frustration.

"Such a dick" I said quietly. Even though no one was meant to hear that Sophie just screeched out with laughter. I smiled as everyone turned to look at her. But that just made her laugh harder.

"So why do you have to laugh so much?" I asked.

"My power" She said with a shrug.

"What’s your power?" I asked.

"I'll tell you later" She said taking my hand and leading me toward the mall. Oh Crap! I was bound to bump into Rachel and the other group.

"Umm Sophie. What are we going to do in the mall?" I asked eyeing her carefully.

"Just walk and talk, maybe shop a bit" she said walking even faster.

"What kind of shopping?" I asked slowly.

"I don't know" she said.

"Is it anything like Alice Shop?" I said almost scared. But then she laughed.

"No nothing like that" She said grinning widely.

As we walked toward the mall I didn't see the group of girls, I was happy about that.

Then when we walked past the Cafe' I saw all of them bundled up talking and giggling while Rachel stared to the ground, a sad look. They all were waiting for me to arrive. Such a sad picture, it's like those girls will do anything to get near a guy.

"She's got a crush on you" Sophie said pointing to Rachel.

"Does she?" I asked trying to play stupid.

"Yeah, but I don't want you talking to her" Sophie said speeding her pace.

"Why?" I asked not really caring.

"Because today is a day where you and me spend time together" I smiled once she put my hand back into hers. Is this what Imprinting felt like? I dearly hoped so