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Almost Lover

Twilight/Heroes Crossover. Post New Moon A year after The Cullens leave Bella moves to New York to study acting. There she meets Peter and Nathen Petrelli and soon discovers that Charlie isn't her real father, Nathen is and that she is special. (If you have seen Heroes, Bella takes Claire's place.)
Three years after that Peter is a sucessful doctor and Bella is upcoming model/actress. What happens when a fimalar doctor shows up as Peter's newest co-worker? And when he brings his family to the annual Petrelli dinner party?
Bella/Peter Bella/Edward OOC Regular Pairings.


1. Chapter 1: Prologue and Nightmares

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It's amazing what one single word can do to one's heart. One word can make or break one's relationship. In my case, one word- one lone word- broke my heart when I was eighteen years old. That word -No- has haunted my nightmares for four years.

I thought when that word left his lips that I'd be done with him. I thought at some point I could handle that. Now I could handle a lot of things. Like finding out I was adopted and could heal from any wound. And I could expect a lot of the things that would happen when Edward- wince- left.

But the one thing I couldn't handle, the one thing I never expected is of course the one thing that happened to me. That he would walk back into my life four years later.



I was downstairs when I heard the daily screams coming from my neice's room. Nathen, Ma, and I looked at each other.

"I did it yesterday." Nathan said looking back at his morning paper. That wasn't true. I'd been waking her up for the last month. Ma looked at me silently telling me with her eyes to not argue and that Bella trusted me more anyway. I rolled my eyes and ran up the stairs, the begging and screaming getting closer as I got closer to her room.

She never straight out told us his name but from her screams we knew his first name was Edward. And a blind man could tell that she loved him. I thought that finally, four years after leaving Forks that she was over him, and in a way she was. She smiled fake smiles, laughed fake laughs and since her acting skills had improved so much most people believed that she was fine, even Ma and Nate. Her dreams were the only reminder to them that, that man existed. She was now a high socity girl and fake smiles and laughs were nessary but she had never fooled me for a second. She was healing but it was taking a very long time.

She's never noticed but I was in love with her. She meant the world to me and if I ever met this Edward kid I would personally-

My thought was cut short by a heart wrenching scream. Her voice refelcted how much she was in pain and it cut through me like a rusty knife. I bolted to her side.

"No! Edward please! Don't do this! Ahhhhhhhh! You lied to me! Why? You don't want me? You don't love me? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Her screams were the personifaction of pain.

"Shhhh. Bella, honey. It's okay. You're fine, baby" -I knew from previous wakings to not call her sweetheart that's what he once called her-"You're fine." Her screams slowly faded as her eyes opened and I could she the chocolate depths of her eyes.

"Peter. I-I'm sor-sorry. I di-didn't mean to..." her voice broke into sobs as she cried into my chest.

"Bells. Honey no one believes it's your fault. Do you want to talk about it?" I asked already knowing the answer. No. It was always no. She never wants to talk about it. And it's very frusterating. But if that's what she wants then that's fine with me. So that's what shocked me more then anything.

"Yes. Yes, Peter. I want to talk about it. The nightmares. Him. His family. What happened. Why he left. What he was. Everything. You deserve to know."

Whoa. So not expecting that.


"You don't want me?"


I knew I was asleep. some part of me knew that but that didn't stop the pain- the unbarable pain. So I did what I always did I screamed.

I was vaughly aware that someone was shaking me, telling me that it was okay; that I was okay. I open my eyes to see my uncle Peter. How I loved him. To me he wasn't an uncle more like a combonation of my love for Jacob and Edward. He was like a lover and friend. Of course he would only ever think of me as his illegitimate neice.

"Peter. I- I'm so-sorry. I di-didn't mean to..." I tried to be strong but the sobs won and ripped through my throat. I cried into his chest.

"Bells. No one believes it's your fault. Do you want to talk about it?" He asked as he does every day. I always said no but I haven't talked to anyone about it since Jacob. But if I told him I would have to tell him everything. He'd think I was insane. He'd think-

"Yes. Yes, Peter. I want to talk about it. The nightmares. Him. His family. What happened. Why he left. What he was. Everything. You deserve to know." The words came out of my mouth before I could stop them. Both of our eyes doubled in size.

"Hey, Bells how'd ya sleep darlin'?" Nathan appeared at my doorway.

"Oh, same old same old. Freaky nightmares." I smiled the signature Petrelli smirk.

"Okay. Ma has to go around the city, ya know planning for the party Saturday. I have to go into the office. You two gonna be ok here by yourselves?"

"Yeah, Nate." Peter said the same time I said, "Sure Daddy."

Nathan smirked. "Okay. Make sure not to do anything that would upset me, Pete. Remember I may be your brother but I'm still Bella's father." Peter blushed. Ah, that's where I got it. I sure didn't get it from Gran Angela or Nathan.

"So talk." Peter said once Nathan left to get ready.

"Wait til they leave. We have to be completely alone. I only trust you with this." Peter smiled as if just winning some sort of prize.

We walked downstairs as Angela and Nathan were leaving. They would be back in about ten hours.

I went to get some cofee and toast. When I sat down Peter was across form me, his face unreadable.

"Isabella Marie Swan Petrelli, you have the floor and my undivided attention for the next ten hours."

Oh, swoon.