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Sophie is strange, anyone can see that. But her entire world is turned upside down when she becomes fascinated with the Cullen's. They slowly become friends, but what will happen when the Cullen's discover she has a secret of her own? And what will a certain werewolf think of all this? (Post Breaking Dawn, no renesmee.)


1. Chapter 1

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I had always been alone. Always took comfort in it. Being alone was familiar, safe. Being with others was dangerous and unknown. Yet, I still knew things. I knew about the ordinary girl sitting in the desk in front of me. I knew how she was kind, sincere, yet somehow cast out from the others, like me.

But it was not her who caused me to look up from my seat. The seat that I had always sat in, never bothering to glance around at the others. Many have tried to include me, maybe hoping to be friends, but the attempts soon faded. No, it was not the girl in front of me. It was the couple sitting in the back of the room.

I quickly regretted it when I locked eyes with the boy. He was beautiful, almost inhumanly, and staring at me with a look of… frustration? His gaze was so intense that I had to look away. I wanted so badly to talk to them, a feeling I had never experienced before. I had never talked to anyone at this school, afraid they would cast me out, as everyone else had.

I barely noticed the teacher’s lesson. I didn’t really need to learn this lesson, I already had. I already knew what I needed to learn. I had too much free time, reading textbooks gave me something to do. It sucked being alone all the time.

I glanced back again, only to see that both of them were staring at me this time. I stared back. The female looked away first, quietly whispering something to the boy, whose gaze hadn’t dropped. He glanced to her, muttering something under his breath, and gathered his books. I only had to wait a few seconds until the shrill ringing of the bell reminded me that I was still in school.

I wanted to know more of those strangers. I had never seen them in this school before. They must be new, like me. So I squared my shoulders and walked determinedly toward the female. She, after all, was the one who had been shy, and I was too scared to talk to the boy.

“Can I help you?” The boy, asked not unkindly.

I opened my mouth, but could not cause sound to come out. I had gone without talking to others, for fear of alerting them to what I was.

“Are you okay?” The girl asked, genuinely concerned. I was afraid of them. Why had I gone up to them? They’re just another high school couple, ready to cast me out, like everyone I confided in. The boy stepped in front of the girl, in a very protective stance. He glared at me, angry. I looked at him, frightened. He looked strong, dangerous even. I felt the tears well up in my eyes. What was I thinking? I couldn’t talk to them. I turn and fled, tears spilling out of my eyes. Before I was out of earshot I heard the girl mutter.

“Oh Edward.. Must you frighten people so?”

“Sorry, dear.” He whispered. He said something else, but I couldn’t hear anymore.