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Sophie is strange, anyone can see that. But her entire world is turned upside down when she becomes fascinated with the Cullen's. They slowly become friends, but what will happen when the Cullen's discover she has a secret of her own? And what will a certain werewolf think of all this? (Post Breaking Dawn, no renesmee.)


2. Chapter 2

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My obsession grew. Who were these people? The boy who’d glared at me hadn’t so much as glanced at me all lunch. The others, who sat at that table, not eating, glanced at me often, looking away when our eyes met. They all had the strange gold eyes, it was fascinating.

I only had English with any of them, but semester ended today. Tomorrow would be a day of new classes. I hoped that maybe some of them would be in my classes; I also hoped desperately they wouldn’t. We were getting our class lists today, in last block.

I got up slowly from the table when the shrill bell rung. As I stood, my foot caught on the edge of my seat, causing me to fall right into a pair of cold arms. Flushing, I looked up and froze as I saw a bronze boy staring down at me with an amused expression.

“I…Umm…sorry…I-“I stuttered, talking for once. I winced as my voice tinkled like a freak. Inhuman. He stiffened as he heard my voice, pushing me away, but still gripping my arms.

“No, it’s alright.” He whispered, his voice velvety, beautiful, much like mine. His hands were cold and hard, like marble. I blinked, coming to my senses, and began to loosen myself from his grasp. Way to avert attention. I couldn’t help myself though, they’re so fascinating.

“I…I mean…I’m Sophie...by the way…umm…” I stumbled.

“Edward.” He replied, flashing me a beautiful crooked smile. I returned the smile, but did not show my teeth, that would be bad.

“I’ve got to be going…to class…” I said lamely. Then I quickly walked out of the cafeteria to my next class.


The next morning I woke up to find I was running 20 minutes behind. I jumped into the shower, letting the hot water soak me for about five minutes. I brushed my blonde curls, dried them and applied a thin line of mascara. Pulling down my sleeve, I quickly covered up the marks on my shoulder with foundation. I brushed my teeth, carefully, so as to not cut myself again, and grabbed my class schedule off my desk. Sliding on a pair of dark jeans and a yellow top, I made myself breakfast. I wolfed it down, and ran out of my house. Big mistake. As soon as I stepped out the door, I felt a familiar pricking sensation along my back. Crap! I sprinted back inside and slammed the door. Idiot! You live in town! Anyone could have seen that! I stomped up the stairs and grabbed my charm bracelet. It was silver and had many golden charms that glittered in the sunlight. It was my prized possession. It was also completely necessary. I relaxed as I fastened the clip and felt the familiar weight on my wrist. I’d never forgotten myself like that before; it was frightening because I was good at appearing, well, human. I grabbed my coat, and began my short walk to school.


First period was tiresome. Biology. To my disappointment (and delight) Edward wasn’t in my class. Mr. Thompson babbled on and on about the curriculum for his class. The moment I thought I would go insane from boredom, the bell rang, saving me. I gathered my books and walked slowly towards the door.

“Ms. Taylor?” Mr. Thompson called out. I sighed, and backtracked over to him. “I noticed you weren’t paying attention to my lecture. Are you sure you understand what’s expected of you?” He questioned. God he was annoying.

“I’m sure Mr. Thompson. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to be late.” I replied curtly. I saw his eyebrows rising in surprise when I realized I’d spoken out loud.

“Not to be rude Sophie, but your voice is...Well interesting I must say. It’s almost like, bells perhaps. I wonder.....never you mind off to class."

I clamped my mouth shut as I ducked out of the room. Only when I was at my locker did I relax.

Why haven’t I been remembering to act human? I had been talking to people, stalking Edward, involving myself with people. I gathered my books that I needed for Math next block. I grabbed my pen, slammed my locker shut and turned to be hit by some senior whose name i didn't know, sending my books flying.

Exhaling angrily I bent down to pick up all the papers that flew out of my binder but a slender pair of pale hands beat me to them. I looked up, and saw a small smiling girl with black hair cropped in a pixie cut and a tiny body laughing quietly. I recognized her to be one of the people who sat with Edward at their table. I grabbed my textbook when she handed me the rest of my papers. She picked up my schedule, looked at it and giggled.

"I have math next too! I'll see you then!" She chirped.

"Umm...what’s your name?" I asked timidly, forgetting myself again. STOP TALKING. Her smile faded for a moment, but was back on her face in an instant.

"Alice." She giggled. Was she always this happy?

"Oh, I'm-"

"Sophie. I know Edward told me. I'm his sister. See you in class!" With that she skipped away. I watched her dance down the hall to wear a tall blonde (beautiful) boy who was waiting for her. She kissed him lightly on the lips, pulled back a bit and gazed into his eyes. It was so intimate I had to look away. I turned and walked towards my math class. I was going to be late.