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Sophie is strange, anyone can see that. But her entire world is turned upside down when she becomes fascinated with the Cullen's. They slowly become friends, but what will happen when the Cullen's discover she has a secret of her own? And what will a certain werewolf think of all this? (Post Breaking Dawn, no renesmee.)


3. Chapter 3

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I almost died when I walked into Math class. Mr. Banter had the assigned seats written on the board, and while Alice was in the back, I was on the other side of the class, right next to Edward.

He was already in his seat, and Alice was sitting on the table beside him, talking to him in a hushed voice. When she saw me walk in she gave him a quick peck on the cheek and danced off to sit beside a very shy girl named Ashley. She was in my Biology.

I walked timidly over to my side of our desk and sat down quietly. Not looking at him, I pulled out my books and placed them in front of me. The bell rang, signaling class to start. It was a miracle I was on time.

Knowing Mr. Banter, he would not waste time on lecturing about curriculum. I was not disappointed. He instantly handed out thick review packets to finish by the end of class. I opened mine and quickly began. I knew most of the answers immediately, being that I had done this course many times, so within half an hour I was finished.

I glanced up at Edward and saw he was done as well. He was absentmindedly gazing out the window, obviously deep in thought. I gathered my packet and was about to get up when he spoke.

“Here, let me hand that in for you.” He was already standing, hand out for my papers. I handed them to him, nodding like an idiot. I remembered not to speak this time, so I smiled lightly instead, careful not to reveal my teeth. He gracefully walked to Mr. Banter’s desk, placed our packets on it, came back and sat by me. He turned his chair to face me and smiled a 100 watt smile.

“So I hear you met my sister Alice.” He teased. “Don’t mind her, she’s a bit insane.” I laughed then, my voice tinkling, I instantly clamped my hand over my mouth. Are you stupid? Shut up! He gave me an odd look, and then continued.

“Have you done this before? You finished pretty quickly.” Might as well talk to him, he’s already heard your voice.

“So did you.” I replied, avoiding his question.

“Yes…I suppose I did.” He muttered quietly. I watched as Alice finished her packet, handed it in and skipped over to our table.

“Hey guys!” She chirped in her cute little bird voice. Edward huffed something under his breath before Alice smacked him upside the head.

“I am not annoying Edward, you’re just too easily annoyed.” She said smugly. She turned to me.

“That review packet was pretty long hey Sophie?”

“Yeah.” I replied lamely, wincing at my voice. Alice didn’t seem to notice, so I kept talking.

“So you guys are new here?” I asked, desperate to know more about them. She seemed happy to answer.

“Yep, just moved here last week.” She bubbled.

“Who are the others?” I asked, thinking of the blonde boy in the hall.

“Well…” she said thinking. “There’s me obviously, and Edward here, plus Bella and Jasper. Rosalie and Emmett went off to college in LA.” I remembered Alice kissing the blonde one, Jasper perhaps.

“Jasper, that must be your boyfriend then?” I asked.

“Yep!” She giggled.

“So that leaves you and Bella, right?” I said turning back to Edward, who looked slightly amused.

“That’s right.” He chuckled. At that moment the bell rang. Before I could react Alice had my books in her arms.

“You’ll eat lunch with us today, won’t you Sophie?” She asked, sounding excited.

“Umm…okay.” I replied, smiling timidly.

“Jasper had to go home sick.” She said to Edward. His eyebrows raised in understanding. Alice continued. “Why don’t you find Bella and meet in the cafeteria?” Before he could respond Alice grabbed my arm and started walking. As soon as I had my books in my locker Alice started to drag me into the cafeteria entrance.

“Alice!” A girl called. I turned around to see Edward holding hands with a beautiful girl with long brown hair and those same golden eyes. Alice let go of my arm to go give her a loving hug. She grabbed the girls hand and all but dragged her over to me.

“Bella, this is Sophie.” She chirped. Bella smiled.

“Hi Sophie, I hear you’re sitting with us today?” She said warmly.

“Yes.” I replied simply, waiting for her reaction to my voice. Bella didn’t even flinch. But then again, all of them have voices similar voices to mine. Bella looked back at Edward and there was no mistaking the amount of love and devotion they had for each other. We walked over to the table in the far corner, ignoring the whispers and stares.

We all grabbed our trays of food and sat down. I nervously fiddled with my charm bracelet.

“So, Sophie, tell us about yourself.” Bella asked a few minutes later. Crap. What do I tell her?

“Well, I moved here from Canada with my parents at the beginning of the school year, but they spend their time traveling. They’re photographers you see. I live at home by myself mostly.” I guess that’s not too far from the truth.

“And you don’t mind? Being alone?” Alice asked.

“Not really, I like being alone.” I replied. I stared at Alice as her face suddenly went blank. She stared off into space until Edward nervously chuckled.

“Daydreaming?” He teased. Alice blinked and laughed.

“I suppose.” She said, lightly punching Edward on the shoulder. She glanced at the clock and then stood up with her tray.

“I’m going to go check on Jasper, see if he’s okay. I’ll be back in time for class, don’t worry.” She giggled. I watched as she dumped her tray in the garbage and walked outside.

“She’s a bit odd that one.” Bella stage whispered to me. I laughed quietly.

“Apparently.” I teased, looking at Edward. He smiled brightly for a moment and then refocused on his tray. We sat in silence for a bit, but it didn’t feel like it needed to be filled, it was just peaceful. How strange that I would finally fit in somewhere, after decades of standing out.

“What class do you have next?” Edward asked politely.

“Ummm…” I said, thinking of the schedule carelessly thrown in my locker. “P.E. I believe. “

“Me too!” Bella exclaimed.

“Socials.” Edward replied with a smile. “With Alice and Jasper.” I jumped as the shrill bell rang. I got up with my mostly full tray.

“I’ll see you in P.E. Bella.” I smiled, walking towards the door.

“Wait!” she said, kissing Edward quickly then walking over to me. “I’ll walk with you there.”

“Alright.” I agreed. We walked swiftly to the gym, changing into the shorts and top that we were given. I was delighted to find we would be running. I loved to run. Although, it was annoying to have to slow up for the rest of the class, and pretend to be out of breath. Today was just a simple one mile run to see where we at. We lined up outside the school and the coach directed us where to go.