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Left Behind

When I was five years old my mother died from a long battle with breast cancer. My father didn’t take the news well. He committed suicide 2 days later.I didn't blame him because it led me to where I belong with the Cullens. Au-human E/B


1. Chapter 1

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When I was five years old my mother died from a long battle with breast cancer. My father didn’t take the news well. He committed suicide 2 days later. He just wanted to be with her just like I had, I don’t blame him for his actions even though they left me alone. In 3 days my life was gone. I had no family and was most likely going to be placed into foster care for the time until I turned 18. At five I had no clue what was going on.

At my Father’s and Mother’s joint funeral there were only the men Dad worked with at the police station and my mother’s friends, oh and the neighbors The Cullen Family. I didn’t understand why everyone was crying mommy was in heaven with God and Jesus and Daddy just went to go with them. Everything was going to be okay or so a five year old thought.

The next day social services came. I remember the woman to be very pretty she had orange hair and green eyes that looked like grass. She had given me a lollipop and told me to play with my toys while she talked to Mrs. Cullen who had taken care of me while mommy and daddy were in heaven. The part of that day I remembered most was when Mrs. Cullen picked me up and held me close to her chest, I wished that she wouldn’t let go.

I woke up in a strange and unfamiliar room. It had blue walls and black furniture. I was swaddled up in a mound of blankets on the floor with a boy next to me who was a bit older than me lying in a pit of blankets as well. He had a weird hair color a mix between the honey in the bear and a penny. Then he woke up.

“Hi, I’m Edward” he said groggily. Before I could say my name Mrs. Cullen came in.

“Isabella dear your awake, would you like breakfast or anything you want honey pie, okay. Don’t feel shy.”

“Well than I want pancakes” Edward said to his mother.

“I wasn’t asking you Edward” Mrs. Cullen reprimanded her son. Mrs. Cullen came further into the room and picked me off the floor.

“Let’s go get you dressed little missy and introduce you to the rest of the family” Mrs. Cullen cooed to Bella with a warm smile on her face.

In the Kitchen there were two other children a girl about Bella’s age playing with Baby dolls and a boy shoveling down a bowl of cereal who was much older than her.

“Kids this is little Bella from next door I told you she is going to live with us for now on okay so be nice and treat her like your new little sister” Mrs. Cullen asked sweetly of her children.

“Hey Belly I’m Emmett” the older boy said and then gave me a huge hug “Hi” I squeaked out he was so big.

“Mom she is so cute” the little girl said “We are going to have so much fun, oh I’m Alice” she said giggling and jumping up and down from joy. I felt kind of nervous from all the excitement.

That day Allie and I played together. Then I became hungry and went downstairs to asked Mrs. Cullen for lunch.

“Mrs. Cullen I’m hungry” I said quietly while I pulled on her shirt for to get her attention.

“Okay sweetheart but please don’t call me Mrs. Cullen”

“Can I call you Mommy” I said, she could be Mommy number 2.

“Of course you can Bella” Mommy had a big smile on her face.

Later that day we all ate dinner including Mr. Cullen who told me I could call him Daddy. I liked it here. Mommy said that she was going to make me a pretty room for me and for now I could stay in Allie’s room with her.

During the night I woke up crying from a scary nightmare and went to the one place I felt safe, in Edward’s room. I walked to the end of the hallway and opened the door. I quietly found my way to his bed and crawled in. Then he started moving he was probably going to tell me to go back to Allie’s room.

“Bella what are you doing in here?” he asked half asleep.

“I had a nightmare Eddie” I said and started crying again. “SSSShh don’t cry Bella you can go to sleep here”

That was my first day with the Cullen’s and after that Edward and I were always inseparable. Mom never gave me my own room it would just defeat the purpose because I would have always of ended up in Edward’s room anyway. 5 years after that day I permanently became a Cullen for good.