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The Beginning

First Story in the Shapeshifter trilogy. 9 months after the Volturi have left things take a turn for the worse. The Cullens are leaving Wastington and leaving Jacob behind but could an old friend answer some unanswered questions.

Since I didnt get any responses for my first story I hope this one does better! This Jaime is different from the one in my other story! I do not own Twilight on the Daemons that appear within.

1. Chapter 1 - Misimprint

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The winter sun shone weakly over La Push in Washington, as a car pulled up outside a house along the street; many of the streets inhabitants were Native American’s of the Quileute tribe. The young woman who stepped out of the car that had just pulled up wasn’t one of them, she herself was of a distant Native American bloodline one of which was said to have died out; her last great ancestor was a witch by the name of Melinda Warren, who was burned at the stake. The young woman sighed she had finally returned home from a Egypt after two years while her foster parents worked there on some important trip, it wasn’t that she minded the long trips abroad it was that she was away from her normal teenage friends. The woman scoffed it had been a long time since she thought herself as normal, the only normal thing about her was her appearance; she had medium light brown hair, dazzling hazel eyes and a light tanned completion that never seemed to change, she was also very attractive for her age and had curves. “Jaime” called her foster mother, Elisa; she had dark orange hair with blue eyes and was pale while her husband Jonathon had dirty blonde hair with green eyes. “Yer” she said jogging up the steps where Elisa stood waiting on her, “could you take this to my study please” she said Jaime smiled taking the statue of Horus upstairs.

Jaime had taken years to adjust to her family’s life style of travelling, and when she was home she didn’t have many friends. However the greater advantage according to her parents was the fact she could speak many different languages and that she knew about many different countries, Jaime sighed as she set the statue on Elisa’s desk and sighed before looking out of the window at La Push. Jaime walked back down stairs pass Jonathon “I'm going for a jog” she said before disappearing out the door, allowing Jonathon to sigh “strange child” he muttered as Jaime jogged towards the woods unaware that she was being followed. “Jaime Alyssa Colbrook” said a voice; Jaime froze and turned to see an elderly man in a wheelchair Jaime smiled at him, “Billy” she said Billy had long black hair and brown eyes. “I thought it was you, my how you’ve grown” he said Jaime smiled feeling the energy spike within her “and a fully fledged daemon as well” he said also feeling the energy change with in the air Jaime nodded, it had been Billy Black who had talked her through her first transformation when she was thirteen and now at the age of eighteen Jaime didn’t regret it. Billy sighed “you are aware of what you have to do” he said Jaime nodded knowing it wasn't going to end well “could I see him, I mean, could I see him one last time?” Jaime asked licking her lips, Billy looked back at his home where his son could be seen coming out before he gave Jaime a quick nodded. “Thank you” she whispered as she watched Billy’s abnormally tall son, Jacob, walk towards them; Jacob had short black hair and chocolate brown eyes.

Jaime stepped out of the shadows so that Jacob did a double take, first he was happy to see his childhood friend then he looked confused to see his father talking to her, “Jaime” he said looking at her fully admiring the change within her “Jacob” Jaime said trying her best not to look him over. He smiled “wow, you look great” he said Jaime smiled “so do you” she said Billy slowly wheeled himself away allowing the two some alone time “so how was Egypt?” he asked as they worked towards the beach Jaime smiled “it was great if you don’t mind being eaten alive” she replied a smile formed on his face. Jaime smiled she had missed talking to her best friend since she travelled; lucky Jacob hadn’t changed, Jacob sighed “so what happened while I was away?” Jaime asked smiling before noticing that Jacob now had a strange tattoo on his right shoulder. “Not much, I sort of hang round with Sam and all that now” he said running his hand through his short hair “wow, what happened to the Jacob I knew, would avoid things like that” she joked Jacob chuckled. As they arrived by the beach Jaime felt a cold breeze run through her before Sam Urley appeared “we need to be heading off Jacob” he said Jacob looked at him then at Jaime “I’ve got to finish unpacking” she said knowing this maybe the last time she’d see her best friend, Jacob smiled at her gratefully before the two of them disappeared.

Sam Urley was a little shorter than Jacob and had short black hair and brown eyes, Jaime spotted that Sam also had the same tattoo as Jacob in the exact same place; Jaime shook her head before jogging towards the forest away from Jacob and Sam before turning into her daemon form; a natural daemon form was a large dog which fell into three basic categories the first is the Hunter form; these daemons were very lightly built for speed and hunting and they could reach 60 mph in just a matter of seconds, the next was the Battle form; these daemon were very heavily built so they could with stand lots of damage, the final form was the Patrol form; these daemons were slightly built for speed and stealth and could only reach the maximum speed of 40 mph. Jaime in her daemon form was a Hunter daemon and had light brown fur, Jaime looked at her paws and jogged towards the mountains checking her new territory before her new pack arrived. Jaime felt the heavy weight on her shoulders shift as she thought back to Jacob there was something different about him but for some reason she couldn’t put her finger on it.

Meanwhile Jacob and Sam had been joined by the rest of the pack; first there was Seth Clearwater; who had black hair and blue eyes, then Leah Clearwater; who had long black hair and brown eyes, then Paul; who had black hair and blue eyes, then Jared; who had black hair and brown eyes, then Embry Call; who also had black hair and brown eyes and finally Quil Ateara; who had black hair and green eyes. Jacob looked at Sam who seemed annoyed with him “we may have a problem” Sam said Jacob stretched as he stood “there may be a leech, hunting the area around La Push” Sam continued making Jacob stop and look at him, Jaime used to love taking strolls in the woods alone. Sam looked at the worry etched on to Jacobs face “and Jacob you need to break off your friendship as soon as possible” he said Jacob nodded before pulling off his top readying himself to change. As he changed into his wolf form he felt guilty of ending his friendship with Jaime, the Quileute Pack were descendant from wolves and were able to transform into werewolves, Jacob’s wolf form had russet fur. Sam’s wolf form had pure black fur, Jared’s wolf form had black fur with grey spots, Paul’s wolf form had grey fur, Embry’s wolf form had grey fur with black spots, Leah’s wolf form had light grey fur while her brother Seth had sandy brown fur and Quil had chocolate brown fur.

Jaime came to a river and lapped up some cool water before she heard a wolf howl rip through the air, Jaime sighed before slowly breaking into a run; she knew more about the Quileute legends than the locals thought after being taught by Billy who was on the Quileute tribe council and knew that Jaime and two other daemons were set to join the Quileute pack in the near future. Jaime broke into a 35 mph run leaving the lake behind before reaching the main road and changing back, she sighed as she stepped out on to the road before starting a slow work towards her house before a wolf’s howl erupted just behind her. Jaime looked back the way she came and stepped towards it “Jaime” called Jacob jogging to his best friend “did you hear that?” she asked Jacob shook his head before leading Jaime away from the forest just as the wolf form of Sam stepped out and watched them. “Weren’t you wearing a top?” she asked looking at a now topless Jacob over. Jacob shrugged as he stopped outside her house, “listen Jaime could you do me a favour and stay out the woods” he said before turning and leaving Jaime on the door step a tear rolling down her face as soon as Jacob was out of sight Jaime spoke “goodbye Jacob” she whispered knowing she had to do this; before stepping into the house and closing the door behind her while Billy watched, his face heavy with grief it was for their protection that he ordered Jaime to stop seeing Jacob. How many daemons had been lost in the Quileute battles along side the werewolves? And now with only three gaining the power to take form, what would happen if they died? Would the wolves be able to fight the leeches anymore?

Jacob reached the house on the outskirts of Forkes and looked at the young girl who was waiting for him, “Nessie” he said hugging the girl as her parents appeared; her mother, Bella Cullen, had dark brown hair with amber eyes and her father, Edward Cullen, had bronze hair and amber eyes. Jacob nodded at the two of them “you could come with us Jake?” Bella said hugging Edward, who put the last suitcase in the car, Jacob shook his head. Nessie looked at Jacob sadly “its okay we’ll see each other again” he said as he handed Nessie to Bella feeling the first of the strings that attracted him to Nessie start to snap, Edward looked at Jacob and sighed “we’ll see you at Christmas Jacob” he said before taking Nessie away from Bella and putting her in the car. “Bye Bells” he said watching Nessie as more of the strings that attracted him to Nessie snapped, Bella quickly climbed into the car before Edward drove away allowing the last of the strings to snap. Jacob felt it, it was if he was free again; free to reimprint on anyone, Sam walked up behind him “I’m not imprinted on her” Jacob said slightly breathless “yer, it appears it was a forced imprint on your part and your real imprint has arrived in La Push” Sam said leading them back to forest.

Jaime washed the dishes as the sun set out the window, as she finished she heard a knock on the door; Jaime went to answer it since her parents were way for the evening. As she opened the door there in his wheelchair was Billy Black, Jaime opened the door allowing him in just as Sam and Jacob arrived back, paying no attention to Billy disappearing into Jaime's home. Jaime sat at the kitchen table with a smiled, “the others will be arriving in the next few days” he said calmly knowing about Jacob’s imprinting problem, Jaime smiled she wasn’t going to be lonely to long since her parents were moving to the Amazon on a seven year expedition leaving Jaime and a few friends home alone. Billy sighed “have you said goodbye” he asked Jaime shook her head “I’m emailing him soon to tell him I can’t see him any more” Jaime said looking at the sunset sadly “its for the best Jaime, he could get hurt” he said Jaime nodded as the phone rang, Jaime ignored it “Jacob wants you home” she whispered her heart feeling as if it was being pulled apart Billy nodded “I’ll see you soon, Jaime when Natalie and Zoey arrive” he said before leaving Jaime alone.

As soon as Billy was out the door, Jaime collapsed on to the kitchen floor tears pouring down her face Jaime sobbed as she thought back to what could have been with Jacob and how she would have to crush him to destroy it. After a few minutes Jaime was able to pull herself together and finish cleaning the dishes as she did, Jaime felt a cold shiver crawl down her back; just as the doorbell rang “coming!” she called weakly known that this couldn’t end well, as Jaime opened the door she spotted her old friends Quil and Embry “Jay-Jay” said Quil dragging Jaime into a hug “damn Jaime, what happen ya look like a girl” Embry joked making Jaime smile “thanks guys and Embry I’m not a girl I'm a woman big difference” she said Embry smiled “well, we were wondering if the lovely young woman knew if our tomboy girl would be coming to tonight’s bonfire” Embry said as Quil jogged away towards Sam and Jacob who weren’t paying Jaime much attention. “Sorry Embry but I don’t feel up for a bonfire” she said watching Embry’s smile fall “okay? Well the four of us will have to go out some time just like before you left” he said trying to keep Jaime's attention “I don’t think that’s possible” Jaime said coolly before closing the door in Embry’s face. “What the?” he asked as he turned to face Jacob, Sam and Quil who had just missed Jaime closing the door, “women” muttered Quil before heading off with Sam leaving Jacob and Embry with worried looking faces, as their friend started to act strange; both not realizing that things around La Push were about to become more interesting.