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The Beginning

First Story in the Shapeshifter trilogy. 9 months after the Volturi have left things take a turn for the worse. The Cullens are leaving Wastington and leaving Jacob behind but could an old friend answer some unanswered questions.

Since I didnt get any responses for my first story I hope this one does better! This Jaime is different from the one in my other story! I do not own Twilight on the Daemons that appear within.

2. Chapter 2 - Saying Goodbye/Reimprinting

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Jaime spent the next week avoiding Jacob at all costs, and when she was at home Jaime found herself thinking back to when they were younger. Jaime walked down the street, with her grey hoody covering her face as it rained; she had just yet again successfully avoided Jacob at the local shop; Jaime groaned as a car pulled up next to her. As she looked at the driver she wasn’t surprised to see Jacob leaning against the roof looking at her “need a lift?” he asked looking Jaime over. “Sure why not?” she said hating that she couldn’t have cut through the forest, before climbing in; Jacob followed suit as soon as he was in Jaime regretted what she was going to have to do. “So I haven’t seen you in a week?” he said Jaime nodded “yer, I've been busy” she said looking away from Jacob “really oh yer like on Monday when you were round at Emily’s or Thursday when you took a walk with Seth” he said Jaime looked at him. “You’re avoiding us” he said getting upset, Jaime shook her head “Jacob” she said before he looked at her “you used to call be Jake” he said sadly Jaime looked away “I’m sorry” she breathed as the first house in La Push came into view.

Jacob sighed “you didn’t even come to the bonfire on Sunday and you never used to miss them” he said Jaime rubbed her hands together “I’ve got more things happening right now than I did before” she tried to explain Jacob pulled over by her house “so I’ll see you this Sunday at the bonfire?” he asked hopefully “I doubt it, I've got some friends over” she said bitterly hating to lie to her best friend “oh, well I guess I’ll see you around” he said Jaime nodded “right, erm thanks for the lift” Jaime said before getting out of the car and heading inside. As soon as she shut the door Jaime ran to the living room and screamed into a pillow “okay, that’s weird” said a voice by the kitchen door watching her. Jaime turned to see a young woman like herself with medium purple hair and green eyes “hi, I’m Natalie Simmons” the girl introduced Jaime smiled “you must be Jaime the alpha” Natalie said. Jaime nodded “yer, did you pick a room” she asked Natalie nodded “so, I'm a Hunting Daemon and my powers are telekinesis, premonitions and healing” Jaime said Natalie smiled and sat next to her “well, I'm a Battle Daemon and my powers are levitation, mind reading and I’m also a healer” Natalie said. Jaime stood “I’ve got to do something” she said Natalie nodded “it’s for the best” Natalie replied before Jaime disappeared towards the study where she had an email to write.

Jacob sat at his computer and sighed something was happening to his best friend; Jacob had felt like he was talking to a whole new person today one which seemed to dislike him. He sighed another problem was that he had felt drawn to pull the hood that had hidden her face from him down just to see if it was still her under there not some complete stranger. Jacob rubbed his eyes, it had felt like when he had just meet Bella and developed his crush on her and yet now Jaime was the one moving away from him, as he thought to himself Jacob heard the ping of an email arriving. Jacob looked at it in surprise it was from Jaime, as he read the email it became clear that his best friend was gone;

Dear Jacob,

I know I owe you an explanation for my behaviour in the last week so here it is; I don’t think we should be friends anymore. I know it seems harsh but I think it’s for the best, I don’t seem to be able to fit into your world anymore and I can’t change who I am and neither can you. You need your space and I need mine, I hope you find what you need in life and don’t let anything bring you down. You will always be in my heart.

I know like it may not look like it now but it’s for the best.

Love Jaime

Jacob sat in silence for a few minutes not believing what he had read; she didn’t want to be his friend anymore, Jacob shook his head as he quickly typed his reply his hands trembling as he went he needed to control himself. As he hit send Jacob left the room leaving the computer on, as he walked outside the cold days wind didn’t seem to bother him not since he stayed at toasty 108.9 °F unaware that he was being watched by one of La Pushes newest residents. Jacob jogged into the forest before removing his jeans and leaving them some where safe before turning into his wolf form; ‘what’s happening Jake?’’ Embry asked him Jacob shrugged as he let Embry read the email Jaime had sent him. ‘Well you aren’t meant to speak to her any way after next week’ Quil reminded Jacob sighed he didn’t care Jaime had been his best friend for twelve years and Sam wasn’t changing that ‘there's something going on’ Seth said siding with Jacob ‘she seemed a little withdrawn when she went for that walk with me’ Jacob looked at Sam who growled ‘cut the connection Jacob’ he ordered making the pack look at Sam ‘what? Sam you know as well as anyone Jaime is one of us’ Jared snapped Paul nodded Jaime had always hung around with them and not even them, being werewolves really changed that.

Jaime opened her email account knowing that Jacob had written her back, she sighed he wasn’t going to let her give up so easily;


Words can not expressive how I felt reading your email. You are my best friend and I never thought I’d lose you. It didn’t matter when we were emailing over the ocean or when you were stuck half way across the world; we could still be friends we could fight to keep are friendship alive. We’ve been through worse let’s not let this end.


Jaime shook her head as she heard a car pulling up outside the house “Zoey’s here” Natalie called from her room, where she had been unpacking and had moved the furniture around. Jaime walked down stairs and opened the door where a younger woman than herself was standing; she had strawberry blonde with baby blue eyes, Jaime smiled “Zoey Whitmore?” Jaime asked the woman nodded. “Jaime” she asked Jaime nodded “and I'm Natalie” Natalie said appearing at the bottom of the stairs, Zoey entered the house allowing Jaime to close the door; “so has the beta been chosen yet?” Zoey asked Natalie looked at Jaime “nope. Why don’t we get to know each other?” Natalie said jumping on the coach “well I'm a Patrol daemon and my powers are ghosting, invisibility and healing” she said Jaime smiled after the introductions got under way “I’ve got to email a friend back” Jaime said before jogging back up stairs allowing Natalie and Zoey to unpack and settle in.


I don’t think that's a good idea that we remain friends. I have so much going on in my life since I left here things have changed for me and right now it’s in your best interest that we aren’t friends.


And just as soon as the message had been sent his reply returned, Jaime felt a sob break through her chest. It was over and it had been said so simply, she had expected him to fight her for their friendship for longer. Yet here it is their friendship was over and she had done as Billy had told her, and yet she didn’t feel any better even if it was for his safety. Jaime read the message again;


Your right its best if we go our separate ways. We won’t disturb you again.


Jaime sighed before pulling on a jacket and heading down stairs, where Billy was currently waiting in the hall; Jaime spotted that Natalie and Zoey had already meet the Tribal elder before the four heading into the living room “as you are aware you three are the final remaining daemon members of the Quileute Tribe” Billy said sorrowfully “it is your duty to patrol La Push and protect those who can not protect themselves; this is why each of you hand to cut connection with your pasts to protect the people who you care for” he said Jaime nodded as he turned to her “the council recognizes Jaime as your pack leader as her ancestors were, but it is up to you Jaime to select your beta at this time” Billy said Jaime nodded and looked at Natalie and Zoey “I hope this doesn’t cause to much trouble but I chose Natalie as my beta” Jaime said making Natalie smile before Billy spoke again “beware the responsibility Natalie that has been given to you, the three of you are the protectors of the other daemons on the Reservation” he explained Natalie nodded as she sat on Jaime's left her new position. “Well, we best go on patrol” Jaime said standing followed by Natalie and Zoey “good luck girls” Billy called as they disappeared into the forest phasing into the daemon forms Natalie's form had light blonde fur and was the same size as Jaime while Zoey had chestnut coloured fur and was the shortest in the pack ‘where to first boss?’’ Zoey thought Jaime looked at her ‘we head to the Quileute board line so we know what we’re dealing with’ Jaime said breaking into a brisk jog.

Jacob was sat in the kitchen when his dad returned home “how you feeling?” Billy asked looking his son over “I'm fine” Jacob said putting his head on the table as he felt a pull towards the door “my imprint is calling to me” Jacob explained. Billy chuckled “then why are you still here?” he asked Jacob clutched the table “me and Jaime are no longer friends” he said weakly as Billy pulled up next to him “its for the best, she could get hurt” Billy said Jacob pulled away from him and standing “I'm gonna head the beach” he said before jogging outside. As soon as he reached the beach Jacob walked along the waters edge looking at the sun set before him, Jacob stopped by the part of the beach where the forest came on to it; as he stopped he spotted a large dog like creature with light brown fur, Jacob looked at the creature that had stopped to look at him as he looked at the creature he felt his heart pull towards it telling him to not let this animal out of his sight. The dog looked back towards the forest then to him before breaking into a run making Jacob shiver as Sam joined him “was that a daemon?” Sam asked Jacob nodded wanting to follow it “I think she was my imprint” Jacob said, Sam looked at him “how bad do you want to follow her?” Sam asked Jacob couldn’t take his eyes from where she had been stood. Sam chuckled “pretty bad then” he said Jacob nodded “well, that's the first daemon I've seen in five years so I'm guessing she’s new around here” Sam said noticing the goofy look on Jacob’s face. As the two men left the beach the light brown furred daemon stepped out of the bushes a small whimper escaping her, ‘Jaime, we need you’ called a voice in her head. As she watched Sam and Jacob walk away Jaime felt an overwhelming urge to run after Jacob ‘Jaime’ called Natalie Jaime shook her head before racing off into the distance a feeling that her secret would not remain secret swept through her as she raced towards Natalie and Zoey who were waiting for her. Jacob looked back along the beach “I will find her” he said to himself before following Sam towards the pack meeting place Sam shook his head, it was time.