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The Beginning

First Story in the Shapeshifter trilogy. 9 months after the Volturi have left things take a turn for the worse. The Cullens are leaving Wastington and leaving Jacob behind but could an old friend answer some unanswered questions.

Since I didnt get any responses for my first story I hope this one does better! This Jaime is different from the one in my other story! I do not own Twilight on the Daemons that appear within.

3. Chapter 3 - Dating

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Jaime stretched as she sat back in her chair; the last few weeks had taken its toll on the daemon packs young alpha female, Jaime sighed as she smiled to herself the long nights on patrol where often worth it since she couldn’t bump into Jacob and had found more daemons that ran further a field such as Nathan, a male daemon that lived in Forkes; he had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes and while in daemon form he had dirty blonde fur. Jaime smiled she had a date later that evening with Nathan who was taking her to some posh restaurant in Port Angels, Jaime looked at Natalie “for the seventy sixth time we can do patrol without you tonight” Natalie said getting annoyed Zoey giggled “I'm going for a jog” Jaime said grabbing her grey hoody before leaving the house. As she pulled her hoody on Jaime felt a pair of eyes on her “well, well, well it’s the ice queen” called out Embry who had become accustomed with Jaime's distance from the group. Jaime turned and looked at him “ah she remembers us” he said to Quil who laughed, Jaime looked at them, Embry and Quil where stood with Paul, Jared, Seth, Leah and Sam. Jaime shook her head before turning and walking away muttering under her breath, as she arrived at the beach Jaime spotted Jacob sat by the forest opening where he had spotted her in daemon form not just three weeks before.

“Ya look kind of lost?” Jaime said approaching Jacob slowly, Jacob sighed and looked out to the sea “I'm waiting for someone” he said coldly Jaime nodded “great so is she nice?” Jaime said sitting next to him. Jacob snorted “I thought we weren’t speaking to each other” he said Jaime nodded and stood before she turned to leave “no wait” he said as a sharp twinge ran through his side, Jaime looked at him confused “you okay?” Jaime asked making Jacob look at her for the first time. The moment his eyes met hers he knew. “Jaime” he whispered standing up. Jaime looked back along the beach “listen I’ve got to go” she said turning away Jacob grabbed her “please don’t” he said holding on to her, Jaime looked at Jacob before sighing “I’ve got a date tonight” Jaime said pulling away from him. Jacob looked at her “what?” he asked getting upset “yer, I meet this guy the other week and he asked me out” Jaime said trying to stay close to the truth; Jacob looked towards the forest considering kidnapping Jaime way from her date. “Listen Jake I think Sam wants you” Jaime pointed out as Sam made his way towards them, Jacob gripped Jaime tighter letting out a low growl towards Sam who stopped in his tracks understanding “Jacob let her go” he said looking at Jaime who seemed to be putting up quite a fight “you’ll hurt her” Sam warned making Jaime stop fighting Jacob. Sam watched as Jacob pulled Jaime into his chest and held her close “easy Jacob” he said calmly not wanting to call the pack to intervene, Jaime looked at Jacob “Jake, please let go” she said calmly feeling him start to shake as he held her.

Jacob looked down at Jaime horrified “Jacob please” she whispered as he slowly released her unaware that Embry and Quil where ready to drag him away from her, Sam watched as Jaime backed away from Jacob who let out a small whine. Sam nodded at Embry who grabbed Jacob and dragged him into the forest and away from Jaime, who seemed a little confused “he’ll be okay?” she asked doubtfully looking towards her house. Sam nodded “we’ll handle this, have fun on your date” he said before disappearing as angry growls rippled from the forest. Jaime looked at where Jacob had been sat “its for the best” she reminded herself slowly doing her best to ignore the animal noises of the forest before walking back to her home unaware that a russet wolf was following her. Jaime stopped by the end of the beach and looked back “its for the best” she reminded herself yet again before walking away the russet wolf not far behind her, Jaime shook her head and sighed it wasn't going to be easy letting Jacob go. As Jaime entered the house the russet wolf disappeared round the back to watch her like he always did, Jacob wouldn’t admit it but he often took patrol around Jaime's house just to be close to her; to protect his best friend and now his imprint.

Jacob watched as Jaime's date arrived, it had been several hours since he had imprinted in her and Jacob hadn’t let Jaime out of his sight, this was made easier when Natalie and Zoey disappeared for the evening. Jaime was dressed in a black dress that fell to her knees and had no sleeves while Nathan, who had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, Jaime's date wore a suite, as they left the house Jacob watched as Nathan helped Jaime into his car and left; Jacob broke into a run disappearing into the forest following Nathan’s car. Jaime looked at Nathan “so how's your arm?” she said making Nathan chuckle “it’s getting better, I didn’t think I’d ever meet a daemon who could do me some permanent damage” he said Jaime smiled “well, now you know” she said. It took less time than Jaime thought to arrive at the restaurant and the two were soon sat at their table “so tell me about Jaime Alyssa Colbrook?” Nathan said swirling his glass of wine Jaime smiled both ignoring the small growl that could be heard “well, I'm eighteen years old, erm I was adopted after both my parents and elder brother were killed in a car crash and I live with my adoptive parents Elisa and Jonathon Evans” Jaime said as the waitress gave them their meal “what about you?” she asked Nathan smiled “well, I'm twenty one years old, I have one younger sister Clara and my parents are Karen and Michael Jones” Nathan said taking Jaime's hand in his.

Jaime smiled “so who where you friends with growing up?” Nathan asked Jaime sighed “mainly the guys around La Push, there was Jacob he was my best friend he was like a brother to me, then there was Quil a close friend of mine who could cheer anyone up, Embry was another good friend he’d always stand up for me” Jaime said sadly Nathan nodded squeezing her hand gently “is that why you agreed to date me? For companionship?” he asked Jaime nodded “yes that and I'm looking for a more permanent relationship” Jaime said leaning forward making Nathan understand, Nathan smiled “like a mate?” he asked getting closer Jaime smiled “exactly” she said Nathan looked at the waitress then at Jaime “the back of my car okay?” he asked Jaime smiled “fine with me” she replied both starting to get the sound of some sort of commotion coming towards them “please, sir you have to leave” a waitress begged. Jaime looked at the woman who had spoken as did Nathan, “Jacob?” Jaime asked surprised at the sight of her 6”7 friend who was stood before her “you know him?” Nathan asked looking Jacob over “yes, Jacob what are you doing here?” Jaime asked getting out of her chair Nathan following her “we’re leaving” Jacob growled grabbing Jaime and pulling her towards the door “what? Excuse me that's my date” Nathan said only to be growled at by Jacob who had reached the restaurant door with Jaime “I’ll call you later” Jaime called before being pulled out side.

Jaime looked at Jacob then to where Quil and Jacob’s car were stood, Quil nodded at Jacob before disappearing into the forest “Jacob what the hell?” Jaime snapped pulling away from him. Jacob looked at Jaime “you can’t date him” he said Jaime rolled her eyes “why not?” she asked crossing her arms Jacob growled “he’s already got a girlfriend, her name’s Katy Everson she’s seventeen and has black hair with brown eyes” Jacob explained Jaime opened her mouth then closed it “Jaime I’d never hurt you” Jacob tried to explain taking a step towards her Jaime backed away “that ungrateful prat” she snarled looking back towards Nathan’s car then back to Jacob who was now stood next to her. Jaime looked at him carefully “wait how's Quil getting home?” Jaime asked “motorbike” he said before gently pulling Jaime to his passenger side before she got in. Jaime looked at her arm which now had Jacob’s hand prints bruised into her wrists “I'm sorry” Jacob whispered looking like he had just killed somebody’s cat.

Jacob drove in silence for a few minutes before Jaime spoke “thanks” she said making Jacob look at her “you weren’t serious about the mating thing, were you?” he asked carefully Jaime bit her lip before nodding “Jaime..” he started feeling his hands tremble “I thought that he was different okay. That I was going for a more permanent relationship” Jaime said gently stroking his arm Jacob sighed “that's not what he wanted” he muttered shaking Nathan’s sickening thoughts out of his head, Jaime nodded “maybe you should aim for someone a bit more human” Jacob suggested Jaime looked at him confused but left it alone not wanting to argue with him just yet “we’re not meant to be talking to each other” she whispered as it started to rain. Jacob nodded glumly “things are different now” he said hopefully Jaime felt tears prick in her eyes; she was going to have to hurt him worse than before “Jaime, what's wrong?” Jacob asked worriedly Jaime shook her head as tears started to spill “what did that bastard do to you?” Jacob growled Jaime shook her head “I'm fine, it’s just something I remembered” she said slowly trying to calm herself down and fighting the urge to phase.

Jacob looked at her “Jaime, your not fine” he argued but Jaime shook her head as the tears continued to flow “if I ever see that Nathan again I’ll kill him” Jacob vowed pulling into the street that lead down to La Push. Jaime took a deep breath “I'm sorry” she whispered Jacob looked at her “what for?” he asked concerned as they pulled up outside Jaime's house “I don’t want us to be friends anymore” Jaime said letting her weaknesses disappear “your not good enough to be my friend and I wish that I’d never met you” Jaime said trying her hardest not to crack as Jacob’s face filled with pain “Jaime please” he begged Jaime smirked “I was only your friend because I pitied you and it won’t be long before Sam and the others leave you maybe that's why they had that party last weekend without you” she said before climbing out the car and heading inside slamming the door behind her. Jacob felt his hands tremble as his own tears fell, Jaime his soulmate hated him and there was nothing he could do about it.

Meanwhile Jaime had collapsed behind her front door in tears as Natalie hugged her “Jaime, we’re so sorry” Zoey said looking at the young alpha sat on the floor in tears. Natalie looked at Zoey “we know you cared deeply about him” Natalie soothed Jaime shook her head “he’ll never forgive me” she sobbed as the sound of Jacob’s car pulling away echoed around the house. Natalie sighed “you did the right thing” she reassured Jaime who started to stand up with her heels in hand “when I said those things to him it was if I was killing him” Jaime said trying to calm herself Zoey nodded “maybe in a few years when everything’s back to a some what normal way then you could make things right” she said Jaime nodded before heading to her room “hay listen how about we all go hiking this weekend” Natalie said trying to take Jaime's mind off of Jacob. Zoey nodded “well, I’ll stay here to keep the patrols up but you two should definitely go” she said Jaime nodded “sure why not?” Jaime tried to say without sounding hurt. Natalie smiled “great I’ll head down to that camping shop erm Newton’s I think its called” Natalie said beaming at Jaime who already looked broken.

Jacob sat at his spot on the beach watching the waves his soulmate hated him, when the others had heard what Jaime had said they all wanted to get their hands on her and do some permanent damage to her. Jacob had refused to let them harm her, while he sat on the beach Jacob had come to the conclusion that something was wrong with the way Jaime had told him she hated him. No one broke down into tears just before telling someone they hated them even Emily, Sam’s fiancée, had agreed with him on that one. Jacob looked to the sky, with a new vampire on the loose around La Push he was going to have to keep a closer eye on Jaime than ever, he couldn’t lose her to something like that and he’d make sure he didn’t.