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The Beginning

First Story in the Shapeshifter trilogy. 9 months after the Volturi have left things take a turn for the worse. The Cullens are leaving Wastington and leaving Jacob behind but could an old friend answer some unanswered questions.

Since I didnt get any responses for my first story I hope this one does better! This Jaime is different from the one in my other story! I do not own Twilight on the Daemons that appear within.

4. Chapter 4 - The Reveal Part 1

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Jaime looked at Natalie and shook her head, “do you really need all this stuff?” Jaime asked picking up her only bag which seemed light compared to the four bags Natalie was taking with her “yer Nat, I don’t think you’ll need all that” Zoey said ready to see her two friends off “but” she started before looking at Jaime “listen if it gets to bad then we’ll become daemons okay?” Jaime said shifting under the watchful gaze of Zoey “fine” Natalie muttered before she started to rearrange her bags. Zoey watched Jaime carefully “I'm fine” Jaime said feeling her heart beat the same tune it had for the past four days. “You miss him?” Zoey said Jaime nodded “thought we’d be friends forever” Jaime said a smile formed on her face “when I became a daemon I hated myself, I knew I couldn’t remain his friend and yet I thought I could protect him, ha guess I didn’t see that I’d be the one to drive him away me and my freakiness” Jaime whispered Natalie looked at her “Jay-Jay” she warned knowing where the self hatred lead a daemon. Jaime shook her head “this weekend is about us girl no thinking of any boys” Natalie chirped Jaime rolled her eyes.

Jacob watched from his porch with Sam as Jaime and Natalie disappeared into the forest “where did Embry say they were heading?” Sam asked Quil who was watching Jacob’s face ignoring the pull within him to face where Jaime and Natalie had been. “South part of the Res” Quil answered Sam nodded “make sure Seth follows them” Sam ordered “what about Laurent? He's still around La Push” Quil reminded them. Jacob flinched before looking at Sam “we keep on the route of our current patrols” Sam said simply before catching Jacob’s eye “Jacob she hurt you” Sam reminded him “something was off about that and you know it” Jacob growled Quil nodded “we’ve seen the memory Sam something wasn't right about the way she ended their friendship” Quil said sharply making Sam step away from them. “Until Jaime herself comes forward about this we will not directly approach her” Sam ordered Quil nodded and left as soon as he could leaving Jacob with Sam “and Jacob stop running patrol around her house every night” Sam ordered Jacob looked at him “didn’t stop you when Emily threw you out” he spat back before heading into the house leaving Sam flabbergasted.

Jaime looked at Natalie and sighed “listen I think we maybe lost” she said Natalie shook her head, “no we aren’t we’re heading south” she argued and carried on walking Jaime shook her head and followed “fine but when we’re attacked by a bear it gets to eat you first” Jaime called after her making Natalie laugh “like a bear would stand a chance against us” she said waiting for Jaime to catch up. Both girls smiled just missing the glimpse of sandy brown fur which had been following them, Jaime stopped and looked at Natalie “I know where we are” Natalie snapped Jaime nodded “okay I think we need to stop and get the camp site set up before it gets dark” Jaime said calmly before putting her backpack down Natalie nodded and looked back at the bush behind them “do you feel that?” Natalie asked stepping towards the bush Jaime nodded “yep” she said chuckling “I think we’re being followed” Natalie shook her head before smiling “we could scare them away” Natalie said wiggling her fingers Jaime smiled “best not” she said before starting to put her tent up. Natalie nodded before she started to help Jaime with the tent, Jaime felt a slight tingle in her fingers but shook her head the only people she was aware of that could phase was herself, Natalie and Zoey and since none of them could have phased Jaime dismissed it.

Seth watched Jaime closely after he had phased back into his wolf form, he had stopped to watch the girls put the tent up and start their fire. ‘Is she okay?’’ Jacob thought coming up behind him, Seth growled ‘you shouldn’t be here’ Jacob sighed before looking to where Jaime was sat; she looked broken. Jacob whimpered wanting to hold her, Seth looked back to where Jacob stood ‘listen I’ll call you if anything comes up, Jacob please go home’ Seth begged Jacob shook his head ‘I don’t have a home without her’ he replied as his pain seeped into Seth ‘Jake mate I'm sorry but give it time like Sam said she’ll come around’ Seth told him as Jaime stood and made her way into the tent. Jacob looked at Seth ‘if anything happens you’ll let me know’ Jacob asked Seth nodded before Jacob broke in a run his russet fur disappearing into the distance. Seth turned his attention back to the two girls who were now making their dinner, “Jaime if you could what would you change about your life?” he heard Natalie asked Seth looked towards where Jacob had stopped. Jaime smiled “you know the answer to that one” Jaime laughed Natalie smirked “yer but humour me” Natalie said Jaime sighed “fine, I would change what I said to Jacob. I bet he hates me” Jaime said Natalie nodded “at least you got to say goodbye” she whispered Jaime nodded already knowing Natalie's story there were no secrets in their pack.

Jacob walked back into view and looked at Jaime ‘I knew it’ he thought to Seth who was also surprised; Jaime looked at Natalie “they properly think I'm dead now” Natalie whispered pain sketched across her face. Jaime sighed “I hate to admit it but I think the council got this part wrong” she said Natalie nodded “so do I we shouldn’t be doing this alone” she agreed the two girls looked at each other “still could be worse” Natalie chuckled Jaime smiled “true” she replied. Jacob watched Jaime stand “night” Jaime called before disappearing into the tent “I hope you appreciated that” Natalie said looking towards where Jacob and Seth sat making the two werewolves freeze, Natalie smiled before following Jaime into the tent. Jacob looked at Seth ‘do you think she saw us’ Seth asked him carefully before Jacob stood ‘don’t know but we need to be heading back’ Jacob said before breaking into a run leaving the girls camp site behind. As they reached the edge of the forest they were greeted by Sam and Quil, ‘we heard ’ Quil thought Jacob nodded Sam sighed ‘they said something about a council, maybe our tribe council could help there and get Jaime to join us’ Sam said hopefully Jacob nodded feeling a cold winds breeze blow through the meadow. The four werewolves froze ‘Laurent’ Sam snarled as the sickly sweet smell of a vampire filled the air, Jacob growled the scent came from the east where Jaime and Natalie were camped ‘Jacob, take Quil and get them out of there while we handle the bloodsucker’ Sam ordered Jacob and Quil nodded before breaking into a run towards where Jaime and Natalie were camped.

Jaime sat up abruptly “what's that smell?” she asked Natalie looked at her “dunno, lets check it out” she said jumping up making Jaime laugh. As they exited the tent Jaime felt a cold chill run through her body “I don’t like this” Jaime said before Jacob and Quil walked into the clearing both now in their human forms and topless “Billy told us to warn you some bear has been spotted and he wants you both back at La Push” Jacob said while Quil looked at Natalie in awe, “erm Quil you okay?” Jaime asked making Jacob look at his friend before he understood; Quil had imprinted on Natalie. Jaime looked at Jacob as Quil started to speak with Natalie who was slight drawn to him, “so how are you?” she asked feeling awkward Jacob looked at her “fine, you?” he asked carefully both unaware that Natalie and Quil had started to tidy the campsite way. “Good thanks” Jaime said feeling Natalie stop next to her “ready” she chirped before following Quil, Jaime looked at Jacob before following the other two with Jacob close behind. As the four of them walked Jaime felt the smell getting stronger which seemed to put not only her and Natalie on edge but Quil and Jacob as well.

Before long they reached a meadow that was only a few minutes outside of La Push, Jaime stopped and looked around her “anyone else feel like we’re being watched?” she asked as Jacob stopped beside her. Natalie nodded trying not to give too much away, at the far end of the meadow an African-American man appeared; Jaime looked at Natalie who shrugged “what's with all the good looking people living here?” she asked Jaime smiled while Jacob placed himself in front of her, growling at the man. The man stopped and studied the scene before him, he smiled as his blood red eyes focused on Jaime then Natalie before turning his attention to the werewolves “greetings my friends” he called in a velvety voice Jaime looked at Natalie who shrugged. Jacob growled as the vampire stepped forward “now, now you don’t want to do that near her now do you” the man said teasing the fact neither Jacob or Quil couldn’t risk phasing. Jaime looked at Jacob “Jake, do you know him?” she asked as Jacob started to shake “Jaime do you trust me?” he asked ignoring her question “yes” Jaime replied without thinking before Jacob took off into a run towards the man. Quil put himself in front of both girls before anyone could make another move Jacob dived at the man turning into his wolf form and knocking the man to the floor “oh my god” Natalie whispered while Jaime remained frozen. “Stay here” Quil growled before taking off to help Jacob and turning into his wolf form, Natalie looked at Jaime “they’re werewolves” Natalie gasped before noticing the pale colour Jaime had turned “we have to leave” Jaime whispered as more wolves appeared dragging the man towards the forest.

After a few minutes Jacob and Sam reappeared in their human forms, Jacob watched Jaime's face carefully as she started to get some colour back in her cheeks; “Jaime?” he asked carefully before Sam stopped him “we have some explaining to do” Sam said taking in both girls expressions “I’ll say” Natalie muttered much to Sam amusement Jaime shot her a warn look. Soon the whole pack of werewolves was gathered and listening to Sam explains their story, Jaime looked at Natalie “okay so why does Quil keep looking at me funny?” Natalie asked after Sam had explained to them. “He’s imprinted on you” Sam said simply Natalie looked confused “what?” she asked Jaime shrugged still looking at the sky and not towards Jacob “its were a werewolf finds his true other half, his soul mate, his muirn beatha dan” Sam explained Natalie looked at Quil before sighing knowing she had to break his heart “no offence but I'm not interested” Natalie said taking note of how broken Quil looked as the words left her mouth Jaime looked at her before standing “we have to leave” Jaime said coolly before turning a walking away as Natalie went to follow Quil opened his mouth “Don’t Argue Every Monstrous Omen Now” Natalie said making Paul and Jared look at her funny, before anyone could speak she disappeared after Jaime.

“What the hell?” Seth asked as they looked at where Natalie had been stood, even Sam couldn’t put what Natalie had said to much sense Jacob rubbed Quil’s shoulder “she’ll come around” Embry said looking back to where the girls had been sat “was it me or didn’t the werewolf thing freak them out?” Jared asked Paul nodded “it’s as if they already knew the story” Sam said thoughtfully. Jacob looked back out into the forest as Paul spoke “Don’t Argue Every Monstrous Omen Now, what's that meant to mean?” he asked Jared shrugged “who knows” he replied before standing, Seth sat quietly watching as a girl with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes stopped on the edge of the field watching the small gathering “erm, excuse me! I was wondering if you have seen Jaime or Natalie?” she said approaching the group Seth looked at the girl in admiration before Sam looked at him “erm, they just left” Paul said also catching on to Seth’s staring “oh thank goodness, thought I’d have to save them from a bear” she giggled before turning to leave Seth stood up “wait, what did you say your name was?” he asked before Jacob and Sam could grab him, “I didn’t but its Zoey Quire” she said as she flashed them a smile. Embry grinned “nice to meet you” he said making Seth growl Zoey smirked “well, I’ll see you around Seth” Zoey said before disappearing into the darkness “did anyone tell her Seth’s name?” Quil asked the others shook their heads catching on to what Quil was getting at. “keep an eye on her and the other two something fishy is going on and I want to know what” Sam ordered before they started to leave unaware that a light brown daemon had been sat listening to them while a blonde furred daemon paced behind her looked upset.