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The Beginning

First Story in the Shapeshifter trilogy. 9 months after the Volturi have left things take a turn for the worse. The Cullens are leaving Wastington and leaving Jacob behind but could an old friend answer some unanswered questions.

Since I didnt get any responses for my first story I hope this one does better! This Jaime is different from the one in my other story! I do not own Twilight on the Daemons that appear within.

5. Chapter 5 - The Reveal Part 2

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The next week the wolf pack had spent trying to follow Jaime, Natalie and Zoey who kept mysteriously disappearing every night while the girls tried their best to keep their own secret away from the wolf pack. Jacob watched as Jaime walked down the beach the cold winter wind blew around didn’t seem to bother her as much as it should, Jaime stopped and looked at Jacob “Jake, you really need a new hobby” she said as he approached her, Jacob smiled “Jaime what am I supposed to do let my best friend just disappear without a fight” he replied coolly before walking along side her “I'm no good for you” Jaime spat as they continued walking Jacob sighed “I don’t believe that” Jacob said calmly Jaime gritted her teeth “try aiming for someone more human Jake believe me even as a werewolf it’d be better for you” Jaime said quickly taking note that Billy was watching them. “But I can’t” Jacob said trying to explain “Jaime you are my imprint” he said “my Soul mate, my muirn beatha dan” Jaime looked at him before starting to shake her head “please tell me your kidding” she whispered backing way from him “Jaime, I couldn’t lie to you if I wanted too” he said trying to reach out to her “this shouldn’t have happened” she replied backing away “Jaime what's going on?” he asked spotting that she had started to tremble “I have to leave” Jaime said abruptly before breaking into a run towards the forest.

Jacob followed behind her as fast as he could but as soon as he reached the forest she had disappeared “Jaime!” he called franticly before rushing away to find Sam for help. Jaime stepped out of the bushes in her daemon form and let out a whimper, before heading deeper into the forest ‘Jaime what happened?’ Natalie’s urgent voice asked ‘Jacob’s imprinted on me’ Jaime replied still running at a fast pace. Natalie came into view running on her left side, ‘great now all three of us have been imprinted on’ came Zoey’s voice as she joined Jaime and Natalie and running on Jaime's right side. Natalie chuckled ‘could be worse they could have followed us out here’ she thought Jaime nodded before stepping into her alpha mode ‘right Zoey run the left perimeter while me and Natalie do the right’ Jaime ordered as she and Natalie broke away from Zoey and headed to the north while Zoey headed south. Natalie looked at Jaime ‘right so what now?’’ Natalie asked Jaime shrugged ‘dunno but I think it’d be best if we avoid leaving the house unless it’s for patrol or hunting’ Jaime said Natalie laughed ‘what fun that will be’ before the two continued running in silence leaving the main trail behind.

Meanwhile the wolf pack ran through the forest looking for Jaime, Leah stopped and let out a low growl she hated imprinting more than anyone would think; ‘Leahany sign of her?’ Jacob asked Leah shook her head before stopping ‘there's two daemons here’ she said before sneaking forward ‘don’t do anything drastic Leah’ Sam ordered Leah kept following the two female daemons the smaller framed daemon had light brown hair while the bulkier daemon had blonde fur, ‘Leah do not intercept them’ Jacob ordered but Leah ignored them and continued forward after the two daemons who seemed to be checking out the local area. ‘Sorry boys’ Leah said before crouching down and aiming herself at the darker looking daemon; Leah let a low growl shift through her teeth just as the two daemons turned to face her. The blonde furred female looked to her friend who shook her head; Leah crawled forward snarling at the two daemons the light brown female stepped forward trying to calm the werewolf before her. Leah snarled making the female stop and look to her friend who shrugged, the female looked back to Leah before backing away Leah hissed before pushing back on her hide legs making the female daemon yelp at her friend to back away. ‘Leah don’t’ Sam called out but it was to late, Leah launched herself straight at the dark furred daemon making the blonde daemon jump in freight as her friend was forced to defend herself.

Jacob and the rest of the pack burst through bushes as Leah attacked the daemon; the other seemed disorientated about them being there, the pack looked at the other daemon before a pain filled whimper snapped them out of it. ‘Release her’ Sam ordered making Leah back away from the daemon that couldn’t put her front right paw down. Sam looked at Jacob who nodded before the two of them disappeared for a few minutes to change into their human forms, ‘Jaime you okay?’ Natalie asked Jaime nodded looking at the wolves before them ‘I'm on my way’ Zoey said from a distance ‘we have to leave, I can’t hold my daemon form for much longer’ Jaime said as Sam and Jacob reappeared “we don’t mean you any harm” Sam said carefully as Zoey entered the clearing where the group stood. “Maybe if you were in your human forms this would be easier” Jacob suggested Natalie looked at Jaime ‘doesn’t matter what we do now I can’t hold on much longer’ Jaime said feeling the hold on her form slip, Natalie nodded before looking at Zoey who snarled at the group. Seth and Quil where the next to phase back into their human forms Zoey shifted nervously as Seth stared at her “Zoey?” Seth asked stepping towards her, Jaime looked at Zoey ‘don’t give yourself away’ Natalie said as Quil looked at her “Natalie?” he said Jaime shook her head ‘we need to leave’ Jaime said as Jared looked at her “wouldn’t that make the final one Jaime” he said making Natalie snarl slightly.

That's when Zoey looked at Jaime who was shaking badly now, ‘I’ll go first then’ she said making the other two look at her; before long Zoey had phased back into her human form. “Hey” Zoey greeted calmly as the werewolves stared at her in shock; Jaime was the next out of her daemon form shortly followed by Natalie who didn’t look to happy “wait, you three are daemon’s?” Embry said Jaime nodded starting to rub her right hand where Leah had bitten her. Sam looked at Jacob “we should talk about this in the presence of the tribe council” Sam said expecting the girls to follow him “great, Billy will be thrilled” Zoey said bypassing Sam “wait Billy knew about this” Quil said Jaime nodded “told us to keep quiet and away from you” she said looking at Natalie then Zoey. Jacob stood quietly as the last months events started to make sense; Jaime looked at him as they started to move towards the beach all in their human forms “you okay?” she asked looking at him Jacob nodded “I'm good, what about you?” he said eyeing her arm where Leah had bitten her “can’t complain I've had worse” she said smiling weakly as the beach came into view as well as Billy and Quil Sr, who had short black hair and brown eyes, Jaime nodded at Billy who seemed upset about the two packs meeting.

Billy sighed and signalled for the two packs to sit down in their pack while he explained what was going on “first I’d like say I am disappointed that you have all meet at this point in time” he started glaring at Jaime who seemed at little unsettled by his gaze “do you all remember the legend of our ancestors?” Quil Sr asked the two packs nodded “there is apart we may have left out to save the daemons. They are members of your pack Sam, they are Quileute’s and are here to help you” Billy explained the two packs sat in silence “erm this part you didn’t tell us” Natalie said from where she sat the wolf pack looked at her, Jaime and Zoey nodded. “I think it may be best if we started at the beginning from when the first out of us phased” Jaime said her alpha side showing, Sam nodded in agreement “well, I think you should start Jaime” Billy suggested Jaime nodded and took a deep breath “it was around five years ago, it was just after we had that celebration bonfire for Sam’s return from his disappearance and Jacob had just dropped me off at home.”

“I had been feeling horrid the whole day and as soon as Jacob had left I felt the feeling starting to take over, it was strange one minute I'm standing 5”7 off the ground with two arms and two legs the next I'm about 4”6 off the ground and covered in fur” she said not looking at the pack who seemed to realise how close they had been to seeing Jaime first transform “I ran, I was scared of what had happened to me until I ran into Billy; he explained what I was and what happened to me” Jaime said looking at Billy “when me and my family left for Egypt, I spent my first year at a daemon training post in Cairo before joining my parents on their expedition” she explained finishing her story. The group sat quietly before Jared spoke “so what are your talents? What type of daemon are you?” he asked easily as if everything was normal “well I'm Telekinetic and have premonitions as a daemon in general I'm empathic and a self healer. My daemon type is Hunter allowing me to run at about 60mph” Jaime replied as Seth looked at her in awe.

Natalie sighed “I guess I'm next, well it was around a year after Jaime had transformed when Quil Sr tracked me down I used to live on the Reservation as a child and we moved away. At first I thought he was crazy when he said that I was a daemon and that I had been predicted by Jaime to join the pack once turning eighteen. Ha it wasn't until he started to follow me around that I snapped forcing me into my daemon form, I couldn’t believe it; it took me three months to build up the courage to run way from home, from there I went to a daemon training school in New York” Natalie said looking at her fingers “I went back to Tennessee last month only to find that both my parents are now divorced and that I have a grave back there as well” she said as Jaime rubbed Natalie’s shoulder “as for my gifts I can levitate objects and can turn invisible. My daemon type is Battle allowing me to take extensive damage” she said as she blinked back tears “Natalie why would your parents think you were dead?” Paul asked what the rest of the pack thought “ask them” she spat nodding at Billy and Quil Sr making Quil growl.

Zoey stretched “my turn, my story began six months after Natalie’s; I lived in New York but was conceived here in La Push my mother used to live here as had her mother before her. It was Harry Clearwater that tracked me down, I had already started to access my powers as a daemon but I hadn’t gotten my daemon form yet; as soon as Harry told me of what I was I believed him I knew he was telling me the truth its one of my abilities and soon after I too earnt my daemon form and convinced my parents to send me to a ‘special help unit’ or daemon training centre in London” Zoey explained “as for my daemon abilities are ghosting and mind reading. My daemon type is Patrol allowing me to run at 40mph” she said finishing the group story “ghosting?” Leah asked finally speaking to the three other women “walking through walls” Zoey explained simply.

Jacob looked at Jaime carefully before standing and making his way over to her and sitting down “why keep them a secret?” Jared asked as the two packs mingled “over the years more and more daemons that have been linked with Quileute Pack and as time passed from the original daemons that numbered around sixteen to twenty nine now only three and 1/3 remain” Billy explained Jaime looked at him “1/3?” she asked Billy sighed “Leah is 1/3 daemon” Quil Sr said everyone’s gaze flicked to Leah “what?” she asked looking at the two tribal elders “you are the fourth member of the daemon pack, it may take years for you to gain your daemon powers but in the end you will be a daemon not a wolf” Billy explained Jaime looked to Natalie who shrugged “so the question is what happens now? Do we remain as two packs or join as one with an alpha male and an alpha female?” Zoey asked picking up group’s question, making everyone fall silent. Jaime shrugged “I say we leave that decision for another day” she said as Jacob gently ran a hand down her back, admiring the way the fire shimmered across her tanned skin; Natalie stretched “could be worse we could have been vampires” she said smiling at the looks some of the wolf pack through her Quil looked at her trying to figure out her natural hair colour while Zoey leant back into Seth’s arms while he took in her scent and relaxed the night seemed to perfect to ruin.