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The Beginning

First Story in the Shapeshifter trilogy. 9 months after the Volturi have left things take a turn for the worse. The Cullens are leaving Wastington and leaving Jacob behind but could an old friend answer some unanswered questions.

Since I didnt get any responses for my first story I hope this one does better! This Jaime is different from the one in my other story! I do not own Twilight on the Daemons that appear within.

6. Chapter 6 - Normality?

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Paul looked at Natalie before smiling “Don’t Argue Every Monstrous Omen Now” he said making the two packs stare at him “what?” Jared asked before looking at Natalie who smiled “you figured it out” she beamed “Don’t Argue Every Monstrous Omen Now or D.A.E.M.O.N” Paul said Natalie nodded “wait you clued us in” Jared said Natalie nodded quite pleased with herself. Jaime stretched before looking up at the moon “its around midnight” Jaime said standing Zoey nodded “sleepy time” she said before jumping up Natalie stretched “I'm ready for bed” she said Jaime nodded as the wolf pack looked at the three girls “no offence but its only early” Embry said Natalie shrugged “it’ll be a first for us not having to be up till about 3 am just to avoid you” she explained as Zoey started to fall asleep standing leaving Seth to hold her up, Jacob looked at Jaime seeing the tiredness wash over her. Soon the two packs disburst from the campfire Jacob walked next to Jaime “you okay?” he asked looking her over “never better” she replied not looking at him “I still don’t think we should see each other until everything’s sorted out” she said making Jacob nodded “I agree” he replied looking at Jaime carefully “how's your arm?” he asked Jaime held it out to show that there was no wound, “good well I’ll see you around” he said before heading away from Jaime towards the forest.

As Jaime entered the house Jacob felt his heart pull towards her, “you can’t be away from her” Sam reminded him watching Jacob’s face carefully as he seemed unwilling to look away from Jaime who disappeared into the house without looking back. “I'm guessing you haven't thought about the future without her” Jared said smiling as he leant back against the tree Jacob snarled slightly before the door to Jaime's house opened up again revealing Jaime and Natalie who were heading out for the night “patrol?” Paul asked Sam who shrugged trying to make sense of where the two girls were heading “follow them” Sam ordered as Jacob and Quil took off after the two girls who quickly entered their daemon forms before splitting up Jacob followed Jaime while Quil followed Natalie. After a few minutes Jaime entered a clearing at the far end of the Quileute territory, Jacob stopped in the shadows his russet fur hiding him as a dirty blonde furred daemon stepped forward from the shadows across from him. Jaime sat down before the other daemon who looked a little worried about being here before he made a step towards her; Jacob watched as Jaime reverted back into her human form as did the other daemon revealing Nathan “I told you before I'm not interested” Jaime snarled Jacob hissed sensing her irritation.

“It’s about that Jacob guy again isn’t it?” Nathan asked Jaime nodded before looking back towards the forest “I won’t tell you again Nathan stay off the reservation” Jaime warned as Jacob stepped forward “who’s your friend?” Nathan asked nodding towards Jacob’s wolf form. Jacob didn’t wait for Jaime to answer before reverting back into his human form before he reached down and quickly pulling on his jeans; Nathan looked at Jaime who shrugged “and I thought you could take me yourself” he sniggered as Jacob stopped beside her and hissed, causing Jaime to run her hand down Jacob’s arm “oh I can he’s here to make sure you fight fair” Jaime said Jacob froze feeling the air around him fill with shift energy “don’t you dare” he warned putting himself in front of Jaime “wait. He imprinted on you” Nathan laughed Jaime felt Jacob growl as he started to tremble “Jake he’s not worth your time” she whispered as Natalie and Quil entered the clearing “great more wolves” Nathan muttered making Quil snarl at him while Natalie joined Jaime “Natalie” Nathan greeted Natalie nodded at her “doesn’t Katy want you back” Natalie said feeling Jacob tremble “nope, thought I might take Jaime for a ride” he said cheeky, that's when Jacob snapped making everyone freeze no one had a chance to move before Jacob launched himself at Nathan.

Jaime watched in horror as Jacob was sent to the floor by Nathan’s electric shock, Jaime was by his side in seconds while Quil and Natalie who had been joined by the rest of the Quileute pack and Zoey, who took off after Nathan who had fled. Jaime looked at him “Jake why?” she asked as Sam came back into view but stopped when he seen he was interrupting, Jacob looked up at Jaime “so he didn’t hurt you” Jacob said gasping, Jaime shook her head “Jake he couldn’t hurt me” she said looking at the red hand print where Nathan had shocked Jacob to the ground. “I can’t stay away from you” he whispered Jaime smiled “thought so, other wise you wouldn’t have followed me out here” she said Jacob chuckled slowly sitting up “friends?” she asked he smiled “friends” he said making Jaime smiled before she stood making Sam regret coming back to the clearing. Jacob stood looking towards Sam “he escaped?” he asked Sam nodded before looking at Jaime “any other reason you may have been out here?” he asked Jaime shrugged “may have heard there was a vampire here other than that nope” she replied making Jacob looked at her “vampire?” he asked as Sam moved closer “yer, some daemons that live around here said they’d spotted her around thought we’d check it out after she killed a younger daemon last night” Jaime said looking at the two of them “what does she look like?” Jacob asked Jaime shrugged “she's got orange hair like a flame, at the moment black eyes and pale” she said describing the vampire that she had heard about “Victoria” Jacob snarled pulling Jaime to his chest.

Sam looked around the outskirts of the clearing as the others came back into view “will someone explain who Victoria is?” Zoey asked from Seth’s chest as he held her closely as Quil did with Natalie “she’s a vampire with a grunge against the Cullens and Bella” Jared explained Jaime nodded “and why’s she here the Cullens left months ago?” Natalie asked earning some weird looks “how’d you know that?” Embry asked shooting Jacob a puzzled look “cause their house is empty” Natalie explained as everyone went quiet “you’ve been running patrol over on the Cullens turf” Sam yelled Natalie nodded “they seemed quite fine with it when we asked them if we could; said we could have the turf and told us to tell someone called Uley the territory’s theirs” Zoey said backing Natalie up, Sam looked at Jaime who nodded “that's what they said” she said. That's when a sickly sweet smell entered the air making Jacob move Jaime behind him as two vampires stepped forward the first was a young man with crimson eyes and blonde hair while the other was by no mistake Victoria. Jaime put her hand over her nose “you can smell that?” Paul asked Jaime nodded as Natalie held her nose “I think I'm going to vomit” she hissed making Embry laugh slightly “run” hissed Jacob making the three girls take off into the forest as they disappeared they heard the ripping sounds of the wolf pack taking on the vampires.

Jaime burst into her daemon form and skidded to a halt as Natalie and Zoey joined her ‘the male vampire followed us’ Natalie said Jaime nodded before taking the lead ‘lets greet our new friend ladies’ Zoey said before breaking into a run at the vampire that had appeared before them, and removing his arm. Before long the vampire lay in pieces on the floor Jaime smiled as Natalie lit the fire destroying the evidence of their fight, “that went well” Zoey chirped looking at the sun rise “another night without sleep” Natalie grumbled “things will get better” Jaime promised the girls smiled before they heard rustling from behind them “took you long enough” Natalie snapped as Quil came into view “yer, you missed all the fun” Zoey said hugging Seth before nodding at the bonfire of the vampires body. Sam looked at the three girls “no offence but in your daemon forms you don’t look that harmful” Embry said as Jacob wrapped his arms around Jaime who shrugged, as Sam eyed Jaime and Natalie’s eye colour “why are both your eyes amber?” he asked Natalie smirked “because we need to go hunting” she answered making the pack look at them “no worries we only go after deer, rabbits and fish” Zoey smoothed out the confusion; Seth smiled liking the sound of the girls trip.

The next morning Jaime and Natalie had left early for their hunting trip so that they could be back in time for the pack meeting, that evening. Natalie smiled at Jaime “so you and Quil?” Jaime said making Natalie sighed “yer, he’s a really nice guy and the imprinting thing just makes it easier for us” Natalie said Jaime smiled “I'm happy for you really, you need something good in your life” Jaime said a smile still on her lips “and Zoey’s quite taken by Seth” Natalie said shaking her head, she’d been the one to walk in on the two of them in the shower that morning before they had left. “And what about you and Jacob?” Natalie asked hopefully Jaime shook her head “just friends, I'm not ready for a step forward you know that” Jaime said shrugging “sure, sure it may not of looked like that last night though after he was hurt” Natalie teased Jaime shrugged raising above it before looking at the herd of deer before them “let’s get this over with I've got a bad feeling about this” Jaime said before phasing into her daemon form and taking off “okay, but I know you love Jacob” Natalie called after her before she phased herself.

Meanwhile Jacob was looking over some old maps of the Quileute territory, “you know it should all be yours?” Billy said looking at his son. “Dad I told you I'm not interested in being alpha” Jacob snapped before looking at his dad “it’s in you blood, Jacob, just like it’s in Jaime's at least she's accepted it” Billy reasoned before looking down at the map “Jaime accepted it because that’s who she is I'm not ready for that” Jacob said shaking his head before folding the map back up and leaving the room just as Seth burst into the room “hunters in the forest” he said making Jacob freeze with Zoey out on patrol no one could warn Jaime or Natalie of the danger. Jacob looked at him “I’ll be back” he called to Billy before shooting out the house and towards the forest before phasing into his wolf form, shredding his jeans, Jacob looked at Quil ‘you heard’ Jacob asked making Quil nodded as they were joined by Seth and Embry. Jacob picked up the pace as he heard the first of several shots fired, before it went deadly quiet and Zoey shot towards them ‘erm good news or bad?’ she asked making the boys look at her ‘good’ Quil snapped making Seth growl ‘Natalie's fine and the hunters left’ Zoey said looking at Jacob ‘and Jaime?’ Seth asked Zoey shook her head ‘they shot her’ Quil growled as Jacob remained quiet ‘yer, not that bad though she won't be able to move around on her right leg for a bit but hey Jacob wait’ Zoey said before Jacob took off at full speed ‘why can we hear you?’ Quil asked Zoey giggled before looking at Seth then jogging after Jacob leaving the older boys stunned with a nervous Seth.

Jacob skidded to a stop as Jaime appeared before him limping in her daemon form, ‘Jaime’ he whimpered looking at the hole where the bullet had broken the skin, ‘yer Jake? ’ she replied as he stood next to her looking at her injury ‘I'm sorry’ Jacob whimpered Jaime looked at him ‘for what? You didn’t shoot me believe me I've had worse’ she said as Jacob accessed her memories of her life making him shiver at what she had been through. ‘You sure you’re okay?’ he asked Jaime nodded as she limped forward ‘can’t heal it with my powers though so I'm not going on patrol for a while’ she said Jacob nodded looking around ‘phase’ he stated before disappearing into the bushes while Jaime phased back and leant against a tree until he returned pain sketched across his face before he picked her up bridal style and started to carry her back to his house “Jaime?” Jacob asked carefully Jaime looked at him “did you love him?” he asked Jaime knew what he was asking about “long ago yes, Seth was my daemon mate” she whispered feeling tears prick up in her eyes “and you don’t love me?” he said Jaime looked at him “I love you more than I thought I would” she replied burying her head in his neck “that's because I'm the natural route in your life, I'm like breathing to you, the air, the sun” he whispered as Jaime fell asleep.