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The Beginning

First Story in the Shapeshifter trilogy. 9 months after the Volturi have left things take a turn for the worse. The Cullens are leaving Wastington and leaving Jacob behind but could an old friend answer some unanswered questions.

Since I didnt get any responses for my first story I hope this one does better! This Jaime is different from the one in my other story! I do not own Twilight on the Daemons that appear within.

7. Chapter 7 - Togetherness.

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Sam looked around the circle and smiled “so we’re all agreed the pack joins as one” he said as the pack nodded, Jaime was sat next to Jacob who seemed unhappy the brunette had convinced him to let her come tonight. It had been three days since the hunters had shot Jaime and the pack were less than pleased when the two had turned up at Emily’s café and boasted about shooting her, which lead to one of the hunters leaving with a broken nose and Jaime yelling at Jacob for doing it. Natalie smiled as she snuggled into Quil who seemed please with the recent development, no one seemed opposed to the two packs merging including Leah who was learning how to change into a daemon instead of a wolf with the help of Natalie and Jaime. Seth was also sitting close to Zoey who had recently moved in her and the other girls to escape the pressure at home, Jaime and Jacob had gotten back to where they had been before she had left even if they did spend all their spare time together. Jaime sighed before going to stand Jacob already helping her up “don’t worry Jaime we know you’ll be back on your feet in no time” Zoey said Jaime stared at her “I thought I’d said stay out my head” Jaime said slightly annoyed before turning her attention to Jacob “can we leave” she said before he helped her leave the group behind, Jaime still had slight problems putting her full weight on her leg.

Jaime unlocked the front door and smiled “it’s nice to be home” she said as Jacob walked inside “did you ever learn anything about your real parents?” Jacob asked Jaime nodded “yer, I got a picture some where its weird I'm the image of my mum with my dad’s eyes. I would have looked a lot like my elder brother” she said Jacob looked at her before sighing “it turns out that my mum is the last known descendant of Melinda Warren” Jaime said rolling her eyes, Jacob smiled “Jaime, have I ever told you how much I love you?” he asked Jaime looked at him “yer, you do it most days and don’t start this again” Jaime said a smile on her lips. Jacob chuckled before looking Jaime in the eye “Jake you know I love you with all my heart but I'm not ready” Jaime stated before she sat on the couch and flicked on the TV before she sighed “your not mad at me are you?” she asked sweetly Jacob smiled before collapsing next to her “nope, it seems I can’t stay mad you” he grinned before pulling Jaime into his chest “so your back on patrol tonight” she said liking the idea of some time alone “yer, but it doesn’t mean I can’t watch you sleep” he replied grinning. Jaime laughed “Jake I’ll be back on my own two feet by tomorrow” she said Jacob sighed “I guess that means you won’t need me around a lot” he said forging sadness “no but I still want my best friend around” she said Jacob smiled “I’ll go find him for you” he said pulling Jaime closer before resting his head on hers.

Jaime smiled “your really a big softie” she said a smile on her lips, making Jacob chuckle “don’t tell the guys that” he whispered into her hair; Jaime sighed and pulled away “Jake” she warned before moving away from him, since she had just entered heat Jaime had caused Jacob and any member of the pack that hadn’t imprinted to get into massive fights. Jacob looked at her “you know I wouldn’t” he said Jaime shook her head “I'm just saying I'm done tomorrow so then you can hug me” she said calmly before looking at the television, Jacob followed her gaze “its going to rain this weekend” she whispered before the weather announced what she had predicted Jacob shook his head “is it just the weather you can predict?” he joked Jaime growled “that's all I can see at the minute” she snapped making Jacob smile. “Why does everyone on your side of the pack doubt me?” she asked Jacob sighed “cause all you seem to do is predict the weather” he replied pulling her to his chest, Jaime smiled “it could be worse I'm glad I haven't seen any of my previous visions” she said Jacob looked down at her “what where they like?” he asked Jaime shrugged not looking at him “that bad?” he asked Jaime nodded “I saw things that I’ll never forget people being attacked, raped and even murdered” she said her voice breaking as she spoke the last word. Jacob sat up slowly still holding Jaime to his chest.

Jaime looked up at him slowly, his lips were pressed into a thin line “I shouldn’t have told you that” she said pulling away Jacob looked down at her “no, I just didn’t think you’d be powerful enough to see something like that” he replied pulling her back into his chest Jaime smiled “don’t you have work in the morning?” she asked listening to his heartbeat Jacob nodded looking at the television. Jaime sighed before looking at the clock as the front door opened revealing Zoey and Seth who had their lips locked and were heading towards Zoey’s room; Jacob chuckled “typical” he said not looking at the two teens as they disappeared into Zoey’s room and slammed the room. Jaime smiled before turning her attention back to the television “so what are you doing tomorrow?” Jacob asked Jaime sighed “working” she replied, Jacob nodded a smile tugging on his lips as Natalie joined them in the living room. “Oh” she said stealing the TV remote and changing the channel Jaime looked at Jacob “I’ll see you tomorrow” she said standing and making her way to her room. Natalie looked at Jacob once Jaime had left and smiled “she really does care about you” Natalie said making Jacob look at her “I know” he said standing up “Jacob you hurt her and I promise it’ll be the last thing you do” she said standing up Jacob looked down at her and nodded “I have no intention of ever hurting her” he said making his way out the door “I will be watching” she warned before Jacob left leaving her alone.

The next day Jaime was back on her feet and working in the Emily’s café where all the Quileute female members of the pack worked; Jaime shivered slightly before a man with black hair and green eyes entered the café. Jaime looked at him as he sat down “did you feel that?” Natalie asked Jaime nodded before going to serve the man “good afternoon, what can I get you?” she asked the man looked at her name tag and smiled “well Jaime, I would like a mug of coffee” he said Jaime smiled “I'm Michael Lucas Jones” he said Jaime laughed “nice to meet you” she said before walking away. As she reached the till she spotted Rachael, Jacob’s elder sister, walking towards her “hay Rach how’s Paul?” Jaime asked making Rachael laugh “driving Dad and Jacob round the bend” Rachael replied before joining Jaime behind the counter “whose he?” Rachael asked Jaime looked up at Natalie who was serving Michael who was watching Jaime with interest “Michael Lucas Jones” Jaime replied taking her apron off and handing it to Rachael “I’ll see you later” Jaime called spotting Jacob leaning back on his black motorbike.

As Jaime made her way towards him she couldn’t help but feel a pair of eyes burn into the back of her head, “hey” she greeted as Jacob pulled her into a hug. “I thought you were working this afternoon?” Jaime asked looking at Jacob who smiled “I may have told Bob that you still weren’t feeling well” Jacob said grinning and passing Jaime his helmet before she climbed on behind him. Before long the two of the where walking along first beach, “so how was work?” she asked Jacob chuckled “good I got some new parts for the rabbit” he said Jaime nodded “what about you?” he asked “good but I'm sure I've seen that new guy in town somewhere before” she said Jacob looked at her before looking towards the sun “Rachael seems happy” she said smiling Jacob groaned “Paul’s just moved in with us” he explained Jaime laughed Paul already spent most of his time at the Black household without even living there ever since he had imprinted on Rachael.

Jaime sighed “Quil’s now moving in with us” she said Jacob looked at her “what?” he asked surprised “he thinks it gains him more freedom” Jaime explained Jacob smiled “so what do you fancy for lunch?” she asked walking backwards a playful smile on her lips. Jacob looked at Jaime then smiled “your place” he said before they turned around and heading towards Jaime's house, Jacob smiled as they entered her kitchen. “So what do you fancy?” she asked Jacob shrugged “what ever you can make” he said Jaime smiled “well how does Thai-spiced Chicken sound?” she asked Jacob looked at her before nodding “I didn’t know you could cook” Jaime smiled “there's a lot you don’t know about me” Jaime said getting the ingredients out and starting to prepare them. Jacob watched her “well do tell” he said Jaime smiled “I have a college degree in cooking” she said Jacob looked at her Jaime laughed “I know what your thinking” she said Jacob shook his head “that you should own your café” he said Jaime grinned before facing Jacob as the food started to cook “what?” she asked Jacob looked at her carefully judging her before closing the distance between them.

The kiss started of gentle as Jaime started to respond, Jacob wrapped his arms around her waist as her hands ended up in his hair pulling him closer. Jacob smiled into the kiss before reaching behind Jaime and turning off the cooker behind her, as the kiss continued Jaime pulled away while Jacob moved to her neck “I think we should head up stairs” she gasped as Jacob gently bite down on Jaime's neck. Jacob nodded before moving his lips back to Jaime's and picking her up bridal style and heading up stairs to Jaime's room; as they entered the room Jaime started to feel the heat as Jacob pulled her closer to him, his 108 degree temperature starting to reach her as Jacob gently set Jaime on her bed. Jacob pulled away bringing his eyes into direct contact with Jaime's “you sure?” he managed to ask, Jaime nodded making Jacob smile before reclaiming her lips with his, Jaime pulled him closer before the next few hours seemed to cement what the two of them already knew, that they were meant to spend the rest of their lives together.

Meanwhile Michael walked inside his house holding a picture of Jaime and Jacob when they were outside the café, he smiled and opened a photo album with tons of other pictures of Jaime in, he quickly placed the recent picture inside and closed the album before heading to answer the phone “hay mum” he greeted before sitting on his couch “hay Michael, where’s that future daughter-in-law of mine?” his mother asked Michael smiled “Jaime’s at work at the moment mum but she can’t wait to meet you at the wedding” he said his mother laughed “okay sweet heart I've got to go” his mother said Michael grinned “bye mum” he said before hanging up. As he entered the master bedroom he couldn’t help but smile at the objects of Jaime’s he had collected over the last few years, he had even picked out Jaime’s wedding dress and had pictures of her at home with Natalie and Zoey or when she had gone shopping with Emily for some wedding essentials. Michael looked around the room he had gone over his plan time and time again he was sure that there was nothing that could stop him from making Jaime his wife and daemon mate.

Jacob wrapped his arms around Jaime and smiled, “I didn’t think you would have waited” he breathed thinking back to the start of the courtship “what you didn’t think I was still a virgin?” she asked looking at him “yer, I thought that since you and Seth were daemon mates that you both would have” Jacob said shifting so he could hold Jaime closer and to make his point. Jaime smiled “nope, I wouldn’t give in to him” she said Jacob rested his head on top of hers; “I'm glad you waited” he said Jaime thought for a minute before looking at Jacob “Jake, was it your first time?” she asked Jacob nodded “it’s a common werewolf thing; we wait until we meet our muirn beatha dan” he said Jaime nodded “guess this means we’re dating” she said smiling. Jacob chuckled before looking at the clock “you ready for a round two” he said Jaime looked at the clock before nodding Jacob smiled “lets try not to wake the others though” she said before Jacob claimed her lips and repositioned himself above her before moving closer Jaime smiled into the kiss before the two continued with their courtship.