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The Beginning

First Story in the Shapeshifter trilogy. 9 months after the Volturi have left things take a turn for the worse. The Cullens are leaving Wastington and leaving Jacob behind but could an old friend answer some unanswered questions.

Since I didnt get any responses for my first story I hope this one does better! This Jaime is different from the one in my other story! I do not own Twilight on the Daemons that appear within.

8. Chapter 8 - The Beginning

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The next morning Natalie and Zoey had quite a shock when they spotted Jacob in his boxers in their kitchen before he disappeared back up stairs with a piece of toast; Zoey smiled “told you so” she chirped as Seth joined them in the kitchen “did Jake spend the night?” he asked wrapping his arms around Zoey “yep” she said beaming “I knew Jaime and Jacob would get together” she said Natalie gritted her teeth as Quil entered the room “yer well I wish they hadn’t gotten together when we were in the house did anyone else hear that about 3 o'clock this morning” he said as Jaime entered the room wearing Jacob’s grey t-shirt from the day before which fell to just above her knees. “Morning” she greeted opening the fridge as Jacob entered the room “Yay I knew it” squealed Zoey jumping up at down making both Jaime and Jacob blush as she continued her bouncing Quil shook his head before leading Natalie back to their room while Seth dragged Zoey away from the new couple “that went well” Jaime said making Jacob chuckle wrapping his arms around Jaime who smiled.

Jacob looked up at the clock on the kitchen wall and sighed “I should be heading home” he said Jaime turned to face him “you’ll need this top back” she said teasing him. Jacob grinned before pulling Jaime closer “well I’ll have to take it off you” he said Jaime pulled away as Natalie re-entered the kitchen “don’t mind me” she said not looking at Jaime or Jacob who seemed to be pinning Jaime to his chest. “I'm going back to bed” Jaime declared moving away from Jacob, who followed up stairs leaving Natalie alone “it’s nice to see her happy” Zoey said fully dressed and looking through the fridge “but for how long” Natalie mumbled as Quil and Seth made their way into the kitchen “Nat ease up, he wouldn’t hurt her if he had a choice” Zoey said annoyed as Seth sat next to her nodding. Jaime reappeared in the kitchen wearing her own clothes Jaime looked through the fridge as Jacob entered the kitchen “I'm off home” he said a smile Quil looked at him “I’ll walk with you” he said Natalie looked at him then Jacob who nodded.

Jacob walked along side Quil down the street “Natalie doesn’t like me with Jaime” Jacob guessed Quil nodded “she feels that Jaime’s fallen for you to quickly after losing Seth and how she broke down when she had to hate you” Quil explained Jacob nodded as they came up his path and sighed “I’ll see you later” he said before letting himself in. as he stepped through the door way Jacob smiled as he spotted his dad already sat at the kitchen table “morning” Billy said looking at Jacob “how's Jaime?” he asked already knowing where Jacob had spent the night “good, I just need to change for work” he said jogging up stairs to change for work. Billy smiled and shook his head taking note of the smile upon Jacob’s face as he reappeared, “so you and Jaime are dating” Billy said Jacob looked at his dad before nodding “yer, erm listen I got to get to work” Jacob said picking up his car keys making Billy chuckle “have fun” Billy called figuring that Jacob was giving Jaime a lift. Jacob jumped in his car and drove to Jaime's house, where Jaime was waiting for him.

Jacob chuckled at her as she climbed in “Zoey’s insane” she muttered looking at him “I haven't had any space since you left” she explained; Jacob nodded before he pulled way from Jaime’s house “so what are we doing today since Emily just gave me the day off and we both know that the garage is closed for the weekend” Jaime said Jacob smiled “I know somewhere we can’t be disturbed” he said a grin formed on his face “so do I but its not a garage Jake” she said making Jacob look at her confused. “Psychic remember” she said tapping her head as he drove down the country lanes leaving La Push behind “well, great psychic girlfriend of mine where am I taking you?” he said Jaime rolled her eyes before looking out the window “the Mayan Reservation their beach is empty this time of year” she said making Jacob look at her “Psychic remember” she said looking at him. Jaime looked at the beach as it came into view “listen Jake, about the whole Imprinting thing. This doesn’t effect how I feel about us or how I felt about Seth but I want us to take it slow” she started before Jacob cut her off “Jaime, I’ll be what ever you want me to be; a brother, best friend or a lover but at the end of it all I want you to know that I love you and I know that your not ready to say it back” he said as the car came to a stop. Jaime looked at Jacob “thanks” she said with a weak smile before getting out the car followed by Jacob, who put his hands in his pockets. Jaime smiled as they slowly made their way along the beach “so since you know how I first phased, could you tell me how you first phased?” she asked Jacob nodded before taking a deep breath.

“It was about a year after you left that hurt more than you could imagine, I’d become friends with Isabella Swan; and I had just come back from the cinema when dad said that I looked funny. That’s when I felt it the rage, the shaking and the heat I didn’t know what was going on” Jacob said as he sat gently on a piece of drift wood, Jaime sat next to him studying him carefully “then the explosion I thought I was dying. And I was a new shape. I thought dad had done something to me I wanted him to tell me what was going on; he had to talk to me like a child before he called Sam to help me, I nearly killed him when I heard Sam’s name. That’s when the voices started Embry explained what happened to me and Billy let me out the house” Jacob said Jaime nodded “at least you weren’t alone” she said looking out in to the ocean “it took Billy three hours to find me after I changed I was running round the forest like a wild animal until he tracked me down” she said as Jacob slowly wrapped his arms around her waist just as a figure approached them. “Excuse me but I was wondering if you knew the time?” said a familiar voice making the pair look at the new arrival, Michael stood before them with a smile upon his face, his gave locked on her, making Jaime shift uncomfortably. “Erm, sorry no” Jacob said sensing Jaime’s discomfit. “Okay thanks and by the way I must say your lady friend looks lovely in this light” he said making Jacob release his grip on Jaime and push her behind him. Jaime looked at Michael quickly before putting her hand on Jacob’s arm “Jake, lets head back the car its starting to get cold” she said trying to comfit him.

Jacob nodded before getting to his feet and helping Jaime up, Michael smiled “what can’t stand a little competition?” Michael challenged as the pair walked away. “Just ignore him” Jaime said as Jacob put his arm around her, both aware Michael was following them, “oh and Jaime I look forward to seeing you at work tomorrow.” Michael called after them, making Jacob stop. Jaime looked back at Michael before meeting Jacob’s gaze as his body started to shake “Jake please” Jaime said taking a slow step back as Michael moved forward towards Jaime “don’t you dare!” Jacob snarled making Jaime step out of Michael’s reach “why? Is the wolf scared of losing his mate” Michael teased as the shaking got worse “Michael just leave” Jaime said as Jacob tried to remain in control. Michael smirked before disappearing slowly “okay but remember I will always be better compared to him” Michael said. Jaime turned her attention to Jacob “Jake, its okay I’m here” she said soothingly, making the shaking calm slightly “I’m okay” Jacob said pulling Jaime into a hug. His eyes watching Michael retreating figure “how did he know you?” Jacob asked panting slightly, Jaime shrugged “he came by the cafe yesterday” she answered before they made their way back towards the car. Jacob took a deep breathe before looking at Jaime “promise me you’ll say away from him” he said Jaime looked at him before nodding.