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A Ghostly Love

Alice, Rose and Bella are sisters, who move to Forks, only to be haunted by three ghosts.

First Fanficion, be aware I'm a terrible writer.

1. Chapter 1

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My name is Isabella Swan, and I have two sisters named Rosalie, and Alice. We are the best of friends, despite our close age. Rose is seventeen, Alice is fifteen, and I am sixteen. Every sixteen year old dreams about starting over fresh, in a new town away from everyone who judged you and made you hate life for a while, except for me. I didn’t want that, I didn’t want my dad to get a promotion and make us move to Forks, Washington. My life was perfect the way it was, my sisters and I were the most popular, the prettiest, the most athletic, and the brains of our old school. We were everything. Now, we have to leave our friends, and the people we’ve called our everything ever since we were little.

We were to move into a very large, because Grandma Swan had just passed away and dad easily obtained a promotion to be the Chief of Medicine at the small hospital in Forks. The history behind the home was that some family had been murdered one afternoon after they had just gotten home from Church on Sunday. They had two sons Edward, and Emmett Cullen and an adoptive son named Jasper Whitlock. They were all around the same age as Rose, Alice, and I.

We had just arrived at the new home and we couldn’t believe our eyes, the house was huge!

“Can you believe this is where we will be living now, instead of wonderful New York?” Rose clearly disliked the place.

“I’m going to miss my weakly shopping trips, and the closest pace that sells anything I’d wear is Seattle!” Alice was so obsessed with shopping.

“I don’t know, I kinda like it, we obviously have our privacy out here in the woods, and I mean, I always have liked the silence.” Maybe I was the only one looking on the bright side.

Dad wouldn’t be arriving for another couple of days because he had to finish some work he had left in New York.

Upon entering the house I was amazed by the openness of the rooms, it was just so spacious. Everything had already been furnished with all the top furniture, and it was clear our house would be the latest party house, and I’m sure Rose and Alice just couldn’t wait for that. Alice and Rose chose the two largest rooms that had a conjoining bathroom, leaving dad the master suit, and then three spare rooms. I chose none and went to a room that quickly captured my attention with its large amount of windows, but with little light it actually let it, it was a room chosen for me.

We had all settled in, and decided we would go to the hardware store to pick up some paint for each of our rooms. I chose a dark brown, while Alice chose a bright yellow, and Rose of course choosing a pink. We had decided we would paint our rooms before dad came so he wouldn’t have a fit about us doing it ourselves.

We had all settled into our rooms, and were about to go to sleep when suddenly a very loud bang occurred, almost sounding like gunshots. It then continued to happen again, and then suddenly there was a sound of running down the stairs.

I swiftly ran out of my room, into the main hallway, to quickly be joined by both Alice and Rose. We stared intently on the stair case looking for our intruder, only to be met with a glimpse of wisps, almost like the type you hear about in ghost stories, fighting. And then, every so quickly they were gone, and the noises ended.

“What was that?” Alice asked the cheerfulness in her voice gone, only to be replaced by a purely terrified tone.

“I have no idea, but I’m sure it’s just the long day we had playing tricks on us” Rose always trying to be logical, and reassuring.

“I agree, maybe we should all just head back to bed and try to forget this happened, besides the alarm never went off so clearly no one broke into our home” It sounded more like I was trying to reassure myself instead of them.

They both soon went off to their rooms , and you could hear the slight snores Rose was making as she soon fell asleep. Everything was so quiet, and almost eerie, my room seemed to be more terrifying now. I had sworn I saw someone in the corner has a started to pull my blankets up more, and I quickly turned my head and that’s when I saw him! The tall, lean, but muscular man, with honey blonde hair in locks, and his piercing blue eye, he was staring at me, and seemed to be slightly annoyed that I was here. He started to walk towards me, when all of a sudden he disappeared!