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Never Far Away

Greetings everyone. This is my first ever Jasper story. I know I'm excited as well. Even though I have a lot on my plate, school(College), work and family life I still wanted to put this out there. Now on our journey of Bella and Edward we've learned alot about our dear Cullens but was it enough? I love all the characters but if you're like me you want to get to the juicy parts of their unknown lives. I sometimes spent hours just creating all kinds of nifty stories for them and I think it's time that I'd share them with the world. Here is what I think went on before Jasper met Alice and the Cullens. It all leads back to our current day. Some bonds made can never be cut and family is never far away.

To those who are Alice and Jasper fans. Have no fear, nothing in the Verse could come between them. Though it may appear that way never doubt they belong together.

1. Chapter 1: Once Upon A Time...

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The night skies glowed with the lightning over head. It signaled the end for Jasper as his eyes roamed over the ravaged lands of the south. It had been so long since he felt peace. Looking towards the last newborn nest he knew this was his last time he’d take another newborn’s life. Moving through the shadows he watched as a small girl separated herself from the rest. Moving towards the trees she sat and looked to the ominous skies. Squatting down next to her Jasper let his eyes take in the pained expression on her face. He could feel the turmoil inside her. “You know why I’m here.” Lifting her head she peered over at Jasper’s shoulder to the other newborns.

“She told you to kill us…didn’t she?” Her voice was strong yet weak at the same time. Smiling slightly Jasper nodded slowly. “She did.” Turning away she glared at the angry skies above. Jasper felt and heard the snarl rumbling in her chest. “It isn’t fair. I didn’t want this…I didn’t want to be a vampire….” Moving to seat himself in front of her Jasper took her hand as she rocked herself back and forth on the ground. “I don’t want to die.” She whispered. Squeezing her fingers, Jasper looked back over his shoulder towards the horizon. “I know.”

Swallowing hard she turned her face to Jasper. Her eyes narrowed at him. “How?” Looking back at the girl Jasper let a slight smile lit his face. “I can feel it…I feel everything you’re feeling right now.” Turning away from Jasper the girl let out a sorrowful sigh. “But you’re still going to kill me anyway.” It was true. Everything she’d been feeling was true. “I’m just--” Letting go of Jasper’s hand the girl stood. “Following orders. The perfect soldier, always doing as he’s told.” Her voice cracked a bit at the end causing the sneer to loose some of it’s effect. “Things are more complicated than you realize.” They both stood there watching the fires begin in the lower valleys. Slowly she turned to Jasper. Her eyes shone a vivid red now. “I know…it’s strange. I get the feeling you’re sad too.” Still watching the fires Jasper clenched his jaw. It was his signal to start eliminating the newborns.

“What do you mean?” Jasper whispered. She could hear the other newborns starting to panic. They may be savage beast but they weren't stupid. “You don’t want to hurt us. You don’t want to do this.” A clap of thunder erupted over head. Letting his eyes connect with the girl Jasper frowned. “How do you know that?” Taking his hand in hers she placed it on her now still heart. “I’m a vampire not an idiot. You keep your face blank but your eyes say what your mouth won’t.” Staring at his hand Jasper watched her chest rise and fall with the intake of breath. It only took a moment for him to make up his mind. “You know if I happened to become distracted, for say a few seconds…someone might be able to slip away.” Swallowing hard she shook her head slowly and let go of his hand. “She’ll kill you.”

Smiling genuinely for the first time since all this began Jasper turned towards the other newborns. “Let me worry about her.” Looking to the newborns as well she shrugged her frail looking shoulders. “ Where will I go?” Placing his hands in his pockets Jasper began to move towards the nest. “Anywhere you want. Just remember, no one can know about you.” Wrapping her arms around Jasper’s waist she gave him a quick hug. Pulling him to a stop she kissed his cheek and pressed her lips to his ear. “Thank you.” She whispered. Hugging her back Jasper pushed her off towards the darken woods. “Go..”