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As if it Were Just Another Day

What did Bella go through on February 14th 2006?

I know this is slightly non-cannon, but I liked it.

1. Chapter 1

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Love was in the air for the population of Forks High School, and the semi-formal Valentine’s Day Dance made the pink foggy haze surrounding every teenager in sight that much more unbearable to Bella Swan.

She kept her head down, moving through the halls with a plain binder in her hands, holding the flimsy plastic almost as if it were a defensive weapon.

Pink and white hearts covered almost every available surface and kissing couples lined the halls. Valentine’s Day was horribly insufferable for those who had had their hearts broken. Sweeping her hair out of her eyes, Bella moved down the hall to science class, avoiding eye contact with everyone.

She had been doing better since she started hanging out with Jake, but February 14th was just too much. She couldn’t help wondering what he was doing at this exact moment…what his distractions were at the moment…. It was a forbidden subject, but seeing all the paper hearts brought to mind her very broken, dead heart. It was only a hop, skip, and a jump to the reason for her present misery.

Turning a corner, Bella came across Lauren and Conner passionately kissing by a bay of lockers. Her eyes went wide. Once, she too had kissed is this very hallway. The only difference was that her boyfriend had been utterly and impossibly perfect – so perfect he could have been a dream. Glancing at the kissing couple, Bella could almost imagine the way his lips had felt on hers….

Breaking the kiss, Lauren turned and condescendingly asked, “Do you mind?”

Moving away quickly, Bella nearly walked into a paper lace covered door jam; Bella quickly corrected her course, and headed to her seat in English. Continuing to look at her shoes, she fished out her textbook, pencil, and homework assignment.

Suddenly, Bella saw a pair of white tennis shoes stopping near her desk. Reluctantly looking up, she thought for a mili-second that he was back. But no, it was only a puppy-faced boy who had tried to copy the faultlessness that was him. Why did Mike Newton have to wear his hair that way? Didn’t he realize or care that it reminded her of him?

Mike Newton had been planning this moment all month. Confidently, he strolled up to the girl’s desk. She had been so sad for so long; only a shell of the girl he had had a crush on since her arrival in Forks. Now, things seemed to be getting better. He liked to think Bella’s improved happiness had something to do with him, but deep down he knew that the Indian kid she hung out with all the time was probably the real cause.

Ambling up to Bella’s desk, Mike stopped for a moment, hesitated, and perched on the old tabletop, as he had what that Cullen kid was still here. Swinging his legs like a small child, he suddenly felt a cold sweat drench the back of his neck. Don’t mess this up now, Mike. You’re so close! Just ask her. It’s just fifteen small words. It’s not rocket science!

Bella looked up from her shoes, unsmiling. She didn’t have her emotionless zombie mask on at least. That was a good sign wasn’t it? She arched an eyebrow, silently asking him what he was doing on her desk.

“I was wondering if you wanted to go to the Valentine’s Day Dance with me. It’s this weekend, and…yeah…” Mike knew he had lost the moment after he asked the question.

Bella’s face crumpled as ice cold pain shot through her empty heart, piercing the center. Unbidden memories swirled around her head. Him talking about Valentine’s Day traditions in the early Twentieth Century…Him waltzing with her at prom…Him saying the three little words that hurt the worst; hurt because she now knew that they had been a lie….

Mike, recognizing her mute response muttered something unintelligible, hopped off the table, and headed for his seat. He had thought she was getting better. Was it all just a mask? What was she truly feeling? What had Cullen done to her?

Pink, red, and white swirled around Bella as it had all day. She hugged herself tighter willing her heart to warm, but knowing it wouldn’t. As soon as school was out, she was going to Jake’s. Maybe that would make the pain better. It had to, because if it didn’t she didn’t know what she would do.

It was Valentine’s Day, a day of romance and love. All of that was lost to Bella Swan forever. It had come with a century-old vampire, and had left her in a forest one afternoon in September. As the blond-haired boy sat three rows behind her thinking up clever epithets for her ex-boyfriend, Bella steeled herself for the coming storm of love and pink. She had to live for him, and live she would, despite the sickly sweet poisons set upon her destruction.

Stumbling out of the car, Bella headed toward Jacob’s small shed. She found him working on the Rabbit. As soon as Jake saw her, he stopped his work, and sat next to her on the floor.

“How was your day?” He asked kindly.

“Oh you know, it was just another day.”

Jacob raised his eyebrows, as if to say, “You do know what day it is?”

Smirking in response, Bella cheered. There was no reason to tell him of her crushed heart. He was her sun, and she couldn’t help but brighten in his presence. Then and there, Bella Swan she would act as if it were just another day with Jake.