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Sealed With a Bite

Bella is willing to do all in her power to be with the vampire she loves more than life itself, but he isn't willing to let her change her entire being just for him. Edward makes clear that she can't have it all. Can they resolve this problem and fight off a new herd of monstrous beings after them?

Its been a long time since I've posted fanfiction, and I'm a little nervous. I hope people love the story as much as I love writing it.

1. Its Time

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"Everyone's downstairs, waiting for us..." Her voice trailed off as she noticed the way he sat at the edge of his bed, rigid in stance, and obviously uncomfortable.

He was silent, his hands behind him, pushing into the mattress for support. The tense lines on his forehead suggested that his discomfort with the night was already beginning to sink deeper and deeper with the increasing hour. She barely moved a muscle, yet her heart seemed to be beating loud enough for the shuffling of feet downstairs and the voiced concerns of Esme and Carlisle to drown within the drum of her heart. Her mouth went dry. She pondered if this was how she would feel when the thirst would hit her.

"Edward...please, say something to me. I need to hear your voice, before..."She trailed off, a shudder replacing her last words.

He finally looked up to meet her gaze."Bella...I don't think...you understand exactly what you're doing." Each word was spoken carefully, with his eloquent tone underlying the message of which he was trying to convey. He turned his back to stare out at the river and wildlife outside of his window, anything to take his mind off of this moment.

He could not bear to look at her, no matter how small and painful her voice sounded. This was, perhaps, the most important night of her life, yet he could not bring himself to stand by her side amongst all of his family, watching, or judging. He'd even been contemplating on leaving, going to Alaska for the remainder of the week so that he would not have to see her twist in pain and beg for death, as he himself had once done. He could not do it. Would not do it, no matter what.

"Edward, we talked about this." Her voice was stubborn now, with a small hint of anger. "You promised...you promised me that you would be here. Do you think that I can make it without you!? Do you think that I can bear to stay three days in solitude without your voice to soothe me!?" She was almost yelling, though she fought to keep her control.

"No words I say to you will be able to soothe you, Bella." Menacing. His voice sliced through her confidence like a knife to almost melted butter. She cringed. Here comes the lump, she thought to herself.

"So what are you going to do, are you just going to leave me?" Pleading. Her voice slashed away at his anger, melting the ice that had formed around his earlier tone.

He immediately felt sorry for being the way that he was being towards her, but at the same time, rage pulsed through his veins and the desire to hunt was replaced by the desire to find some way to stop her from doing this to herself.

On one hand, he could leave. He could jump into the black Mercedes and speed away over the gravel, leaving all of his fears behind. Besides, Carlisle could very well bite her, without killing her. Yet, thinking of how she would be here without him, screaming well into the night and the morning, pleading for someone to take the unbearable pain away, that seared him more than the thought of leaving did. To his dismay, there was no way to rid himself of the pain.

"Edward...this is unfair. You say that you love me, and here I stand, ready to give up my soul for you, everything that I've ever had, and you deny it! You act like you don't want me for the rest of eternity!" Her fists were clenched and she was shaking.

Although his back was turned, he knew the woman he loved so much so well that he could tell all this about her through just his senses. A sigh came from his lips. His head was hung low.

"That's just it, Bella. I love you so much. I don't want you to do this. Do I want to have you forever, with me, so that you can trip and fall and I can catch you? Or so that you can annoy me beyond my usual annoyance with your beautiful and persistent conviction? Of course I do. But this isn't the right way. When you walk down those stairs and into that darkness, that dark abyss, I won't be able to save you for three days. And eventually, you'll realize that this isn't what you thought it would be." His voice fell and shook now; menace was creeping its way into his system.

"Forever haunted by thirst, finding it hard to be around those you once loved, looking in the mirror and seeing nothing, but feeling like nothing more than a monster!" He spat the words into the cold night, his fists tightened, his eyes smoldering into the empty distance.

He heard her cross the room, felt her hands caress his shoulder blades, heard her soft whimpers as she professed her love which were nothing more than mere murmers, but none of it seemed to matter at that particular moment.

"Edward...I know what you're thinking, but if I'm going to make a mistake, then let me make it. You can't live my life for me. This is what I want, and what I need." A smile now played across her lips. "You keep forgetting that all I want to do is be with you, forever. And I'm willing to do my part. All I need you to do is be here, with me."Her voice was innocent, coaxing him to agree with the woman that he loved more than blood, the only thing that sustained his existence.

He turned to face her, for the first time that night. She was smiling gently, her hands found their way to his face as she smoothed away the lines across his forehead. His eyes closed. Her touch was so serene, it always managed to bring him peace. She leaned up on her toes and with a soft sigh, her lips were on top of his. He could not resist, his hands tangled themselves in her velvet hair and the scent of her dug its way into his very being. Suddenly, the kiss was broken. His face turned to stone, his attention went back to the matter at hand.

"No." He spat it coldly and moved gently from her touch. With speed, he grabbed a bag and began to throw clothes into it in messy piles. He heard Bella's gasp as he moved without thinking.