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Sealed With a Bite

Bella is willing to do all in her power to be with the vampire she loves more than life itself, but he isn't willing to let her change her entire being just for him. Edward makes clear that she can't have it all. Can they resolve this problem and fight off a new herd of monstrous beings after them?

Its been a long time since I've posted fanfiction, and I'm a little nervous. I hope people love the story as much as I love writing it.

2. Change

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He could feel her stare on his back; it was icy and burning, something he didn’t know she could do. Or, perhaps, it was his own feelings of anger at himself which brought him to feel this way. He sighed gently; this wasn’t going to be easy, but he knew exactly what had to be done. He gripped the edges of the bag even more tightly and moved around with haste, not delaying for another second.

Her voice was so small compared to his feelings at the moment. “So, you’re leaving me, Edward? Is that it?”

She waited for some kind of legitimate response, but there was none, none that would pacify her, of course. He continued to throw clothes in, trying to block out the apparent pain that had lain itself into her very being as she spoke. With swift speed as only he had, he moved away from her and around, already at the door by the time she’d turned her head to stare at him with a tear coming down her face.

“Wow. I knew that you were stubborn, Edward, but you’ve got to be kidding me!” The anger was back now. “Do you know how much this means to me!? Do you know how badly I want to be yours for forever!?”

Silence. He shifted the bag to another hand while his gaze stared at the door in front of his face. He did not dare turn to her. It was too painful for him to look at her. There was a slight moment of nothingness between him, and the gaping hole that Bella fought to control, appeared again. This time, it growled with ferocity and tore open at old wounds. He was about to leave her, and there was absolutely nothing that she could do about it.

It all happened so fast that she wasn’t sure if it really occurred or not. He turned to look into her eyes with his, smoldering and burning for her, but not enough to make him stay. His eyes looked apologetic, as if he could not control walking out of the door that was in front of him.

Without another word, he stormed briskly from the room, almost running at full speed. He had to get away from here, just for a few days, to collect his thoughts. Of course he would return, he had to. His family was here, and so was she. No matter the opinion that he held on this matter, he couldn’t deny how much he loved and yearned for her. On his way out, something caught his eye. He’d already made it down the stairs, and was about to open the door to the night which beckoned him, but he caught the frame of Esme, sitting silently on piano bench, her back to him.

It was all like a picture perfect painting, her hands splayed gently across the keys of the piano, humming silently to herself as she traced them. He swallowed deeply and stopped in his tracks, wondering just what she was doing. Then, with a quick motion, she turned her head to meet his gaze. Her eyes bore deep into what little of him was left, and she smiled in response to his troubled features. They stood like this for a few moments, until Esme broke the silence with her soft voice.

“So, you’ve decided to leave?” She was still staring at him, smiling.

He turned his back. “Yes. This is the only way, mom. I love Bella, with everything that I’ve got. I didn’t know I could love someone this much. But, this is the exact reason why I cannot stay here. I can't let her do this to herself. I can’t let her give up everything for me.”

She was at his side quickly, sweeping her beloved son into her arms. He fell into them with willingness. It felt nice to have her there; she and Carlisle had been his support through everything he could not find the strength to get through by himself.

“Edward, she does this because she loves you, and because you mean something to her. It’s true, it will probably be hard for her family to understand…that will be a whole different epidemic entirely, come to think of it.” She said the last part thoughtfully, never in a rude or mean way. “You always were one to try and steer people off of a path you thought was wrong for them, but that’s what you have to understand.” She took her hands to his face and looked into his eyes as she spoke. “If this is a mistake, which I doubt, you have to let her make it. You have to give her the power to do with herself, whatever it is that she wants to do. When you two were apart…” She shuddered. It was hard to recall those dark times when her son plunged deep into the dark abyss that was depression at its highest.

“I’m scared, mom.” He looked past her as he spoke.

“Of what?”

“What will happen. It was easy for us; we were dying. This was the only way to survive, and it was better than ending all of our lives so young. But her, she has a chance at a life far better than this. I’m afraid that one morning, she’ll wake up and realize that she’s not what she used to be. She’ll realize that not seeing Renee and Charlie, because she might accidentally kill them, will be much harder than she expected. She’ll realize, once she thirsts so badly for fresh human blood and cannot control it, that…” His voice wavered.

“That what?” Esme’s voice was still gentle.

“That she’s a monster.” The words were dark and twisted as they came out of his mouth. “She’ll realize that there is no going back, and that having me doesn’t make a difference. She'll hate herself. She’ll retaliate against it, and I might loose her forever.”

Esme’s voice sounded surprised, yet relieved. She laughed softly.

“And all this time I thought you didn’t want her to be a vampire because you wouldn’t want her that way. So did she. Is that really all, Edward?" He looked away once more, a little embarassed. "Yes, its true that we probably make it look much more glamorous and easy than it really is, and it will be a long time before she builds up the patience needed to be around humans, but it’s not impossible. All she needs is encouragement, she needs someone who believes in her. All you have to do is be there for her, love her, and let things take their course. I hardly doubt that many people would give up their soul’s like her.” She made him focus his gaze back on her once more. “Don’t doubt that her love for you is pure and true. This is a woman who raced to Italy to save your life. I highly doubt that she’d turn her love away.” The smile came back. “We love you both, Edward. But this is still in your hands. Carlisle will still have to do it; the Volturi are much to powerful to play with. But, I know that she’d much rather you do it.”

Edward looked at her, quietly, inquisitively. He smiled softly. Esme always seemed to know just what to say. He felt her rub his back gently and move away from him, joining the other voices in the kitchen. He looked up at the stairs; he could hear footsteps coming down.

It was Bella, looking more like a goddess to him than ever before. Not so much because of her attire, but because this was the woman that he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. They smiled.

“I knew you wouldn’t leave me.” She didn’t say it loud, but he still heard her.

But, would this be enough to keep their love true? Edward couldn’t deny it, something about the world was differed. Those unprecedented killings in Seattle were still raging in his mind. Something didn’t add up. Could all of their lives be at risk for the terror that dwelt there?