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Graduation Nightmare

Bella is about to graduate but there are oh so many ways for it to go wrong.


1. Chapter 1

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I was sitting in my uncomfortable chair waiting for graduation to end. It was torture having to sit through all the speeches while my fear was deeply rooted to when my name would be called. Then I would have to walk up in front of everyone, take my diploma, and go sit down.

To many, this would have been a simple task. Not when it’s me. When it’s me, there is so many endless ways for it to go terribly wrong. So many things to trip over. I shuddered at the thought. I wish Edward was sitting next to me instead of a couple rows up with Alice.

Stupid alphabetical order. Eventually the speeches came to an end and names were being called. I clapped appropriately as each received their diploma and moved on. Forks was such a small school, I could have named everyone myself. They were all different individuals. They were moving on, taking different paths in life.

A small bit of unease hit me as I thought about my upcoming future. If Carlisle kept to his promise, shortly after I graduate I would be joining his family. Not in the sense of marriage or something like that, although Edward did have his ideas. . . Aside from those, I was to become a vampire or “eternally damned” as Edward would put it. Either way, it was my choice, not his.

My thoughts were interrupted when Alice stood in front and the Edward. I clapped now with more energy fro them but my mind began to drift once more. I started to wonder how many times the Cullens had graduated. A swift look to Esme sitting with the other parents didn’t help. She was clapping with such enthusiasm that you would have thought it was the first graduation she’d ever been to.

Now that the Cullens were done, I had some time on my hands due to the length it would take for the principal to get from C to S. I decided to spend my

time reanalyzing my surroundings. We were

seated in the gym on rusty, metal chairs. Judging by the chair’s condition, they seemed to be at least thirty years old.

In front of all the rows of chairs was a cleared space. It was there that the principal stood behind a weathered, wooden podium. The principal spoke into the microphone as he called out each student’s name. The sound from the mike came through two huge speakers. They were each quite big in their size and were placed in front on either side of the room. The reason for me to be noting their size was echoing my concern coming from the thin, weak looking stands supporting them. They seemed to groan under the speaker’s weight.

Above the electronical stuff were decorations. They were simple: a few gold and blue balloons on the ceiling and one banner saying “congrats on grad”. It was much better than the embarrassing prom and homecoming decorations. I was grateful for the lack of crêpe paper. That and I wasn’t wearing a frilly dress nor was my leg in a cast like it was for prom.

As the R’s came to an end, I decided to come back to reality. The reality was I was about to graduate. That scared me. Without my brain’s permission, my legs moved unwelcome towards the podium in the preparation of my name to be called. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath trying to calm my mind

“Swan, Bella,”

I stepped forward cautiously. There was no way I could trip in front of the whole school and live through it. A silent prayer was said in my head as I neared the principal. I seemed to be doing well on accounted I had reached him without an incident. So with dignity I took my diploma, shook his hand, and told him thank you. It was over finally! Or so I thought.

Lightening flashed outside followed by a loud crack of thunder. The power went out. The weather really wasn’t surprising for Forks so it didn’t trouble me. What did was me walking in the dark, unable to see. Naturally my foot found something to get caught on and I feel.

Well, at least it’s dark and no one can see me. Another flash of lightening briefly illuminated the room and that’s when I saw it. Luck me had happened to fall right by one of the unstable speakers. That short span of light had shown me how the speaker was falling forward, towards me. I squeezed me eyes shut and was about to release a scream when cold hands grabbed me and got me out of the way.

I opened my eyes to see my angel, Edward, holding me. He looked at me with an anxious look in his eyes, wanting to know if I was ok. I gave him a “thank you” smile. Edward smiled back but then something tore him away from me. I screamed as a third flash showed me the image of Edward lying on the ground with James standing over him. Off the side, Alice and Esme were fighting fiercely against Laurent though by the looks of it, they seemed to be loosing.

“Edward!” I screamed again. By then I wasn’t the only one screaming. Plenty of people around me were beginning to become frantic. I wasn’t sure if it was the weather or the vampires that was sending them into this frenzy. Well, I wasn’t even sure if anyone besides the Cullens and I were aware of the small coven of vampires bent on killing me.

My train of thought was ended when a pair of icy, steal hands gripped my shoulders. Another hair rising scream left my lips. The hands were like iron grips on me as they yanked me off the ground and on to my feet. Then I was spun around and was face to face with Victoria. I stared straight into her bright, ruby eyes that were gleaming at me. Victoria gave me a wicked smile. She leaned in and whispered in my ear

“Graduation truly is an unforgettable day, isn’t it?” She straightened up, flashed me her teeth, them brought her arm back in preparation to strike.

I awoke with a jolt, fighting back my urge to scream. I stared blackly at my alarm clock as it beeped loudly at me while my heard raced. I slapped the clock to cease the annoying noise. In an attempt to relax myself I took a deep breathe and reminded myself that I was only a dream. Only, that dream could so easily become real. Graduation was only two week away. A dark date looming on my horizon. I just wanted it to be over, and with me doing as little damage as possible.

There was also the anticipating of another vampire attack. Victoria was somewhere close waiting for another chance to strike. On the bright side, James and Laurent were already dead but judging by all the crazy things that have happened to me since I was trusted in to this mythological world, anything was possible. With a sigh I pulled myself out of bed and braced myself for another day, ready for whatever would hit me next.