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Graduation Nightmare

Bella is about to graduate but there are oh so many ways for it to go wrong.


2. Chapter 2

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I still couldn’t shake the memory of my dream as I pulled into the school’s parking lot. I parked my truck and cut the engine but didn’t get out. My mind was still in turmoil and I couldn’t think straight. It was a miracle I even got to school without an incident. I kept imagining Victoria everywhere I went.

Ok, so now I was being paranoid. To stop my hands from shaking I gripped the steering wheel tightly. A streak of red caught my eye. I whipped my head around franticly. Wow, I really had cracked. Uh! I hit my head against the wheel thinking for some bizarre reason that it would help. Oh well.

I left my head resting on it until I heard someone snicker. My head snapped up and turned to the left towards the source of the sound. I saw Lauren whisper something into Jessica’s ear as they walked past my truck staring at me. They both erupted in laughter and headed towards their class. Great. Now they have another reason to think I’m a freak.

Sighing, I put my head in my hands. Something felt wrong. I sat up straight quickly and pulled own my sun visor. I used its mirror to examine myself. Right smack in the middle of my forehead was a dent and an imprint from my steering wheel. It must have happened when I hit my head and kept it there.

I cringed inward. Perfect. I have now accomplished everything I could have wanted to do that morning. I imagined a monster, took out my anxiety by hitting my head, had that witnessed by two people who already thought I was mental, and now had a dent on my forehead. This day was not going well.

*****Edward’s POV*****

I was leaning against my Volvo waiting for Bella. Alice had already gone off to do something before the bell rang. A loud, familiar roar disrupted the quiet hum of high schoolers preparing themselves for their next class. I watched as a somewhat disturbed looking Bella parked her rusty truck a few spaces down from mine. She turned the car off to stop the noise but didn’t get out. Something seemed to be bothering her. Or maybe she was fighting with herself about something. By the looks of how tightly she was gripping her steering wheel, they seemed to be good guesses.

Randomly, Bella hit her head against the wheel. Ok, so I had to laugh at that. It couldn’t be helped. She just looked so comical sitting in her truck, banging her head.

“I don’t understand what he sees in her. She’s not even that pretty. I’m definitely better looking than her but she still has half the male student body drooling over her even after her becoming totally non-social.” Jessica’s vile thoughts entered my head as she got out of her car and was joined up by Lauren.

“Do guys find it attracting to be a klutz and totally whimpish? Is that what Tyler and all the other guys see in her? Uh, she’s so weird. Well, I guess it’s a good thing she ended up with Cullen. They can be freaks together,” Lauren and Jessica’s single mindedness seemed to be on the some topic.

My sensitive hearing caught what they were saying to each other as they passed Bella. “Look Jessica, Bella’s going totally psycho. They need to put her in a straight jacket and lock her up,” I growled at the venom and hostility they held against Bella.

Bella’s head shot up when she heard Jessica and Lauren’s laughter. She started blushing when she realized they were laughing at her and buried her face in her hands. I loved it when she blushes. It was such a normal, human quality. I couldn’t believe Bella just wanted to take that all away to become like me.

I started to make my way towards her truck. We were going to be late for class. Something must have occurred to her because her head shot up and then she was looking at herself intensely in the mirror. From my location I could see clearly an impression from her steering wheel on her perfect forehead. It was time to end her torture. I had reached her car and opened her door.

“Good morning, love,” I greeted Bella warmly. I also smiled to sheer her up. She was lucky she hadn’t heard Lauren or Jessica’s thoughts or head what they were saying to each other.

“Morning,” she said dryly. Hm . . . . maybe she did hear them. Oh well. I could tell I still needed to cheer her up.

I tried to be witty. “Well my dear, we better get to class. I’ve never been known to be late before so we don’t want to give any of our teachers a brain hemorrhage from trying to grasp the concept,” I finished it off by smiling her favorite crooked smile.

It seemed to work. “No Edward, we wouldn’t want that now would we?” a small smile was now on Bella’s face as she unbuckled herself. She got out and took my hand as I closed the car door behind her. We started walking towards Bella’s home room

“So how did you sleep last night?” the pervious night I had gone hunting with Jasper and Emmett. We got back later than we expected and shortly afterward I had to get ready for school.

Instantly the smile vanished from her face. “Fine,” Bella answered flatly. Oops. She dropped my hand as her homeroom came into view. “Bye Edward,” she told me quickly and with that she left me to ponder what really happened last night.

*****Bella’s POV*****

School was pretty much uneventful. At lunch Edward kept pestering me about what was wrong. I kept telling him nothing but he wouldn’t have it. So Edward continued asking which was becoming annoying fast.

I didn’t really want to tell Edward about my dream. It seems as if we’ve had that conversation many times before. It would be about how I shouldn’t worry. How nothing bad would ever happen. That Alice would have a vision. That I was over reacting.

I still wasn’t comforted by any of those things. Sure, it would be a load off of my mind if Victoria was dead but I didn’t want Edward or any of the Cullens to be the ones to do it. Also, I didn’t want it to be Jake or anybody else from the La Push gang.

Knowing Alice could have a vision and see an attack coming was not any help either. No one would voice it out loud but I’ve come to realize that Alice’s visions were really faulty and could not be dependable. How can we trust that she will see these things happen when she didn’t see al the horrible things that did already happen to me. Why didn’t Alice see Laurent attacking me at the meadow? Why didn’t Alice see Victoria coming back and being dead set o killing me? She couldn’t even see Jacob saving me after the cliff diving incident. If she had, maybe we could have avoided the whole Volturi mess and then maybe there wouldn’t have been the world’s strongest and most powerful groups of vampires that also want to see me dead. But Edward would just dismiss all of these things and would tell me I was over thinking.

My next class was gym. I was especially not looking forward to that. We have moved on from soccer and were now start water polo. Why anybody in Forks would want to go swimming is beyond me. The fact that our school even had a pool was ridiculous. It wasn’t like we got wet enough from the rain. Even on a rare sunny day, why spoil it and get wet by going swimming?

We lined up on the pool’s deck as class began. The only bright side I could find out of this whole ordeal was that the pool was indoors out of the rain. Too bad I still wouldn’t stay dry. Coach Clapp started out by explaining the rules to polo. When coach was finished, she divided us into two teams. After that coach left and came back shortly carrying a large cardboard box.

“Ok ladies and gents, when I come to you, you will tell me your size and I will issue you two bathing suits. These are yours to keep. These will have to last you the rest of the semester so take good care of them. It also means you will have to take them home to wash since you’ll be in the pool more than two times,”

She came up to me since I was on the edge of the line. “Miss Swan?”

“Um, small I guess,” Clapp nodded and pulled out two hideous suits. She handed them to me before moving on down the line. I examined mine. It was truly horrific looking. It was a one piece and was a disgusting shade of green. I looked around myself and saw my fellow classmates also in august of how ugly they were.

I walked to the locker rooms with the rest of the girls and changed into the repulsive green thing. I heard the other girls squeal at how they despised the situation and others being self conscience about their bodies. They were either too fat or looked too flat chested. I could care less about how I looked. At lest Edward wasn’t in this class.

While the others were still fussing, I was concentrating on how not to injure anybody. I should probably stay away from the ball. That was always a good thing to do. I also planned to stay away from all players as much as possible. I’m surprised they even still let me into P. E. I’ve hurt everybody in the class at lest twice.

I walked with the girls as we filed out of the lockers and entered the pool area. We received a couple of whistles from the boy while there were giggles and yells in protest. I noticed Mike Newton looking at me. Again. He was usually looking at me but he was practically gawking this time. I was starting to feel uncomfortable under his eyes. I could also feel Jessica’s stare beating into my back in jealousy and my checks turning bright red in my embarrassment. Coach Clapp blew her whistle and the class got into the pool.

*****Edward’s POV*****

School was almost out thankfully. I just had to endure one more class and then I’d be free. My teacher was once again unsuccessful in making me interested in what ever it was we were talking about now. It didn’t matter. I had already learned this multiple times. More times than anybody would have liked.

Since I was bored anyways, I decided to do something that never failed to entertain me. See how Bella was doing in P.E. I hadn’t made any progress today to see what was bothering her. My questioning only seemed to make her more annoyed. Maybe she had told one of her other friends. I peeked into their minds to see if they would give anything away.

“EW! My hair is going to look so gross after this. I hate chlorine. It murders my hair. “I HATE water polo!”“Uh oh. I think I should have asked Coach Clapp for a bigger size. I’m not sure if this is going to fit me,”“Oh ya Mike. You look smokin’ in this. Any babe is gonna want ‘cha,”“Great, Mike’s checking himself out again. When is it going to get threw his head that Bella’s taken by Cullen and he should just give up and stop looking like an idiot.

So they were playing water polo. Poor Bella. I had a feeling she wasn’t going to fair any better at this sport than any of the other ones. I really needed to get Carlisle to write up a note for her to get out of P.E. It would benefit her as much as it would the others in the class. There would be much less injuries.

“Wow, Bella looks hot! Damn, she looks good in a swim suit. Too bad their one pieces,” Mike’s thought shot through my head. Jealousy shot through my body and I had the strongest want to rip his head off. When was he going to get the picture? She is off limits to everybody aside from me.

I couldn’t help myself. I had to see how Bella looked. She was wearing this revolting green colored suit. But not even the suit could take away from her beauty. She looked fantastic which made me hate Mike even more for looking at her and thinking such things.

The game began and Bella tried to stay out of it as much as she could. The game went by smoothly seeing as Bella stayed far away enough from all the other players to hurt them. That was until the game was tied and time was almost out. Two people were fighting for the ball when it slipped away from both of them and come towards Bella. Her team mates yelled at her to try to score since she was close to the goal. She tried to do as her team mates instructed. She picked up the ball and threw it with all her might.

It would have been a good throw if not for Mike treading water a few feet away from her. He was busy day dreaming about Bella caught up in another fantasy with him scaring me away and Bella calling him her hero. Ha! Like that could ever happen. But he was caught up in his imagination and wasn’t paying attention. So Mike got it right in the head.

His eyes rolled back a bit and he appeared a bit dizzy. The whole pool seemed to be frantic trying to make sure Mike was fine. I caught images out of other’s minds and got glimpse of Bella slowly moving away into a corner. Eventually they got Mike out of the water and had him sent to the nurse’s office. The bell rang and everybody else got out of the water and went to change. I chuckled to myself still thinking about Mike’s expression when he got hit in the head.

I got up out of my seat and went o meet up with Bella. I only had to wait a few minutes before Bella emerged with her hair still slightly damp. I was still grinning. Bella saw my expression and much have guessed that I was watching again.

“It could have been worst,” I told her. She grimaced.

“Yeah, you’re right. I could have made him drown or I could have hit two people. You do know that I really don’t like it when you spy on me right?” Bella told me as we walked together towards her truck.

I grinned at her. “I know but how else am I going to entertain myself?” I laughed and Bella did too only a bit softer. “I also do it because I love you,”

Bella’s eyes melted at me saying that. “I love you too,” I pulled her in and hugged her. She hugged back and I kissed her forehead. I truly did love her. I love her with all my heart. More than I thought was possible. Then the sent hit me.