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Graduation Nightmare

Bella is about to graduate but there are oh so many ways for it to go wrong.


3. Chapter 3

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“Wolves!” I hissed as the putrid smell hit my nose. They were here, and close. I spun Bella around and started to drag her towards my car. I had to get Bella away and fast. She was offering me any help.

“NO, Edward. Stop!” Bella yelled at me and tried digging her heels in the ground in an attempt to stop me. She should have known it wouldn’t work. It didn’t even faze me. Bella didn’t seem to care and she was soon thrashing in my arms. Why on earth wouldn’t she even want me to stop? I was not in the mood to deal with a bunch of immature puppies. Surely, I hope, they weren’t stupid enough to start a fight with all these witnesses.

I looked around myself. We were the only ones left in the parking lot. Bella’s pace might have had something to do with that but I wasn’t going to hold it against her. So, maybe we didn’t have any one to witness but I know Bella would hate me if I killer her so called “best friend”.

We reached my car but Jacob Black was standing in front of it. He was slightly shaking, trying to keep in control. Black stopped slightly when he saw Bella but then started up again when he saw me.

“Stupid good for nothing leech. Dirty bloodsucker. Ah Bella. . . why on earth is she with that filthy thing? All he does it hurt her. I would never do that. Grr I hate him.”

Yes, the ever so intelligent and intriguing thoughts of Jacob Black entered my mind. It was always such a pleasure to hear them I thought to myself sarcastically. They were just about as singled minded and poorly educated as Mike Newton’s thoughts. They both hated me and were in love with Bella. Maybe Jacob had a little bigger vocabulary than Mike but he repeated the same words often.

I put Bella behind me protectively. There was no way I was going to let that thing hurt her. I growled a warning at Jake. He started shaking even harder than before and I knew he was going to loose it any second now. If this turned into a fight, I really hope Bella would understand that I had to protect myself and forgive me. Jacob took and step forward and I growled even louder. Where was Alice?

“I’ll take Bella and bring her to our house,” Alice told me with her mind. I could hear her behind me taking Bella despite her loud protests. Alice finally picked Bella up and ran her to our house. I relaxed about a centimeter now that Bella was gone. This way, she wouldn’t get hurt. I know I wouldn’t hurt her but I couldn’t say the same about the dog.

Jacob also acknowledged that Bella was gone because he had tremors going all along his body. Sam Uley appeared at Jacob’s side and put a hand on his shoulder attempting to keep him in control. I tried looking into Sam’s mind to see why they were here on our land. That and I wanted this to be over with as soon as possible. The sooner they were gone, the sooner I could be with Bella and stop smelling that rancid odor they were giving off.

I got nothing. Alarmed I tried again but it didn’t work. I then tried Jacob but to no avail. What the hell was going on? They were blocking my thoughts! I mean, I always thought werewolves to be stupid and empty minded but no to this extent. How did they learn to do that? I was furious. This made me feel weak and unprepared. I did NOT like feeling like that. I felt the same frustration I had the day I met Bella. Now I had to talk to them without knowing what their intention was and wouldn’t be able to speed up the conversation. If they were just here to remind me of the damn treaty, I was going to be pissed.

“What do you want? We didn’t break the treaty and I am clear on all accounts of it’s agreements so you don’t need to remind me of any of them,”

black sneered at me. “You really don’t know why we’re here, leech, do you?” I growled loudly, warning him to back off. He immediately straightened up and his hands were balled up into fists. Sam shot Jacob a look and Jacob reluctantly relaxed his hands but was now glaring at me.

“There’s something else we need to discuss. It concerns Victoria,” Sam started.

I involuntarily hissed at her name. pure hatred filled me. I wanted so badly for Victoria to be dead but some how she kept evadng us. A pack of younge, untrained and undisciplined wolves I could understand. But my family too? There was definitely something wrong with that.

“You see,” Sam continued,” We’ve begun having some. . . some problems. . . recently with her,” sam and Jacob both looked strained and embarrassed and were adverting eye contact. It had to be humiliating to admit you were weak and having problems to your mortal enemy though I didn’t understand why they were telling me this. “It keeps getting harder to keep tabs on her. She flirts around the area. She’ll start coming in like she’s about to strike but then she runs miles away in the opposite direction. And now she’s not the only one,”

Wait, what? Victoria wasn’t the only one out there? My mind went straight to the Volturi. But they wouldn’t team up with her. She wants Bella dead and I am pretty sure Aro and the others want to keep her alive and do whatever the hell they were planning for her. I shuddered at the thought. So that would mean that teaming up with Victoria wouldn’t work out for them. Then who was out there? I wondered if Victoria was recruiting some friends of hers for assistance. God, how many vampires did Bella have wanting to kill her?

“How many?” I needed to know what we were up against.

It was Jacob who answered my question. “We aren’t sure. When we’re tracking her, her scent is always muddled by other’s. And the smell from the others who are with her is never repeated. There’s always new vampires accompanying her. Victoria,” Black seemed to gag at the name “seems to have at least four running with her but every time it changes,” Jacob seemed deeply troubled and clearly frustrated by this.

“So what do you want me to do about this?” Surely they weren’t proposing that we work together? I’m not even sure if I could handle smelling them for much longer.

Sam took in a deep breath before saying, “we need your help,”