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Graduation Nightmare

Bella is about to graduate but there are oh so many ways for it to go wrong.


4. Chapter 4

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“Excuse me, what was that?” Clearly I wasn’t hearing correctly. The species that was born to kill my kind wanted to work with me? Nature doesn’t work like that. I was still fighting the urge to rip off both of their heads.

“You heard us,” Jacob answered me through gritted teeth. He didn’t seem to be liking this situation any more than me.

“Ok, so let’s say I did,” I started. I needed to find out what exactly happened to make them stoop this low. “What would I gain from this situation? I mean, besides the pleasure of working with werewolves,” I flashed them an evil grin. I was hoping it would scare them.

It worked. Both of them flinched away. That was followed by a lapse of silence. Sam was the one to break it. “We could end up catching Victoria,” he put in weakly

“Yes, see. The key word there is we could catch Victoria. But that isn’t certain. Then I would have to spend all that time with people I don’t like with nothing to show for it. Besides, you could always turn on me. Working with you would also put me at quite a disadvantage. I bet Jacob here would love to use the time I’m away to try to make things between me and Bella even harder,” I finished that off remembering the motorcycle incident. I also had to make it clear to Sam and Jacob what they were asking me to do. How difficult it would be for me.

“Do you doubt our pack’s abilities?” Jacob snarled. He shot me a fierce look obviously trying to intimidate me like I had him. Uh oh, seems like I made the big, bad wolf mad.

“If you’re as skilled as you say, then why haven’t you caught her yet?”

“Why haven’t you?” He fired right back.

“Because, dog, I am constantly being interrupted by you and your little puppies always breathing down my back, pestering me not to break the freakin’ treaty but actually you’re the one breaking it right now by being here,” I was starting to get quite irritated and impatient. “So I have chosen to remain close to Bella or have another family member there with her when I can’t so I can assure that she is always safe. That way someone is always present incase Victoria chooses to attack. We will always be prepared very unlike you. You who are always off running half way across the country blindly. My family and I are doing fine. We do not need to work with you nor would we gain anything from it,”

I started walking around Sam and Jacob. I was ready to go home and be with Bella. I also would like a shower to rid of that smell the wolves were giving off.

“Wait,” Black said softly, “For Bella,” I stopped, closed my eyes, and sighed. Damn him.

*****Bella’s POV*****

I was sitting on Edward’s couch biting my nails, worried. Io gave up on pacing long ago. It made me dizzy and my feet were starting to hurt. I glanced at the clock. It read one minute later than when I checked it last. It now aid 10:48 pm. Edward had been with Jacob for almost eight hours. Mortal enemies together for that long cannot be good. I went back to my nails. They were all red and torn up. I had to stop biting them. Bleeding would most likely not help this situation.

Alice burst into the room. I jumped up off the couch. “Alice! Did you see anything?” I tried not to sound scared or excited. Excited because Edward might be coming back soon. Scared because he or Jake could be hurt.

But Alice just shook her head. “No but I did just talk to Edward. He said he’d probably be out for another couple of hours,” My face fell a little bit when I heard that. I was hoping to at least see him tonight.

“Why don’t I take you home,” she offered. “I can even spend the night with you if you’d like,” I nodded even thought I knew Edward had most likely told her to do so. We had already called Charlie to let him know I was at the Cullen’s. Normally, since I was still under house arrest, I wouldn’t be allowed. But Alice was the one who called him so that might have to do with it.

I grabbed my things and as I was walking down the staircase, Sam, Jared, Embry, Quil, Jacob, and Edward came in through the front door. All of them looked tired and torn up. Their clothes were dirty and ripped in multiple places. Not to mention all the cuts on them. I ran up to Edward and hugged him carefully which was kind of funny seeing as he’s invincible and all. The reason for my caution was there was a deep gash on his left forearm that I didn’t want to touch. I was still relieved to see him.

“Where were you? What happened? And what did you do to yourselves?” Edward went rigid. I pulled back to look at their faces. They looked pained. Re-examining them was when I fully realized Quil was there. He must be a werewolf now. I also noticed someone was missing.

“Where’s Paul?” I asked the group. No one answered me. No one even looked at me. Instead they all stared at their feet. I asked again. “Where is Paul?” Again silence. Everyone just looked at the ground and didn’t say a thing. What was going on? Why wasn’t Paul here? Was he just at home and if so why wouldn’t they tell me that?

The boys remained in this quiet, non moving state until Jacob turned his head up and looked at me. I seriously thought he was about to cry. Something was causing Jacob terrible pain.

“P-Paul,” Jacob choked out. “She, Victoria, sh-she . . . got him,” Jacob dropped his head back down. He looked like he was about to break apart.

“Oh Jacob!” I cried before hugging him. He hugged me back tightly, shaking a little. “I’m so sorry. I know it doesn’t help but I truly am. This isn’t supposed to happen!” Tears were now streaming down my face. I didn’t know Paul all too well but still. I couldn’t imagine him not here.

“S’ok Bella. None of us knew this was going to happen. There was no way of knowing. I just wish I could have done something,” Jacob told me. “I could have stopped her. I should have,” I have no clue so much hurt could be heard just through words before.

“No! Don’t blame yourself. Please don’t!” Jacob and I locked gazes. I wish I could do more. I wanted so badly to take his grief away. “It’ll be ok. Everything seems real bad right now but they’re going to be fine,” I don’t know why I told him this. I didn’t know if things really were going to be ok. Things right now were so far from fine. But I didn’t know what else to tell him.

“Ya Bells. I sure hope so,”