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Graduation Nightmare

Bella is about to graduate but there are oh so many ways for it to go wrong.


5. Chapter 5

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Paul’s funeral was the following day. I sat in the third row behind Paul’s family, next to Jacob. Edward didn’t come. He couldn’t since the service was in La Push. None of the Cullens came because that would be breaking the treaty. Apparently they’ll bend it to catch a psycho vampire but not for a funeral.

Edward was dead set against me coming. He said it was dangerous for me to be in the same room as a bunch of werewolves. I told him it wasn’t. I used to do it all the time. And just last night I was with the pack as well was he. He reminded me he was practically invincible and we were protected by his family last night. So I pointed out that I wasn’t going to let him stop me from going and paying respects to my friend who died trying to keep me safe.

Edward eventually caved and now I was sitting through a sermon the priest was giving. This was basically the first funeral I’ve been to. There was my grandparent’s but I was too young to remember. I didn’t even go to Henry Clearwater’s. That’s why I woke up this morning not knowing what to wear. I thought it was a bit strange to worry about what you wear to a funeral but still. I settled on black pinstriped pants, a white silk tank (courtesy of Alice), and a black shrug. I seemed to fit in because all the other guests were wearing mostly black.

The church was strangely decorated beautifully. There were white flowers and white clothe everywhere. In the front was an enlarged portrait of Paul smiling. I still couldn’t believe he was gone. His family must be a mess. Paul was an only child. I was having a hard enough time myself; I didn’t even want to imagine what they were going through. Everything was still coming as a bluer to me.


After some quick bandages from Carlisle, we were in the Cullen’s living room sitting on the couches. I was sitting on the ground leaning up against Edward’s shins from where he was on the couch. Though we were in the same room, there seemed to be an invisible line dividing werewolves from vampires. Everyone from La Push sat on one side of the room facing the Cullens on the other. It was like watching the longest staring contest. Every once in a while a tremor would run down one of the wolves but they seemed to be in control thought Jasper might have had something to do with it.

Carlisle was the first to speak. “While your pack mate, Paul, is a great loss, we have more pressing issues at the moment. From what Edward told me, there is something out there. Judging by your injuries, there is either more than one or something unbelievably powerful that attacked you. Now, would one of you care to explain what happened?”

“Well, as you know, we’ve been tracking Victoria for the past couple of months,” Sam started. “A month ago we were getting really close. We almost caught her when out of no where she vanished. There was no scent to follow. At fist we thought it was just a false lead but there was no sign of her. For two weeks she was just gone. We looked but didn’t find anything,” Sam looked utterly confused as was I. how could Victoria just disappear like that? But obviously she’s back now or other wise Paul. . .

“That was,” Jacob started up again, “Until this week. We were scouting the boarder between Washington and Oregon when we smelt her. It was very faint and was being covered up by other vampires with her. We kept a close eye on them but they were staying in one place so we left them for the night. The next morning they were closer than we left them. Or at least we think it was them,”

“What do you mean by you think it was them?” Carlisle asked.

Sam answered. “They didn’t smell the same. All we knew then was they were a coup of five vampires about fifteen miles from where we left Victoria and her group. We went back to the place they were before but she wasn’t there and neither were the others. That was dismissed because Victoria wasn’t found nearby so instead we followed the new group since it appeared they were heading towards Forks. We thought maybe they were friends of yours visiting but we still wanted to make sure they didn’t hunt humans,” Sam paused to look at me. “Until the next day. The smells were all over the place. We must have at least twenty different vampire scents to follow none of which were yours. Things weren’t adding up. That’s when Jacob reminded us that some vampires have extra ordinary powers. We concluded that one of Victoria’s friends has the power to disguise scents and send off false ones. Or something alone the boarder of that.

“Interesting,” Carlisle mused, “Very interesting,” I cocked my head to the side at that. He amazed me. Only Carlisle could just ponder on how interesting and fascinating some vampire’s power is during a dire situation like this. “I’m sorry,” Carlisle said, snapping back into reality, “Please continue,”

“Yes,” Sam started up again, “Well, knowing this, we realized how difficult it would be to catch her. After much discussion, we decided that, because of your special abilities, it would be best to enlist your help,” Sam said gesturing towards Edward. My eyebrows shot up. No way! I thought they were just discussing the treaty, mainly my changing, and were interrupted by Victoria and her group. But werewolves asking a vampire for help. I twisted around to look at Edward. I raised one eyebrow to look at him question. He bent forward and picked me up, placing me on his lap. Leaning back I rested my head against his cold, marble chest. I closed my eyes and sighed. Edward was terribly good at distracting me. I opened by eyes back open in time to see Jake look like he might gag. I rolled my eyes at his reaction.

“Allow me to speed things up,” Edward said. “I want Victoria dead. So I agree to help. I use my awesome but sometimes annoying mind reading powers to locate them. We show up, they fight us. It was seven verses five. It should have been an easy fight. That was until one of Victoria’s pals decides to show us his little power,”

“What powers did they have?” Carlisle asked patiently.

“From what I gathered from their minds, they all have deadly powers. Obviously one could disguise scents. I believe his name was Darrin. But he can’t create different illusions of them like Sam thought. So that doesn’t explain the twenty some different trials they were leaving. What does was another one, Andrew, who could duplicate himself. So when we fought he kept creating replicas of himself not only outnumbering us but making doubles so we couldn’t tell which the real Andrew was. Killing a fake didn’t hurt him; you had to get the real one. John was the third one. He was a fire starter but that doesn’t matter because if ripped him into pieces. That was one was Salvador. He was about twice the size of Emmett but the wolves took him down. Victoria, Darrin, and Andrew retreated into the forest but not before,”

Edward didn’t finish. He didn’t have to. I knew what had happened next. Victoria killed Paul. And it was all because of me. I glanced down at Edward’s arms wrapped tightly around me. There were bandages on them. I looked across the room at the La Push gang. They too were taped together. I knew vampire’s skin was harder than stone, and that werewolves healed really fast so all of them must have received some gruesome wounds. Guilt was starting to overcome me. I couldn’t help it. It was my entire fault they were hurt. It was my fault Paul wasn’t here. All my friends risked their lives for me. One of them died because of it. The man I love more that anything in the whole wide world and would die without almost killed himself today. I am now officially discussed with myself. Why did I have to do that to them. I suddenly felt reassured. Jasper. I turned to look at him. “Sorry,” he mouthed to me. I nodded to acknowledge I appreciated he was trying to help and comfort me in his own way.

“Come on Bella,” Edward said to me letting me go. “I need to get you home before Charlie has a heart attack worrying where you are,” he laughed lightly and gave me a small smile but it didn’t touch his eyes. I knew he was trying to make a joke to cheer me up but instead it made me feel even worst. Heart attack? That’s just what I needed to happen. To have another person die thanks to me. It was Henry Clearwater all over again. Edward seemed to realize what he said because he quickly whisked me out of the room and drove me home.

End of Flashback

I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to get out of here. God, where was Jasper when you needed him. The priest was done talking and now Sam was standing up front giving a speech on Paul. He was saying how great Paul was even if he did have a terrible temper. Sam finished and Jacob stood for his turn to say something.

Trying not to draw any attention towards myself, I silently got up and left quickly. It was raining when I got outside but that was suspected. I ignored my truck in the parking lot and just took off running. I ran and ran and ran. I didn’t care where I was going but I was running as hard as I could trying to get away. I stumbled a few times but miraculously didn’t fall.

I stropped running after a while because it was getting too hard to breathe. I stood breathing hard, studying my surroundings. I had ran all the way to First Beach. I walked up t a fallen tree and slumped against it. I started crying all over again. They were tears of anger and sorrow. I was so mad at myself because of the whole Paul thing. Just thinking about it made me cry even harder. I hadn’t cried this hard in a while.

Warm, muscular hands lifted me off the ground. I shivered at the contrast. I was soaked and freezing form the rain. I was still crying. I couldn’t hold in my anger anymore. My hands were fist and I started hitting the person who was holding me on their chest. I don know why I was doing this but I had to vent and let out my anger some how.

“Sh, Bella,” Jacob’s voice soothed me “Calm down,” After giving his speech, he must have saw I was missing and went out looking for me.

“He’s dead, Jacob!” I screamed still hitting his chest. Good thing he’s a werewolf or else I might have been a bit guilty that I might actually hurt him. “DEAD! Because of me! It’s all my fault!” I sobbed even more. My hits had slowed down and didn’t have as much force in them. “It’s because of me,” I whispered before collapsing into his arms from exhaustion.

“No Bella,” Jacob said softly into my ear. “Remember last night, when you told me it wasn’t my fault?” I nodded. “It isn’t yours either. No one forced Paul to go with us last night. That was his free will. He wanted to go. You know how he loved to fight,”

“But it is my fault. If I had never moved here. If I had just dropped it when Edward first ignored me at the beginning of school. Then none of this would have ever happened!”

Jacob shook me roughly. “Stop,” he ordered me, “Don’t ever say that,” I looked up at him with pleading eyes. “Bella,” Jacob sighed, “If you never moved here, I would have never met you. If you hadn’t left Edward alone and fell in love with him, he would have never left you. And then we wouldn’t have been able to become such great friends. You wouldn’t have any memories of us hiking. Or fixing and riding the bikes. Or going to the movies together. Don’t tell me you would rather forget all those things,”

“No I don’t. But please, Jake, just tell me how to make things better. I really don’t know how,”

“I don’t really know how either. I’ll tell you one thing we can do though. We can remember. We can remember Paul for all the things he did for us. We can make sure he won’t be forgotten,”

I started into Jacob’s eyes remembering Paul. Watching him cliff dive. Him attacking me. Jacob throwing a can opener at his head. Ok, so maybe those aren’t the best memories but still, their memories non the less. “No,” I told Jacob. “I won’t ever forget him,”

“Good,” Jacob said smiling slightly. His head turned to the side looking at something. I followed his gaze. There was a line of cars passing the beach. It must be the funeral precession. We watched them go by for a couple of minutes before I turned back to Jacob. “You should go,”

Jacob looked torn. “Are you sure? You could come with me. Or I could stay her with you,”

“No Jacob. I’ll be fine,” I lied. “Come on. Go. You should be there. They need you,”

Jake still looked hesitant. “You’ll be ok by yourself?”

I nodded and made a shooing motion. Jacob started jogging towards the cars before turning around and calling out “Oh and Bella, one more thing,”

“What?” I called back.

“Just promise me you won’t go and jump off any cliffs while I’m gone,”

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. He was starting to sound like Edward. “Fine, I promise not to go cliff diving while you’re gone,”

“You better not,” he said before taking off running.

I sat back down. The rain was lightening up and was now only a slight drizzle. Thought I had just patched things up with Jacob, I still felt alone. Alone, terrified, and uncertain of what to do next.